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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Dennis the Menace: Impeach Bush

Dennis the Menace is at it again. The mouth that roared in Congress is trying, once again, to impeach President George W. Bush.

Although Bush certainly deserves impeachment for all his high crimes against the Constitution, it will take someone with more clout and credibility than Kuchinich to make that happen. The Ohio Congressman that couldn't is a Capitol Hill joke and a laughing stock to other members on the Hill.

Kucinich, who has also launched two impossible campaigns for President and failed miserably both times, is the Congressional equivalent of a flea climbing up an elephant's leg with rape on his mind.


Dennis the Menace is at it again. The mouth that roared in Congress is trying, once again, to impeach President George W. Bush.

Although Bush certainly deserves impeachment for all his high crimes against the Constitution, it will take someone with more clout and credibility than Kuchinich to make that happen. The Ohio Congressman that couldn’t is a Capitol Hill joke and a laughing stock to other members on the Hill.

Kucinich, who has also launched two impossible campaigns for President and failed miserably both times, is the Congressional equivalent of a flea climbing up an elephant’s leg with rape on his mind.

Reports Reuters:

Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich defied his party leadership on Monday by calling for the impeachment of U.S. President George W. Bush for launching the Iraq war — but his move was not expected to go anywhere.

The Ohio representative outlined his intention to propose more than two dozen charges against Bush on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Kucinich, a former presidential candidate, accused Bush executing a "calculated and wide-ranging strategy" to deceive citizens and Congress into believing that Iraq posed an imminent threat to the United States.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly said she opposes trying to remove the Republican president who leaves office next January because such an attempt would be divisive and most likely unsuccessful.

Kucinich, an outspoken Iraq war critic who has consistently voted against funding the war and led anti-war efforts in Congress, offered a resolution to impeach Vice president Dick Cheney in April 2007. That also failed to move forward.

Many Democrats and civil liberties groups have accused the Bush administration of providing misleading information before the 2003 Iraq invasion as well as violating the rights of U.S. citizens with its warrantless surveillance program. The White House denies the charges.

42 thoughts on “Dennis the Menace: Impeach Bush”

  1. Doug,
    So the best you can do is resort to ad-hominem attacks against Dennis Kucinich (the messenger)? Why don’t you respond to the 35 Articles of Impeachment (the message) that were submitted into the Congressional record? There’s plenty of meat to chew on there that’s relevent. Is it because that would take time and effort to refute them, and it’s easier to just smear Kucinich because he’s a “fruitcake”? You say you’d like to see Bush impeached, so why not discuss the merits of the Articles? Frankly, I don’t care who the messenger is if the message is valid and is backed up with evidence.

  2. Freedom and Justice for All!

    I have read all the comments.

    All I have to say is this: Dennis Kucinich, far from being “loony” is a giant among men. I understand that none of the ruling elite take him seriously. If they did, he would be dead. But they accept him as their “Court Jester,” the “fool who speaks the truth.” The elite laugh at him, because he tells the truth and nobody listens, making them feel even more superior than they already do. And the masses laugh at him because of his stature, his ears, and the quality of his voice, (which actually seems to be improving), thereby demonstrating their ignorance, which ensures their continued obedience to their rulers, whatever the cost of that obedience. And the elite laugh at us because of our ignorance, because of our foolishness, because of our complete inability to understand how we are being manipulated and to what end.

    But Dennis Kucinich continues to speak the truth, in spite of the fact that he himself must often feel that his efforts are futile. And I am grateful to him for doing that.

    What should we do? Vote out of office every politician, Republican or Democrat, who has failed to work to hold this criminal administration to account for its actions, and start actions to recall all those Senators and Representatives who are not up for election this year who have simply “gone along” with the Bushco agenda.

    Be it flea or mosquito, one small creature cannot affect an elephant or even a jackass very much, but 200,000? Or 2,000,000? Or 20,000,000? Or 200,000,000? How many Republicans do we have who want to live in a Republic, not in an Empire? How many Democrats do we have who want to live in a Democracy, not in an Empire? How many Independents do we have who value their independence enough to motivate them to refuse to be slaves in an Empire?

