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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Bill Clinton may walk away mad and not campaign for Obama

An angry, defiant Bill Clinton is threatening to walk away mad and not campaign for presumptive Presidential nominee Barack Obama, telling close friends and supporters that his wife has been "mistreated, maligned and smeared" by the party's power structure.

Calls to Clinton's office for comment were not returned over the weekend but sources close to the Clintons tell Capitol Hill Blue the former President is "pissed as hell" over his wife's defeat for the nomination and blames the Democratic Party power structure for "turning their backs on her" when he felt they could have made the difference in the nominating process.


An angry, defiant Bill Clinton is threatening to walk away mad and not campaign for presumptive Presidential nominee Barack Obama, telling close friends and supporters that his wife has been "mistreated, maligned and smeared" by the party’s power structure.

Calls to Clinton’s office for comment were not returned over the weekend but sources close to the Clintons tell Capitol Hill Blue the former President is "pissed as hell" over his wife’s defeat for the nomination and blames the Democratic Party power structure for "turning their backs on her" when he felt they could have made the difference in the nominating process.

"President Clinton is very, very unhappy…that’s a fact," says one party insider.  One source said the former President said it would "be a cold day in hell" before he would ever campaign for Obama.

Others say Clinton just needs time to "blow off steam" and "calm down" and that he will eventually agree to go on the campaign trail for the party’s nominee.

But no one contacted over the weekend would go on the record, one way or another, about the former President and his feelings towards the freshman Senator from Illinois who derailed his wife’s quest to become the first woman President.

"Both Bill and Hillary felt the Presidency was owed to them and something the Democrats should have bestowed automatically," says one Democratic strategist, who refused to allow use of his name. "The nomination was, in their opinion, some kind of divine right. Neither believed it would be denied to them."

Others Bill Clinton is "seething" over claims that his angry outbursts and campaign missteps might have cost his wife the nomination.

"One sure thing about Bill Clinton is that he never, ever, takes blame for anything," says a former Clinton aide. "It is not in his DNA to ever take responsibility for his action. It is always someone else’s fault."

Sources within the Obama campaign say the nominee is hesitant to use Bill Clinton on the campaign trail anyway because of the animosity the former President showed in the primaries and because no one is sure he can be controlled.

"It is important to stay on message in this campaign," one Obama strategist said. "We’re not sure President Clinton is capable of doing that."

47 thoughts on “Bill Clinton may walk away mad and not campaign for Obama”

  1. First I want to address Bill Clinton. The man has been on the road with more stops per day than most. Give him a break. He had things he said turned around and made to be racist remarks when he did not mean them to be. He has always put it more minorities than other Presidents and that was an insult to what his own presidency was about. He has heard the media use horrible words to describe Hillary and no one stood up for her, except McCain. He needs rest, to catch up on his own work, and then he will do what he needs to do like he always has, if anyone even asks him.

    You are right they do have very similar platforms. Everytime Clinton put something out there, then Obama would follow with one nearly like it. Couldn’t come up with his own ideas apparently. But there are differences, especially in the healthcare.

    The bottomline is if someone besides Clinton had been running against Obama, had similar ideas as Obama, I would still have to think twice and then vote for McCain.

    The reasons are he has not fully answered to his associtions with questionable people that could hurt the security of our country (oh by the way do not throw in Clinton baggage, hers was past, his current building on relationships he has had with others for many years).
    I can trust McCain to keep the country secure.

    Obama has not been in politics long enough. Some might say this is a plus, I do not. You have to know what works what doesn’t, and how to get things done. We do not need an intern in the White House learning the ropes as they go. McCain has shown that he can work with others, can be an individual to get things done. As he said per an interview, he did not win the popularity contest in the senate for a reason. He was considered a maverick that went outside party lines to work. And, as we know the president does not have the full power, Obama would have to deal with Congress. So all the talk of getting things done, might just be talk. The country is in such bad shape, analysts predict it will be a second term before anything is actually accomplished.

    McCain and Hillary voted against Cheney’s energy bill that put millions in the pockets of the oil companies; Obama voted for it. So much for his judgement.

    People say Obama does not do like the old politics. Search for Obama Hardboils, ask Alice Palmer who he replaced in IL senate how he got her job…same ole politics.

