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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Election season keeps getting shriller. Of course Obama wasn’t a Muslim, but neither is McCain insane.

Can’t we choose the best person for the job, without turning the other choices into demons?

Can’t we choose the best person for the job, without turning the other choices into demons?

This country is dangerously close to bankruptcy, and an assertive McCain foreign policy is not what this country needs, but as far as McCain being as bad as Bush goes. When Bush was in college, he accused a college professor of being a Communist for assigning the Grapes of Wrath as a book assignment. Then as President refused Saddam’s offer to leave the country if he could take his money with him and have Bush’s guarantee against the US getting involved in a war crimes trial.

McCain’s proposed bluffing match with Iran, Cuba and Venezuela could lead to the dollar collapse. But it could lead to the US’s opponents backing down like they did for Ronald Reagan. I don’t like brinkmanship with an empty treasurer, but I hope for the best even if he gets to be President.

As a Republican war hero he supervised everyone by opposing corruption, and at first being for gun control, animal rights and against torture, but has been backtracking ever since. He also surprised everyone by supporting Clinton in Bosnia, thus will tend if elected to have a fairer but perhaps far more expensive foreign policy.

One thing that amazes me is how much the other candidates backed down over the years. Obama once organized an anti-apartheid demo and did anti gang work and at first voted for the two state solution to the middle east crisis. Hillary during her radical collage law school days monitored Black Panther trials, then went on to do legal work for kids rather than try to earn a lot of money. Of course she then married Bill who was a first a McGovern organizer. Isn’t there some way to get Hillary to return to her radical legal work?

I wish there was some way to encourage politicians to do their best rather than sinking to their lowest common denominator. And for everyone to look for the good in each other. No one is perfect but we should try to make each other better not worse.

I even tried to appeal to Bush’s better side but as with Cindy Sheehan, couldn’t get near him.

Thanks Mr. President, for things it’s awkward to talk about

But in the meantime a future depression will bring out the nastiness in us all, and other than Ron Paul, Obama’s policies are the least likely to lead up to a collapsed dollar.

I too can get shrill:

What Hillary and Obama once were

Obama’s progressive past,,0,5869938.story,0,4252889.story,0,4580576.story?page=1

Hillary’s days as a radical law student,
Hillary as a progressive lawyer

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