    Dennis Kucinich has put himself, his life and his reputation, on the line in order to speak the truth. What risks are the rest of us prepared to take? What efforts are we willing to make to get our country back on track?

  3. RichardKanePA

    I’m glad that rwandover in the comment above mine stated that criticizing Kucinich’s ears was not a proper comment.

    If the N word was used or the J. Conspiracy comment added I am sure more than two bloggers would have commented if it wasn’t bleeped.

    Maybe Kucinich is especially insightful or especially stubborn. A great asset to our country and the world or just a broken record repeating the same lines over and over again. Let’s discuss this and not the shape of his ears


  4. No forgiveness, no amnesty.

    Pursue the Bush administration beyond January 20 until they are brought to justice.

    Direct Democracy

  5. RichardKanePA,
    I am against impeaching President Bush. I respect body language and he acted flustered after 9/11 not conniving. We never would have known who outed Joe Wilson’s wife if Bush didn’t insist the judge find out.

    However, I support freedom and the freedom of people like Kucinich to call for impeachment, without being called the Menace and being condemned for his ears. I also don’t think McCain is insane. An expensive foreign policy is just what an almost bankrupt dollar doesn’t need. But to think otherwise in dangerous stupidity not insanity.

    Can’t we argue without always trying to hit below the belt?

    Enclosed is my past comments on impeachment attempting to be thoughtfully not shrill. I would like to get together with others for a thoughtful, rather than shill, debate with both sides given equal time,
    Delaware County Daily Times
    Saturday, March 1, 2008
    Letter to the Editor: Thanks Mr. President, for things it’s awkward to talk about

  6. Carl,
    This is all very new to me. I will have to do some reading. And what for? What for?
    Things like this make one feel very helpless.
    Also, I second everything you said in your post regarding CHB.

  7. What do “clout and credibility” amount to if no one besides Wexler, Kucinich, Boxer and Conyers have the gump to do anything at all about the crimes of the Bush regime?

    And doesn’t the fact, that they continue, despite the stunning silence of the mainstream media, prove their mettle as patriots? Or do they have to “brand” the proceedings with generous corporate funding to be viable in your confused mind?

    What an amazingly empty piece of realpolitik you’ve yakked-up here. For even as you admit “although Bush certainly deserves impeachment,” you snap back in a disturbingly callow fashion that Kucinich is the “Congressional equivalent of a flea climbing up an elephant’s leg with rape on his mind.”

    Jeez, what a mean ass thing to say for someone with the tenacity to dare do what may seem improbable to you, but no less a measure of his sincerity and integrity as an elected representative of OUR government (for whom you show little respect).

    For isn’t is true, that even a flea can draw a little blood? And if enough of us “fleas” take a bite, we can drive the damned beast mad? Ya think?

    But that, of course, takes conviction. A thing that supersedes the junkie selfishness of zombie consumer yuppies… It used to be called citizenship… Remember that?

    So, what have you done to ensure liberty lately? Cast a few aspersions against a person dedicated to protecting the ideals of this culture, despite the fact that the fascist framers of your world view find democracy, ah-hem, quaint…

    Its just plain high-school-bully to make fun of someone’s of physical attributes that do not fall within the elitist conceptions of what a person “should” look like to be taken seriously.

    You’re rightfully deserving of a smack in the schnazola for being such a craven little nip-and-runner.

    For your screw-the-pooch, “insider” response, only proves that you are at best disingenuous, with nothing better to do than carry water for the rethuglicans. Nice piece of “journalism” there bud…

  8. Hi Ted et al. …

    I tend to agree with everyone that’s somewhat disgruntled concerning Doug’s lack of enthusiasm for Dennis Kucinich and his efforts to impeach Bush. Personally I’d make a pact with the devil to sell my soul if it would guarantee these nation destroying mattoids were taken taken out via impeachment then brought to summary justice via the Federal court system. I don’t care who pushes for the action or how it’s achieved, but it must be done.

    Pelosi may say it’s “off the table”, but for “we the people” and our duly elected reps, not to impeach is not an option, it’s our duty to do so. Pelosi is a traitor to the Republic and the Constitution for which it stands.