    People threaten that McCain will overthrow Roe vs Wade..that is what republicans want, it is not wht they will get. It has been analyzed several times on different news shows and if it was going to get overthrown, it would have in Reagan’s administration, it could have with Bush since there are enough supreme ct justices that are conservative. None of them want to be labeled as the one who started up backstreet abortions again. And, McCain’s wife is pro-choice.

    McCain served his country proudly, might not have done everything right, and probably had many problems when he was released to work through that torture. He paid the price for those years.

    Obama sat in a church and listened for 20 years the rantings of his Rev and he paid them to do so.

    Could go on but I don’t have time. I think you get the point. It is the person we are voting against, his character, his unknowns, his lack of experience, the security we feel.

  2. So glad to hear that Bill is PO’d, so am I.

    I hope he doesn’t campaign for obama, it would do my heart proud. I wish he could run for President again, he has my loyalty and my vote.

    obama is unworthy of the presidency and he has been ramrodded down our throats for months. ENOUGH! I’ve been a Democrat for 30 years, but no longer. The Party stood by and did nothing while Hillary was totally bashed by the media, while the Messiah could do no wrong. The DNC tossed the most qualified candidate down the stairs and spat on her. obama will NEVER get my vote, and I’ll gladly vote across party lines to see that he and his mistress of misery never gets to the White House.

    We will remember come November. PUMA

  3. HARRISON PARKER is a bad journalist.
    It is unprofessional to place article without disclosing sources.

    Did President Bill Clinton came up to you personally and said he is not going to campaign?
    Who are these “insiders” and “Democratic strategist”, who refused to provide their names?

  4. President Bill Clinton has been the only Democratic president elected for two consecutive terms since FDR. The economy was good during his administration. It is too bad that Howard Dean and the left-wing Marxists want to nominate a person who won’t even show his birth certificate, his application to the Illinois Bar Association, his Columbia College records, etc. Take a look at southside Chicago. It’s a mess. Tell me how Barack can solve the problems of the entire country when he can’t even keep his backyard in order.

  5. Go Bill!. We love you.

    BO called you a racist.
    BO said your administration was as bad as the Bush.
    BO said Reagan was better than you.

    And now he want you to campaign for him. He really has the nerve.

    PUMA Power!

  6. Hi Ted,

    Go to Google Search…Enter: COSCO Long Beach Chinese

    A Google page will come up, then fetch “The Long March reaches Long Beach” The article concerns itself with the China Ocean Shipping Company which is nothing more than a front for the Red Chinese intelligence service to have operated a free enterprise zone, immune from inspection or jurisdiction by the U.S. government. They failed in their attempt once the news broke about Clinton taking campaign contributions from Red Chinese agents etc.

    These zones are part of a WTO, New World Order scam to allow businesses, in this case a “front” business, to establish handsoff, blue-sky zones upon the soil of nations outside their borders with total diplomatic and prosecutorial immunity.

    They wanted to establish one in Vancouver, B.C., Long Beach and the Bahamas and Panama. It didn’t fly, but rest assured our enemies always have hopes beyond all hope that they can find some traitors within every nation to facilitate their goals of conquest. If you think communism and old time Nazi style fascism is dead for all time then I could sell you some of my beachfront property in the Mohave’. ; )

    Also for your edification fetch “Chinese free enterprise zones” with Google search then select the “Export processing zones” link and edify yourself as to what these zones entail. The most important of the two links that I’ve referenced is the “Long March reaches Long Beach” . Btw, the Long March is the name of the PRC’s line of ICBM missiles.

    There are traitors in the land. Traitors in government positions, now masquerading as conservatives, but they are really corrupt one world government socialists, bent on the destruction of America, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and your freedom, in order to usher in their long planned dream of tyrannical New World Order, global government. It will be a corporatist~fascist~communist hybrid form of governing. East has met West, but only with reference to the dark side of their collective agendas for ruling and controlling the people’s of the earth.

    Carl Nemo **==

  7. CArl:

    I looked at a couple of the websites you mentioned. Here are a couple of sample quotes:

    “A public outcry stopped Clinton in 1998 from leasing California’s Long Beach Naval Yard to the Chinese firm COSCO. Even so, China can now strike U.S. targets easily from its bases in Panama, Vancouver and the Bahamas.”

