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Monday, June 24, 2024

Trump tries at least one more con before he is forced out of the presidency

As a life-long con artist who uses other people's money to fund his extravagance and feed his massive ego, Trump can't leave the White House without stealing more.
Summing up the presidency (and life) of Donald John Trump.

Con artist Donald Trump is trying to pull at least one more scam on his cult-like followers with his claims of voter fraud that doesn’t exist while he ignores the law and tradition that calls for a transition from a defeated president to the man who will replaced him on Jan. 20, 2021.

His tsunami of fundraising emails asks for money to pay for his attempts to overturn an election that has occurred and has been declared.

But most of the funds forked over by his uninformed cadre of lemming-like followers don’t realize that he is using the presidency for one-more fraudulent attempt to raise funds for his own use as he returned to private life a failure facing millions of dollars of overdue bills.

“The tin-pot-dictator routine looks more as if it’s about passing the tin cup,” writes Dana Milbank in The Washington Post. “Asking for funds to challenge the election, but the fine print shows that the money could let him line his own coffers.”

Here’s one of his campaign’s fundraising emails:

They’re trying to STEAL this Election. I promise you my team is fighting the clock to DEFEND the integrity of this Election, but we cannot do it alone. We need EVERY Patriot, like YOU, to step up and make sure we have the resources to keep going. … Please contribute ANY AMOUNT RIGHT NOW to DEFEND the Election.

Defend what election? It is over. The votes are counted. He lost. Trump will return to a private role as head of the faltering Trump Organization that runs failing golf clubs, closed hotels and empty restaurants — a result of a COVID-19 pandemic that he, as president, ignored as more than 230,000 Americans died.

Most of the money raised goes to Trump’s recently-created “leadership PAC,” an operation that he can tap for personal expenses at any time.

Milbank adds:

“It’s a straight-up bait and switch,” Paul S. Ryan, the vice president of policy and litigation at Common Cause, tells me. Such email solicitations target small donors, so for the “overwhelming majority of people contributing … none of their money will end up in recount accounts” or be used for otherwise challenging the election.

Rather, it will be used to extend Trump’s influence over the RNC during the Biden presidency and to build up his leadership PAC, which amounts to a “slush fund” for Trump’s personal use. “There is no limit to how much Donald Trump can pay himself or any member of his family under ‘Save America,’” Ryan notes.

Should we be surprised?

Of course not. Trump has milked the U.S. Treasury and taxpayers for millions that have gone to his hotels and resorts for so-called “official business.” During his first term, New York State shut down his phony “charity foundation” that he used to pay for his own expenses.  His tax returned show hundreds of millions of dollars unpaid to creditors.

Trump’s properties billed taxpayers at least $2.5 million for such things as: $7,000 for a dinner, $6,000 for flowers, $17,000 monthly for a cottage, up to $650 a night for hotel rooms, $1,000 for drinks for the White House staff and even $3 for drinking water, Milbank reports.

He has surrounded himself with similar cheats and criminals. Former chief strategist Steve Bannon is under federal indictments for defrauding contributors who thought their money was helping build part of Trump’s wall on the Mexican border. When arrested on a Chinese billionaire’s yacht, the charges say he stole more than $1 million of those contributions for support his lavish lifestyle.

Milbank writes:

Trump’s refusal to cooperate with the Biden transition jeopardizes national security by leaving the United States vulnerable in a way the 9/11 Commission specifically warned about. It’s further discrediting the institutions of American democracy (the Trump-backing Republican secretary of state of Georgia now faces calls for his resignation from fellow Republican officeholders and death threats for simply doing his job). And it’s further paralyzing the country by falsely convincing millions of Trump supporters that something untoward happened in the election.

The New York Times reported that it contacted election officials in all 50 states and not one, Democrat or Republican, found evidence that fraud or irregularities played a role in the election outcome.

The Post reports that the administration is 0 for 6 with its fraud claims so far, as courts reject the frivolous and unsubstantiated allegations.

“A foot and his money are soon parted,” says an old proverb and quotes from literature.

Wrote Jay Ferguson in “Losing Control:”

A fool and his money
Are very soon to be parted
And the last thing he tells you
Is “I’m only getting started”

Trump understand that. He has been separating the fools he has conned over the years with millions. He will continue to play on the fools who voted for and still support him, probably long after he is finally forced from the presidency he never deserved.