    CHB is Doug Thompson’s news forum, his bully pulpit and if he wants to make any comments or launch upsetting editorials, be they perceived as unfair and/or unbalanced then that’s his call.

    When George Bush was on the campaign trail during his first bid for the Whitehouse he was stopped by an individual who questioned him on some of his ideas. Bush replied, tersely, “who cares what you think”. When Bush found out the guy was a reporter for some backwater news agency, he then second guessed his rude reply and shouted over to the guy, “just get it right”; ie., meaning the story and as to what happened.

    So all I can advise to disgruntled readers when Doug climbs upon his bully CHB pulpit and comes off with these type of disconcerting articles and thoughts is to simply think or reply “who cares what you think”… : |

    Still, be thankful that he’s generous enough to allow the unwashed masses to air their opinions publicly on his news forum. It is not a blog, but something much more than such a trivial pursuit. It allows common folks to let their thoughts be read by the shadowy, scurrilous, traitorous dogs in Congress that no doubt read his site material on occasion.

    Carl Nemo **==

  9. Hi Pablo…

    You asked Anthony about his comment concerning Chinese troops in Mexico. The Chinese have slowly but surely been placing contingents of their military not only in Mexico, but throughout resource rich South American countries that have friendly ties with them. This has been going on for the the past ten years or so.

    Regardless of all the feelgood free trade rhetoric etc., the Chinese are a resource hungry nation that in time will have fanned out across the planet like African driver ants consuming everything within sight.

    I no longer post links to this site because it’s generally my undoing as far as Akismet is concerned.

    So simply type in Google search “Chinese troops in Mexico” and begin to read the frightening accounts of encounters with contingents of them on our side of the border much less the fact they are moving about in northern Mexico.

    Troops from former Soviet eastern bloc nations have been bringing men and materiel into the U.S. since Clinton’s days in the Whitehouse for so-called joint training excercises. The word is that its in the event there’s a need to establish martial law that foreign troops will readily carry out their orders against American citizens because they have no kinship with us whereas our guardsmen and regulars would hesitate.

    If people think this scenario could not happen then you best think again.

    I personally believe the security of the United States has long since been compromised. There are traitors in the land from the highest levels of our government down to even the Mayberry level.

    What’s in store for the remnant surviving population will be life under an ugly blend of corpo-fascist-communist hegemony with womb to the tomb surveillance and tracking with RFID implants.

    If people think I’m wacked then you best think again.

    You won’t hear Lou Dobbs talking about this issue although he is currently discussing the push for a North American Union which most people thought was material from “Fantasy Island” just a short while back.

    The enemy is no longer at the gate my friends, but has been ransacking the castle’s keep for some time.

    America is “harms way” and is headed to the bottom unless we get out of Iraq and get our men in uniform home to defend this nation. Bushco has managed to weaken this nation’s defenses to minimal efficacy and with a purpose in mind.

    Of course he and his ilk will be lounging at their 100,000 acre hacienda in Paraguay while its “assholes, elbows, and ricebowls” back in the ol’ USA as the Chinese take out the U.S. from its soft underbelly in the event the North American Union scam doesn’t fly as expected…!

    Don’t count on our traitors in DC to do what’s necessary againt mainland China in the event such things should occur. If we have the Manchurian candidate; ie., McCain in office his controllers will simply flip him the “Red Queen of Diamonds” and he’ll get that goofy, glazed look in his eyes and rollover for a tummy scratching.

    Carl Nemo **==

  10. And whatever you do, don’t criticize the man behind the curtain or he will come out of the shadows to castigate you and call you names.

    Doug, you need to accept that there are opinions other than yours, and that when you preach fair and balanced and don’t practice it you should expect to be criticized. There’s been more than one occasion recently where you’ve poured nasty venom on people for no reason other than, well, to be nasty. I particularly remember the headline about Hillary Clinton’s attempting to steal delegates from Barack Obama. The headline was yellow journalism at its worst; there was not one word in the underlying article to back up the headline. And your response when confronted, not only by me but by several others:

    The headline stands.

    Yup, fair and balanced. Not.