    “Clinton’s top campaign contributors for 1992 were Chinese agents; his top donors in 1996 were U.S. defense contractors selling missile technology to China.”

    Vancouver? What have these people been smoking, is it legal, and can I find a source?

    Sorry. I asked for hard evidence and what you provided was the same old conspiracy theory crapola. One person quotes another, who is in turn quoted by a third person who is then cited by the first person as the support for such allegations as “The Chinese have bases in Panama, Vancouver, and the Bahamas.” It’s nothing short of a circle jerk.


  8. In my area, it’s bigotry. They fail to see any irony in being disgusted that some didn’t vote for Hillary simply because she’s a woman while they make plans to vote for McCain because they will never vote for a Black man. I’m sure there are exceptions, but the Dems I know, other than my own mother, refuse to vote for Obama, and that is why.

    “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” -Mark Twain

  9. Let’s hope NOT. Four years of Hellery would be like another four years of our Coward in Chief – pathologically lying her way into getting what she wants regardless of law. God help us! And, if she does anything to undermine Obama’s campaign, Democratic Party leaders have told her she will lose what little support she has left and will no longer have any authority in the party. Personally, the sooner the better. Her ego is too big for DC.

    “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” -Mark Twain

  10. Hi DejaVuAllOver…

    I’m with you concerning a strong manufacturing base, but that’s been gutted too, courtesy of my aforementioned, outline of treachery on the part of these two reigning families.

    The tragedy of the compromise of our nuclear secrets is that it give nations an edge over us that generally speaking are being runned by irresponsible dictatorial despots. Believe it or not we have a hotline, a “red phone” between Moscow and the U.S., but we still haven’t established a firm communications link between the leaders in Beijing and the U.S.

    Bill Clinton lied to the American people in his last state of the Union address that there were no nuclear weapons targeting the U.S. that night when in effect in addition to the Ruskies still targeting us the Red Chinese had 40 MRV’d weapons aimed at the U.S. and Western Europe. In the old days nuke weapons were measured in numbers, but today highly accurate MRV’d (Multiple Reentry Vehicle) warheads each missile armed with 10 warheads is a more effective way to go. So in effect Red China had 400 cities targeted that night. Of course all of them wouldn’t make it due to technological issues etc., but rest assured even if 50 percent reached their targets with pinpoint accuracy courtesy of Bill Clinton, then the results would be the final holocaust for mankind. A decade later the Chinese might have several hundred MRV’d missiles targeting the U.S. and Europe courtesy of our patronage of Wal*Mart; ie., rabid U.S. shoppers arming their enemies in a defacto manner.

    Yes, “we the people” shall prevail in such an exchange due to our superb on station nuclear submarine force, but it will be a Phyrric victory with a devastating cost to the victor; ie.., the United States of America.

    Of course the Bushistas will be hiding out in their bunker in Paraguay with possibly the Clinton’s too. If “shillary” was V.P. then Bill and Chelsea would be hiding out in our national bunker facilities with a 10 year supply of food all prepared by world class chefs, first run movies, data librarys and a host of other pleasures that we can only imagine in our darkest nightmares, courtesy of U.S. tax/debtor slaves.

    The rest of us outside reduced to “shadows in green glass”…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  11. I agree with Carl that Bubba was a walking disaster area with regard to protecting our technology, including nuclear. But I would argue that it would have happened anyway, and did happen, regardless of the President. (but I’m not defending Clinton) Secrets always leak but NEVER become more secure; it’s a one-way function. That’s the real danger in assuming your technology will keep you safe. Maybe it will for a week or so, but next week, all bets are off. The Chinese stole a lot of secrets from Russia, who stole it from us, who gave it to Israel, who sold it to……. and on and on.

    I would be a lot happier if we relied on a strong manufacturing base and commerce, not weaponry, to keep us strong. But since we sold our manufacturing years ago, I guess our weapons are about all we got left. Which now means that we will outlive our enemies by approximately 12.4583 nanoseconds. I’m sooo proud.

  12. Hi Pablo,

    Quite simple Pablo, the Clinton’s are the relief team for the Bushistas. They operate differently; ie., they use the velvet glove technique whereas the “rethuglicans” under Bush/Cheney use an aggressive in our face approach as they are screwing “we the people” over…!

