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Thursday, May 23, 2024

A dream of final, rapid justice for the traitor, tyrant and terrorist Donald Trump

Trump's sordid presidency is a four-year tenure of deceit, deception and depravity. He deserves to die in prison for his traitorous treason against America.
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As we head into Election Day 2020, more Americans have already voted than all who cast ballots in 2016 and most other elections. Early, absentee and mail-in votes are at an all-time high.

Let’s hope this turnout marks a resurgence of those who want to see pride, value and competence restored in the White House and Congress.

For the last four years, the United States has been under attack from a wannabe despot, corrupt con artist and insufferable bastard. Those of us who have tried to report or work on elections — and I have for nearly 60 years — have never seen this nation’s democracy so threatened or its values so discarded.

Donald John Trump’s tyrannical reign as an immoral president has brought this nation to its lowest-ever depth and places in on a precipice that could destroy what is left.

He has looted the U.S. Treasury for millions to prop us his failing hotel and resort properties, put his unqualified children on the federal payroll, destroyed decades of work with our allies and turned this nation into a swamp of dishonesty, criminal activities and immoral debauchery.

His die-hard base of blind supporters — riddled with racists, white supremacists, homophobic legions and fellow con artists — declare him a “savior,” but he is, instead, a satanic evil that threatens the very core of what America is and must recapture.

True Americans must throw him out with their massive voter turnout Tuesday and leave him to the prosecutors in New York State who are building a case of crime and corruption that should send him to prison for whatever is left of his unnatural life. He should rot and die behind bars as an example of what happens to traitors to this nation.

His enablers should face similar fates. “Moscow Mitch” McConnell, whose crimes could send him to prison for the rest of his sordid life. He turned the United States Senate into  a turnstile of political corruption and bartered influence. Attorney General William Barr should be disbarred and deserted by the many Americans he failed.

Trump’s questionable “First Lady” can return to showing off her hooters for photographers — her only proven talent — and stripped of her citizenship — a fitting punishment for lying about a college education she never obtained and shedding her clothes as a nude model to work without a valid visa.

His children should face prosecutors for their roles in tax fraud, misappropriation of taxpayer funds and other cons that are part of the Trump lifestyle of deceptions, deceit and depravity.

Trump loves to debase women and use them as sex objects. He shopped one wife to Playboy for a nude pictorial and had current spouse Melania, strip down to show off her “assets” on his private Boeing jet. That’s about what we should expect from a man who bragged, and was caught on tape, about how he seduced married women by “grabbing their pussies.”

Trump says he will fight to remain president because he is sure it will be a fraud if he loses re-election. The real fraud is the sordid way he became president with overt help from is comrade Vladimir Putin. It will be fitting if he is escorted from the White House by the Secret Service agents he abused and who hate his vile disregard for their service and safety.

Maybe justice can be served by having the agents turn him over to jailers.

Instead of flying home on Air Force One — the usual mode of transportation for an ex-president — he can be locked in chains in the back of a prison van for transport to New York to face the prosecutors who are waiting to deliver the final justice he deserves.

That would be a fitting end to the terrorist, traitorous reign of Donald John Trump.

It won’t happen that way, but it should.


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  1. He’s actually an extremely high flight risk defendant. No bail for him, or he’s off to Moscow or Argentina. He’s already told us that on his televised remarks.

  2. Lightning and daily debriding till his times up.. And Minorities seen over and over, eating perfect slices of Chocolate Cake with none for poor donny.

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