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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Trump is truly in trouble: Even Billy Graham’s granddaughter endorses Biden

In his first term, Trump paid most of his short attention span to his base, which includes racists, white supremacists, evangelicals, and homophobic extremists. Evangelicals, however, are shunning him now because of his arrogance, immorality, and lies that have become too much to stomach.
Jerushah Duford: She’s a pro-lifer who endorses Joe Biden.

As a one-time political operative for the Republican Party, I have some knowledge of how the party of the elephant used to do things.

“Used to do” is operative now, because the Grand Old Party ain’t what it used to be under the presidency of Donald John Trump.

Elephants are supposed to have good memories. Not so with the GOP pachyderm.  He forgets his party once preached values, balanced budgets, and states’ rights.

That, the cliche goes, was then. This is now and polls say Republicans are set to get their ass whipped on the Nov. 3 general election.

Yes, we know. Polls said the same thing right about this time before the 2016 election. They said Hillary Clinton would win easily and send the former reality TV host and failed real estate developer back to pushing tough, difficult to eat “Trump steaks” and fleecing retirees with the so-called “Trump University,” which was just another way to separate the gullible from their savings.

Pollsters, we believe, learned from the 2016 debacle and have built additional safeguards into their analysis of what those who participate in polls are telling those with the computer-aided “models.”

To make matters worse for America’s corrupt, wannabe dictator president, his so-called “base” is shrinking and a record number of Republicans are openly supporting Democratic challenger Joe Biden while saying they are “fed up” with the man who is destroying their party and Amerian democracy.

Hell, even Billy Graham’s granddaughter says “this president doesn’t represent our faith.”

Jerushah Duford calls herself a “committed evangelical Christians and pro-life, but she is voting for Biden this year because Trump wants “to hijack our faith for votes.”

She thinks her grandfather, the Rev. Billy Graham, who counseled Richard Nixon during his slide downhill before resigning in disgrace in 1954 during the Watergate scandal, would agree with her feelings.

“I think he would be sad. I think his greatest desire had nothing to do with policies but to introduce people to a loving Jesus, and the division this administration has caused I believe has hurt this effort,” she tells columnist Nicholas Kristof of The Washington Post.

Kristof writes:

Duford is part of a broader movement among some evangelical leaders to distance their faith from Trump, which in turn means interpreting “pro-life” in a broader way. In a sign that some evangelical voters are in play this year, the Biden campaign is advertising heavily on Christian radio stations.

“Mr. President, the days of using our faith for your benefit are over,” declares a video from a Christian group called Not Our Faith. “We know you need the support of Christians like us to win this election. But you can’t have it. Not our vote. Not our faith.”

Rev. John Huffman, who was Nixon’s pastor, has joined Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden. Trump, Huffman says, is “an immoral, amoral sociopathic liar who functions from a core of insecure malignant narcissism.”

Duford says her pro-life beliefs make it difficult to vote for Biden but what she says Trump is doing to destroy American and her faith overrides her reluctance.

“I genuinely wish the Democratic Party would have a greater value for life inside the womb,” Duford said. “Yet I equally wish the Republican Party would place a greater value on life outside the womb. You cannot choose just one and define yourself as pro-life.”

“A growing number of Christians have realized that their religious beliefs concerning the sanctity of life can be advanced in practical ways other than simply voting for conservative judges to make abortion illegal,” said former Texas evangelical leader Deborah Fikes, She says she became so disillusioned by policies of the American Evangelical Church that she left and joined the Methodist Church. Evangelical churches, she said, have mistakenly pursued a harmful “strategy of political gain in Jesus’s name.”

“I am voting for Joe Biden because I am pro-life,” a Catholic nun, Sister Mary Traupman, writes in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

She adds:

Describing family separation at the border, environmental degradation, denial of health care to the poor. These are not pro-life policies.

Father Greg Boyle, who works to help gang members in Los Angeles, agrees. He endorses Biden:

I have never endorsed a candidate in any race until now. This is a vote for the soul of the nation. I’ve never seen an existential threat like this in my 66 years of living. This is not about partisan politics. It’s about truly choosing life.


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