    While Bill seemed like a nice guy to the electorate with their 401K portfolios being plumped during the tech bubble, the US was being sold down the river by Clinton and his appointees, the future damage of their actions to be wrought ten years.

    He pushed for NAFTA, WTO and the outsourcing of many U.S. jobs to China, India and Malaysia along with massive H1-b work visa applications to allow foreign workers to come to the U.S. to displace our people from tech and high tech jobs. It really started to roll during his administration with the Bushistas picking up where he and his admin left off.

    His track record concerning our intervention in the Bosnia/Serbian debacle is questionable being linked to corporate ties for his future finanacial benefit along with campaign contribution percs etc. from that era.

    The reason he, as a Democrat, would not support drilling in ANWAR is the fact he is a consumate politician, realizing that the feelgood support from the electorate at election time would far outweigh his stupidity by allowing such drilling. Besides even if ANWAR were released and its resources finally available in a couple of years or so it would only provide about six months to a year of oil for the U.S. All of the Prudhoe Bay oil goes to the far east for processing. It has a high sulphur content and is not conducive to processing in US refineries without retrofitting. More than likely the Alaskan product is sold to Asian markets and does not make it back to the U.S.

    About the time the Clintons were exiting the oval office the tech bubble began to unravel, then as the early years of the Bush administration revealed there was little to no oversight on the part of regulators during the Clinton era;ie., they let the “good times roll”, knowing full well the consequences of the unraveling of Enron, Worldcom, Qwest, and dozens of other bigname companies that had virtually been cooking the books.

    Now in addition to that damage, we’re now reaping the consequences of a housing bubble bust facilitated by Greenspan lowering rates to 40 year lows allowing the greatest bubble in the history of the world to develop with the US now suffering the mighty consequences of its collapse which is still in in its infancy.

    The prediction is that most homes in America will lose 50 percent of their value in the next five years; ie., depression is stalking the land.

    All I can say Pablo is that the Bushistas are the “bad cops” and the Clintons play the “good cops” with their transgenerational; ie., 28 plus year stranglehold on the U.S. presidency. Both Bill and Hillary will sell us all out for just a few bucks, euro’s, rupees or yuan more if they have the chance to do so no differently than the Bushistas.

    There’s hundreds of web links and books written concerning how these two crime families operate. I’ve posted many of them over time on this site, but my link posting days are evidently over on CHB.

    I hope this helps without me posting a bunch of links. Rest assured I have them, but I don’t want to be 86’d from CHB courtesy of their SPAM filter.

    Carl Nemo **==

  13. Hey Carl, got a question for you:
    What’s your take on bill vetoing drilling in ANWAR? You talk about a man who has committed the highest acts of treason (with which I’m sure hillary is totally in agreement), but the greatest act of his presidency in my opinion is not slowly killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children, nor cutting off basic necesities to welfare mothers, however, vetoing a bill that congress had approved to rape the tundra for corporate gain. Now why would an evil man go do something like that? Aware of any ulterior motives?

  14. Hi Ted,

    I gave you an answer to your request for references. I didn’t post it in the body of replies to this article in order to prevent the reply getting lost so-to-speak. It’s currently the last post to this ongoing commentary.

    Carl Nemo **==

  15. Yo Ted Remington…

    Re: the following article on Google and you’ll get all the links you could wish for concerning the compromise of our nuclear technology to our enemies.
    “By the Way, Sibel Edmonds is still talking” of January 28, 2008. The supplied imbedded links concerning both the Clintonista and Bushista’s compromise of nuclear technology are available within that article. The article has been at the top of Google linked with my name since the original posting date.

    So click on Google, enter Carl Nemo, you’ll find it on the top. Read the article and the links and let it percolate into you consciousness just how evil the Clinton’s and even the Bushista’s are when it comes to selling out “we the people”.

    Btw, Ted this is all old news, where have you been? I’ve posted articles on this site many times with supplied links. I read “all” your material, evidently you don’t read mine. If I had a nickel for everytime I hammered Clinton and even Bush on this grave issue I’d have bulging pocketloads of the same.

