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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Democracy survived this election but the threat continues

Donald Trump is a traitor to America and remains a threat to the security of this nation as long as he remains president. Does anyone really think he will leave the White House on his own on Jan. 20, 2021?

With the Government Services Administration granted Joe Biden recognition of the election he won three weeks earlier, and defiant Donald Trump retreating to his golf club, so he can ignore the duties of the office that will no longer be his on Jan. 20, 2016, the threat to topple democracy in America was stopped — for the moment.

President-elect Joe Biden will have to try and work with a diminished House majority by his party and an almost-certain dysfunctional GOP Senate to try and restore normalcy and hope to the America that Trump leaves tarnished and demoralized.

The stock market appeared to respond to Biden’s “apparent presidency” by the GSA and a growing list of Republicans in Washington but the U.S. continues to set new records in COVID-19 infections and unemployment claims are climbing back up.

Trump remains unusually quiet while close aides say he is considering his options when he leaves the White House on Jan. 20th. Will he try to create a new media company since even Fox News now recognizes he lost the election? Or will he announce he will seek to return to the presidency in 2024, so he can complete the destruction of what once was a great country.

But let’s remember that Trump still have more than 50 days to create more havoc and threats to this nation.

“Trump’s behavior since he lost the Nov. 3 election has been chilling,” writes columnist David Ignatius in The Washington Post. “Rather than concede defeat, he and his loyalists now control the “power ministries” of government: defense, the intelligence agencies, in addition to supporters who control justice and homeland security. If this were another country, we would worry that a leader who installed his lieutenants in these command posts after losing an election might be preparing a coup.”

He adds:

We know Trump considered invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807 against his domestic enemies once before, back in June, when racial justice protests were spreading after the death of George Floyd. He was talked out of it by Gen. Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper. Trump never forgave Esper and finally “terminated” him in a tweet on Nov. 9.

Over the past two weeks, Trump has been installing a team of super-loyalists at the Pentagon, now headed by acting defense secretary Christopher C. Miller. What’s their mission? We don’t know, but it’s safe to say they would be more likely than Esper to support a Trump call to use the military — either at home in response to social unrest or abroad in armed conflict.

Impossible? On too many occasions over the last four years, we have learned that nothing — no matter how outrageous or illegal — is beyond the treacherous and treasonous mind of Donald John Trump.

Trump has proven, time and again, that he does not believe the law or morality or honesty is necessary for him to achieve his lust for power and control.

He considers a murderous dictator like Vladimir Putin an ally and friend while abandoning this nation’s longtime friends and allies in Europe and elsewhere.

Trump has proven over and over that he is not an American. He is a traitor to this nation and should be considered as such.


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