  11. We seem to agree that Bush ought to be impeached, so when Dennis Kucinich speaks up for impeachment he is made fun of and insulted. What is wrong here? We need to stand behind this one brave man instead of waiting for someone deemed “more attractive”. Sign a petition, do what you can but good grief (!) don’t kick around the one person who is taking a public stand.

    God bless you, Dennis, and may the force be with you!

  12. Thank you Doug for your response.
    You have not convinced me Kucinich is a loony, but I respect a person who can back up their words with some information.
    I don’t get too freaked out over the quotes you offer. I’ve seen paranormal things myself and other than being a bleeding-heart commy liberal, I consider myself pretty normal and in-touch with reality.
    As for Kucinich’s mayorial term, he was 31 years old at the time and I will have to research this further. On the other hand, I do know that the city was very grateful to him at a later date for him holding his ground against the privatization of their electric utilities; he served the city well in that respect. He was definitely not all bad. I was not aware of the personality issues, for example, his temperament. On the other hand, many people do mellow and mature with age; I would not rule that out with him. Heck, he used to even be anti-choice, but I am convinced that he really has changed his stance on that issue. Regarding him wearing a bullet-proof vest and sniper protection, he had been threatened by the mafia, so I don’t think taking precautions is paranoid nor ridiculous.
    I still think Congress is fortunate to have an outspoken individual like Kucinich who’s not afraid of being ridiculed out there for exposing the truth. Whether you like the man or not Doug, I think you’ve got to admit he has done some good and it has been good that he has repeatedly been bringing up truth, whether he gets ignored or not.

  13. Maybe if you stay on vacation a bit longer, the magic of our existence in the universe will return to your life (or occur to you, in case you missed that part of your childhood).

    You quoted Kucinich….

    “The energy of the stars becomes us. We become the energy of the stars. Stardust and spirit unite and we begin: one with the universe, whole and holy. From one source, endless creative energy, bursting forth, kinetic, elemental; we, the earth, air, water and fire-source of nearly fifteen billion years of cosmic spiraling.” — Kucinich, in the “Journal of Concious Evolution”

    That’s really hilarious. Ha ha. A joke. I’m amused.

    I heard Neil deGrasse Tyson say essentially the exact same thing on “The Universe” last night. But he ended with “I think that’s pretty cool.” When you think it’s cool, come back from vacation.


  14. Why fight over Kuncinch? Why not come up with some kind of solution for the mess we are in? We have several professional know it alls who simply poke fun at the situation without ever mentioning a single correction or candidate.

    Flapsaddle is no Mort Saul when it comes to snide comments. I know Mort Saul and he speaks in a higher form of communication.

    Why do we always blame somebody else when something goes wrong in our government? I have tried for years to interest people into searching for what is wrong and finding a solution.

    A small minority of CHB readers and ranters were not aware of the corruption in D.C. even with the research done by Hall Browne, nobody cared about Blackwater. Nobody cared about the billion dollars missing from the Pentagon. Several of us tried to post the illegal stuff that Bush was doing every day he was in the White House. It had to get down to a loss of 4100 American soldiers before anyone took a real interest in the situation and then it was too late to impeach.

    Some of us spend a lot of time trying to keep this crap from returning in November. Many of us are found on many other forums where corrections are discussed but only to a very shallow level. When there is no research and people have no clue what is happening in the White House they get cute and rate the days in how many bags of popcorn they eat. This is a popular diversion on several forums that can stop a serious discussion with the sneer of someone who does not give a damn. It is the epitome of ignorance. Mort Sahl could do it because he knew the answers.

    I tried to prioritize the problems and still the flapsaddles of the world poke fun at those of us who are still eager to fix our nation.

    The new forums are popping up in many places and they are wanting serious talk about how we can avoid another Bush. How we can keep an Obama from selling the store to people who have no interest in paying back the debts. If we’re are going to promote Obama or McCain we will need some people to keep a very tight rope and be able to get letters, FAXes, emails and petitions to stop the assault on our American people.

    If we cannot work as a team, we are wasting our time fighting each other.

    How serious is CHB about staying aware of the problems that both parties have arranged? I know Doug is very interested in solving these proglems.