    The reason I can’t post links directly on CHB anymore is that Akismet their SPAM filter instantly blocks me from their site and I then have to send multiple emails asking to be released back to the CHB tank. It’s tiring for both myself and them so I don’t post links anymore. Sorry to inconvience you and others concerning references.

    The compromise of secrets from our Los Alamos facility occurred on Clinton’s watch. The Clinton administration outsourced the launching of some of our satellites to China during his presidency…say what?!

    The first launch conveniently and under mysterious circumstances went sour, the Chinese cordoned off the wreckage and when our people were allowed entry to retrieve key circuit paks from the guidance system they had been stolen. These chips were not only state of the art chips to allow for pinpoint accuracy to distant targets they were state of the art chips hardened against EMP; ie., the electromagnetic pulse that’s generated when a nuke is detonated which destroys everything that’s electronic with a many mile radius. It looked like an accident, but it was not. Bernard Schwartz of Loral Space Division was also involved in this traitorous debacle.

    Those specific EMP hardened guidance boards should not have been used in those outsourced launches. I also believe Ron Brown, the Secretary of Commerce’s mysterious demise was somehow linked to his knowledge of just how low the Clinton’s had gone in order to get campaign bucks; ie., to give technological support to our sworn enemies courtesy of U.S. tax/debtors.

    In the nuclear order of battle the first weapon launched against the US will be an EMP wep detonated at about 300 Km above CONUS which will effectively fry everything that’s electronically controlled from coast coast; ie.,if it’s not properly hardened or shielded against such a pulse. No more pc’s, web communications, cell phones, Ipods, modern car ignitions, electronic games as if that mattered, and on and on the list goes. Modern civilization as we know it will cease even before our cities are incinerated.

    Btw, prior to Bill’s “hamburger helper” handhold to the Chinese concerning nuclear weps targeting, all their missiles were “bore-sighted” no different than old time cannon and couldn’t have hit the broadside of a barn after traveling 6,000 miles. Thankyou Bill Clinton and those involved…NOT!

    These acts of treason have never been properly investigated with the perps brought to summary justice.

    Carl Nemo **==

  16. Keeping It Real!

    Bill Clinton is just demonstrating again who he is. He is just trying to masked the discusting tactics that he played in the race for the nomination. Bill Clinton knows that he and his wife along with some of their surrogates intentionally played the race card and are still trying to play the sexism card. They in my opinion is trying to hurt Obama in the general election hoping that McCain will win so Hillary can run in 2012. The only other motive as it pertains to Hillary is to try and manipulate her way onto the ticket. Do anyone really believe anything that comes out of Bill or Hillary mouth. They will say anything which is one of the reason Hillary lost the nomination. The superdelegates owe them nothing but they did owe the country something which was to listen to the people.

    I had a lot of respect for the Hillary and Bill before the contests and I use to defend them when people would say negative things in reference to the Clintons. After I heard from their own mouth some of the statements that was intentionally said to divide the whites and the blacks I then became repulsed by them. There were so many things that they said and did just to win. I discovered in my opinion that neither Clinton have bounderies. It actually sadens me at times because Hillary is so intelligent but she and her husband proves that maturity has no age.

    I hope that Obama don’t make her VP. She and her husband has demonstrated why we as a country need to turn the page. Obama is a brilliant man and is someone who cares for the average Joe Bloe which is why the status quo fear him. They know that the ways of Washington will have to change under a Obama administration.

  17. Crat3, please explain why Obama did not get the nomination “fair and square.” And if McCain wins, by the time 2012 comes around the Supreme Court will be packed with lifetime right-wingers. So you can give yourself a pat on the back if that happens.

    As for Bill’s involvement in Obama’s campaign, the closer he and Hillary get to the action, the more questions are going to be asked about funding for his presidential library and who knows what else. So it may be better if Bill stays home and sulks.

    Man, the Clintons ran a terrible campaign.

  18. Checkerboard….Magnaquench?

    And you use FREEREPUGLIC.COM as an objective source to support this garbage??

    Dont make me hurl…..

  19. Clinton may walk away mad as long as he walks away and vanishes into the sunset like all good EX presidents.

    If the Dems can’t beat McCain without clinton, they don’t deserve to win.

