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Sunday, June 9, 2024

Five days left to overthrow America’s wannabe dictator

Many Americans have already voted. In five days, the rest of the ballots will be cast. Can we save the home of the brave and land of the free? It''s up to you.
The Republican National Convention in July 2016. (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

Five days to go until what is considered the most important presidential election in American history.

Will voters return this nation to the people or will the autocratic rule of Donald John Trump continue to destroy what little is left of American democracy?

Trump has emerged as the single largest threat to this country’s status as a democratic republic ever. He is, without a doubt, America’s most dangerous domestic terrorist and a threat more dangerous than Osama bin Laden ever was.

Can he win a second term? Not legally but it is still possible. Will he accept the rejection of voters? Probably not.

It is sad to see the acceptance of a shocking percentage of American voters who still think Trump is an acceptable leader of this nation. Are they blind? Politically, yes? Are they racist? Too many of them are.  Are they stupid? Sadly, yes.

Trump’s shocking election in 2016 revealed a sad weakness in the American electoral system. We saw it surface when political madness political con artists like Ron Paul became candidates of choice for too many Americans. The selection of Sarah Palin as a vice-presidential candidate for John McCain amplified that insanity. It was only a matter of time when a corrupt, crooked opportunist like Donald Trump actually became presidency.

Granted, he wasn’t the choice of American voters. More than three million more of them preferred Hillary Clinton, but a gerrymandered Electoral College overturned the will of the voters with the madness of Trump. Voters did respond in 2018 by throwing out the Republican control of the House of Representatives, but the party of the drunken elephant maintained the majority in the Senate, where “Moscow Mitch” McConnell ignored the law, traditions, and norm to turn the Senate into a politburo to control legislation.

Now we have a Supreme Court controlled by the rabid right and go into an election that could be decided by justices who don’t give a damn about the law or the Constitution. Trump, McConnell, and their corrupt legions sealed the deal with the questionable naming of a homophobe with right-wing fantasies and very little experience as a judge.

The only way to defeat the wannabe dictator Trump will be a landslide for Joe Biden, assuming all of the ballots can be counted and allowed.

In my half-century of covering presidential politics or working within the system as a GOP political operative, I have never seen American democracy so threatened. The corruption in the White House and the Senate is blatant and beyond comparison. Watergate pales when compared to the outright criminal actions of Trump and his cabal.

What happened to America? Or nation was conned by Satanist, a devil not in disguise but one out in the open and blatant.

The political satire group, Founders Sing, use the music of Bruce Springsteen to make the point:

We’ve been warned. Now the salvation of America is up to voters.

Don’t let our country down.


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2 thoughts on “Five days left to overthrow America’s wannabe dictator”

  1. I’ll throw my prediction out here:

    Trump (& Pence) loses, badly. The SCOTUS just steps back and washes their hands of the whole thing. Then Mr. Trump throws a gigantic temper tantrum and resigns, at which point the newly sworn-in President Pence begins flinging pardons around like a demented lawn sprinkler. J.

  2. I’m not worried about the American people Doug. They are going to vote and already have to eject this monster and his party from power on Tues. What I’m worried about is what will happen after this happens.Trump and his party don’t recognize the rest of us as being legitimate citizens and our votes as being valid. I expect him to say just that or something similar after he’s been declared the loser. Since he only accepts those voting for him as real voters in his mind he can’t possibly lose.Our votes are to be thrown out by his hand chosen Court. So, he’s going to lose but that doesn’t mean he’s going to willingly concede or leave office in Jan.I really think he expects Amy and his gang on the SCOTUS to hand it to him no matter what. We’ll see soon enough.

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