  15. And how many stories critical of Bush do you read on Fox News? Christ, Remington, I didn’t know your attention span was that short or your depth of knowlege of this site that shallow.

    We don’t play favorties. Never have, never will. Anyone who hasn’t figured that out by now is beyond hope.

  16. Here are some thoughts from those who know Kucinich best:

    “Dennis Kucinich has spent his life fighting for the little guy — and that little guy is Dennis.” — David Martin, the Cleveland Scene

    “There’s no one in America who believes in Dennis Kucinich more than Dennis Kucinich. We used to say back here in Ohio, you’ve got to drive a stake through the guy’s heart to get him out of it.” — Tim Hagan, former Cuyahoga County Democratic President

    Notes The Cleveland Plain Dealer:

    Dennis’ close friend Shirley Maclaine has an interesting story about him in her book, “Sage-ing While Age-ing.” Shirley says he had a close encounter with a UFO at her house in Washington state that he found very moving.

    “The smell of roses drew him out to my balcony where, when he looked up, he saw a gigantic triangular craft, silent, and observing him. It hovered, soundless, for 10 minutes or so, and sped away with a speed he couldn’t comprehend. He said he felt a connection in his heart and heard directions in his mind.”

    Critics are quick to charge that Kucinich “led Cleveland into bankruptcy” as a young (31) mayor, called “Dennis the Menace” by the press, and his administration was certainly messy. One book recently named him as the 7th worst mayor of American history, not for any reasons of corruption or scandal, but due to his “abrasive, intemperate, and chaotic administration.” He survived a recall vote after only ten months in office by 231 votes (out of 120,000) and was voted out after one term by Republican George Voinovich, even through Democrats outnumbered Republicans 8 to 1. When he threw out the first pitch at a Cleveland Indians game, he wore a bullet-proof vest and had sharpshooters positioned on the stadium roof.

    And quotes from Kucinich more than explain his loony nature:

    “The energy of the stars becomes us. We become the energy of the stars. Stardust and spirit unite and we begin: one with the universe, whole and holy. From one source, endless creative energy, bursting forth, kinetic, elemental; we, the earth, air, water and fire-source of nearly fifteen billion years of cosmic spiraling.” — Kucinich, in the “Journal of Concious Evolution”

    “As a bachelor, I get a chance to fantasize about my first lady. And you know maybe Fox will want to sponsor it as a national contest or something. But in any event I would want definitely want someone who would not just be there by my side, but be a working partner because I think we’re in a day in age when partnerships are imperative to making anything happening in the world. And I certainly want a dynamic, out-spoken woman who was fearless in her desire for peace in the world and for universal single-payer health care and a full employment economy. If you are out there call me.” — Kucinich, Nov. 5, 2003

    “After I lost the [mayoral] election in Cleveland in 1979, I moved to California for a while. I actually remember walking in the area around L.A. known as MacArthur Park, and I was thinking of that song and thinking of the lyrics where they talk about ‘Someone left the cake out in the rain. It took so long to make it.’ And it goes on, raising the question of whether I’ll ever have that recipe again.” — Kucinich

    “My journey has spanned political, social, economic and even spiritual gulfs. And because of that journey, I really have a sense of the potential for oneness which exists in this nation and in the world community. I see how it all fits together . . .” — Kucinich, in Beverly Hills

    And some of you here believe this guy is a leader? He is, and always has been, a national joke.

  17. What sentiments of the American people? How many primaries has Kucinich won? How many delegates? The American people see him as a joke. It’s only the fruitloops in Ohio that keep sending this cretin back to Congress to embarrass himself and the nation.

    I’d love to see Bush impeached but as long as the ones leading the charge are nutcases like Kucinich nothing will ever happen.

  18. Seems like you ARE drinking the Kool-Aid if you dismiss impeachment out of hand. Failing to impeach Bush and Cheney when it is a KNOWN FACT that they are criminals makes a fucking joke out of the Constitution and the ass clowns who took an oath to defend and uphold it.

    And I am still waiting for you “Dennis is a joke” people to let the rest of us in on the joke. And who is telling the joke. And when they told it…. a specific example would be great.


  19. Doug’s response, just like the above-authors, criticizes and ridicules, but has no teeth. What’s so bad about Dennis? The fact he points out the truth?