  20. Don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer. I’ve never seen a clinton supporter answer that very reasonable question, for some reason. They leave me no option but to conclude they are either bigots or rabid warmongers, because the only big difference between Obama and hillary is that he spoke out against her illegal war from the start. Maybe they figure if hillary won’t get the chance to prolong Iraq and attack Iran, then mccain will.

  21. Also, a large percentage of the votes in hillary’s claims of winning the popular votes are from republican crossovers, hardly what I would consider part of the democratic popular vote.

  22. Hello!!
    Clinton sent us to the Iraq quagmire and wasn’t ‘anti-war’ until she started campaigning. She has proven she is not fit to be commander in chief. “Change” my ass! Maybe the clinton supporters want more war, as she is threatening Iran with annhilation and they cross over so quickly to fellow warmonger mccain. Scary fools.

  23. Carl:

    You said:

    “He gave the ‘Red Chinese’ a twenty year jump in nuclear weapons and EMP hardened guidance chip technology to be able to wage effective nuclear war which to me is the most heinous crime of all in that he put our nation of 300 million people at terminal hazard with his arrogant selfserving decisions. He did it mainly for Chinese campaign contributions.”

    Can you provide hard evidence that this occurred?


  24. What’s even more frightful is that we had to suffer this arrogant, self-serving “headcase” running the nation for eight years!

    He sold this country down the river by pushing disastrous NAFTA, WTO and other skewed trade related programs down our collective throats with we as a nation now suffering the consequences thereof with our manufacturing infrastructure having been destroyed…!

    He gave the “Red Chinese” a twenty year jump in nuclear weapons and EMP hardened guidance chip technology to be able to wage effective nuclear war which to me is the most heinous crime of all in that he put our nation of 300 million people at terminal hazard with his arrogant selfserving decisions. He did it mainly for Chinese campaign contributions.

    Everything about the Clintons along with their patrons the Bushistas is bad news for this nation. They are the NWO’s transgenerational tag team who’s mission is to turn the U.S. into minor plantation within their corporatist world plantation with “we the people” reduced to abject, groveling, fearful slaves working for $8 per day like Chinese factory workers.

    Just the photo supplied with this article should convey what his frightful persona is truly all about. He could double as a gargoyle on one of Europe’s medieval cathedrals… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  25. Well President Bill Clinton is upset. No real surprise here, as most Americans feel we have had the Bush family and the Clinton family running this Country long enough. That is the reason that Hillary Clinton lost the nomination.

    So Hillary need not be to upset with the loss. Hillary did very well considering that she was running against an insurmountable dynasty. Bravo ladies! Now it is time to move on.

    So ‘where’s Beeeil?” He can go on those speech-making junkets and make another 10 million dollars!

  26. CRAT3, something I forgot. Clintons NEGATIVE rating in the GE is over 50%. Whatever happened in the primary is no indication of what will happen in the GE. and to say that HRC has 18 million votes is very misleading. Many of those who supported HRC are now supporting BO BECAUSE he is the dem candidate. BTW, the political views of BO and HRC are 98% the same. So if you supported HRC, why won’t you support BO, who holds the exact same political positions as HRC?

  27. crat3, in your enthusiasm for Sen. Clinton, I think that you have forgotten a couple of things.
    1-BO won because he had more delegates. Also, 2 of Clintons team, harold and terry, were on the committee that made the rules. In the last election, terry was the dem party head, and he told Mi. Sen Levin that he would not allow Mi to have any delegates if they moved up their primary. Harold, terry, and HRC all were consulted when Mi & Fl moved up their primary dates, and all agreed that 1 no candidate would campaign in either state and 2 that neither state would be able to have any delegates.3 when the rules committee met, they were able to give Mi delegates to whomever they pleased because MI HAD VIOLATED THE RULES that EVERY state had agreed on.
    and 2- Obama won because he ran a much better campaign, he organized from the groud up, Clinton ran her campaign from the top down. She had hired the wrong people-like Penn. She paid too much for salaries. She owes $30 million. A big chunk of that is for Mark Penns business. She was paying Wolfson-her spokesperson-over $200,000 a month. She was spending money like a drunken sailor, and the people whom she hired treated her like she was their personal banker
    There are many other reasons why HRC lost, but to follow her meme in saying that she won the popular vote, is both wrong and meaningless. The rules, agreed to in advance by all the candidates, were for DELEGATES, not popular vote-which BTW, she did not win. It was not the fault of the DNC, nor was it the fault of BO that HRC lost the race. The only one at fault was HRC, nobody else!!