    If he is, or has done something to make him deserving of this disrespect (besides being one of the few congressman to do his duty), then somebody educate me!

    I’ll be waiting…

  20. Anyone, in Congress or at CHB, who “laugh” at Representative Dennis Kucinich, merely show how out of touch they are with the sentiments of the American people.

  21. Unfortunately, as long as the loyal cheerleaders and enablers keep sending them back every two years, you’re stuck with them. However, sooner or later the circus grows tired of a clown act and sends it packing. And Pollchecker? Pace, the same applies to the GOP!

    I admire the way that Tom Clancy came up with a clean slate for Jack Ryan in Debt of Honor.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  22. I do not disagree; they do not have the numbers to impeach. But at least they could have made a gesture by not taking it off of the table. But I believe that everyone understands that the two parties are not distinct; they are two stinkhorn mushrooms risen from a common mycelium nourishing itself from a single pile of dung.

    I think that the Democrats should actually do something that marks them as a party distinct in principle and action rather than merely another self-serving gaggle of trough-feeders bearing a different label – a distinction without a difference. Choosing between the two branches of the bull in the china shop is now merely an example of the fallacy of the false alternative.

    I have no intention of trying to divert attention from the GOP. Both parties are chancre-raddled whores beyond either physical or moral redemption. All I wish to point out is that the Democrats in power really look no less perverse than the Republicans in power.

    Should the Democrats gain sufficient control of both houses and the executive as well, there may well be show-trials – at least highly-trumpeted investigations – but there will be no war-crimes trials for the same reason that there is now no impeachment – and they might have to bring Bill Clinton to the dock for his war-crimes in the Balkans.

    But it will certainly be a popcorn event, whatever happens.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  23. Since some people have trouble remembering that I’m on leave of absence from this place but still decided to send emails demanding that I “do something” about this “unfair attack on Congressman Kucinich,” let me say that one of the reaons I took the leave of absence was to get away from the flood of indignation that seems to take over when someone dares criticize one of the Kool-Aid parade like Dennis Kucinich.

    I didn’t write the lead-in to this story but you can rest assured that if I had it would have been twice as critical of Dennis and his tilting at windmills.

    Dennis is a joke to both Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill. I don’t know what it is about Ohio that keeps sending flakes like Kucinich and Jim Trafficant to Congress but it must be all the toxic waste in the water of those rust belt towns. The reason his Presidential campaigns don’t go anywhere is because he’s a fruitcake like so many of the other lost-cause bottom feeder candidates.

    Don’t expect praise for Kucinich here. You won’t get it. We don’t drink Kool-Aid.

  24. I repeat, It is INSANE to repeat an action expecting different result.

    If I was a Dem, why would I waste taxpayer money, congress’s time and good use of the media to bash the failed policies of Bush/McCain? For What? They do not have the votes to impeach!

    Are you saying they should repeat the actions of the Republicans? Is that more of your eye for an eye justice?

    Perhaps this is the true differences between the two parties…the Republicans want to alter the laws of physics and the Dems want to get on with the job of rebuilding it.

    YOu can criticize the Dems all you want, but it cannot and will not divert the attention from the fact that GOP had full control of Congress and ABUSED THEIR POWERS to the tune of TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS and are activelyl blocking attempts to collect the facts to bring them to justice.

    You should hope, my colleague, that the Dems do get full control of Congress and then they can prosecute George & Dick and their cronies with WAR CRIMES!

  25. TJ…

    If you know a way to get rid of Pelosi and Reid, please share. I thought they were kind of like herpes. You can quiet ’em down for a while but they stick around and make trouble whenever there’s something important to do.


  26. The “leadership” of the Democrats, despite the 2006 call for a change, decided that the most important change was the feeding order of the hogs at the trough. They have continued to blank-check the administration’s unnecessary and debilitating war in Iraq. The “leader” of the House, Pelosi, promptly signaled the other side that it would be business as usual when she declared that impeachment was off of the table.

    The Democrats will likely have to impeach their own leadership to get anything done other than accommodation of the GOP in the two parties’ mutual sodomizing of what is left of the republic.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

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