  28. At: crat3

    “*Without the Clintons, Obama is certain loser. Sen. Clinton’s supporters should campaign and vote for McCain. I will volunteer and vote for McCain in a swing state. Obama cultiests and the DNC will jut have to grin and bear four years of McBush. In 2012, hopefully Sen. Clinton will be a presidential candidate to get our country back on track.*”

    You very well may be right. If the Clintonistas decide to swing this thing into an Obamas loss, you need to know that Obama supporters will remember that and are watching for it. With Senator Clintons ‘high negative’ ratings…she will never be president anytime in this century (a word of warning), she’ll need all the votes that she can get; she can’t afford to lose any votes. And that means that she’ll definitely need the help of Obama supporters.

    I guess 4 more years of McBush mean nothing to you guys. Just remember that when you see/hear about more soldiers coming home in bodybags with the McBush 100yr war, the Clintonistas will be responsible (whether they stayed at home or voted for McBush) or McBushes health care = none, etc. But the thing that really gets me is you don’t seem to mind if your own children and grandchildren will be caught up in or dying in the McBush war.

    You guys seem to love Hillary more then life (anybodys life) itself. But remember, what comes around goes around. And they’re already reporting that it will be in Hillarys best interest if Obama wins or she will take a hit for it in her political career because she ran such a devisive campaign against Obama.

  29. The scary part about so-called “royal” families
    (and both the Bushes and the Clintons fit in that category)
    is that sinister plans get cooked up in royal antechambers all the time.
    Bill has already shown that he doesn’t mind working together with the Bush family on certain projects, and the destruction of Obama by any means necessary may very well be the next item on the Bush-Clinton agenda.
    If this country actually had a working internal security apparatus that countered domestic terrorism such a department could be tasked with keeping an eye on rogue Presidential families and their minions.
    Sadly all we have is the apparatchik designed from the ground up by the Bush administration and known as Homeland Security.
    They only protect us from things hostile to Bushes, and maybe Clintons (when they’re not in office).

    JeffH in Occupied TX

  30. Crat3,

    A suggestion. Why not just join the Republican party? In that way, you won’t have to sulk anymore – you can just put your whole heart and soul into who you want to be elected, John McCain.

    I suspect though tbat you are one of those people who believe that the Clintons ARE the Democratic party. Sort of like the Perons being the heart and soul of the Peronist Party in Argentina.

    Maybe Hillary could sing “Don’t Cry for Me, America!” at the convention this summer?

  31. crat3….

    Hogwash. My grandpa could beat McCain.

    Obama is more centrist than the Clintons, and this will soon be clear as day. Yeah, I know the conventional wisdom is that he’s a lefty liberal wingnut, but if you look at his proposals he’s all about reconciliation, the center, and not rocking the boat.

    That’s why we need to support Nader.


  32. The sad part is that Bubba is doing a wonderful job of proving the GOP was right all along. The rabid right does NOT need any vindication of its’ vile. But hey, ego management and Clinton have never co-habited the same universe.

  33. “Others say Clinton just needs time to ‘blow off steam’ and ‘calm down’ and that he will eventually agree to go on the campaign trail for the party’s nominee.”

    It’s the same thing being said about Sen. Clinton’s supporters who refuse to surrender to Obama’s cult powers – they will eventually come around.

    Well, the times have changed, and the corrupt, rigged Democratic Party is delusional to think there will winning “unity” or “coalescing” behind Obama, who did not get the nomination fair and square. They have chosen to back a losing horse in a championship race – this horse not only lacks the requisite strengths to win, but it’s in a race that is out of its league.

    Sen. Clinton campaigned tenaciously for the future of America with her solutions for real changes and a new direction to get our country back on track. She was the best qualified and the strongest presidential candidate to win the general election in a landslide victory hands down.

    Without the Clintons, Obama is certain loser. Sen. Clinton’s supporters should campaign and vote for McCain. I will volunteer and vote for McCain in a swing state. Obama cultiests and the DNC will jut have to grin and bear four years of McBush. In 2012, hopefully Sen. Clinton will be a presidential candidate to get our country back on track.

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