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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Out-of-control Trump continues to do all he can to sink his re-election

Every time Trump opens his mouth, toxic verbal diarrhea spills out and threatens everyone and everything around him.
Trump: Out of control again.

Donald Trump extends his dementia every time he opens his mouth and a diarrhea of lies flow out like a toxic sewer.

Fact-checkers found no fewer than 23 outright lies by Trump during his “town hall” meeting with voters hosted by ABC news.

“At the ABC News town hall Tuesday night, President Trump was challenged by ordinary voters in ways that he rarely experiences in the safe spaces of Fox News, where he regularly answers questions,” writes Glenn Kessler in The Washington Post. “But he still retreated to false or misleading talking points that he offers in his usual venues.”

In a detailed roundup of the 24 lies, Kessler gave Trump “four Pinocchios,” the maximum rating of extreme lying and noted the earned them “over and over again.”

In typical Trump style, the wannabe president tried to cover his lies with new ones or simply repeated the original falsehoods.

Notes Jennifer Rubin:

It was not simply that President Trump resorted to obvious lies at the ABC News town hall Tuesday night, or that he was rude and ineffective in addressing the terrific, substantive questions from real, undecided voters. His campaign’s bigger worry is that he came across as confused, lost and incoherent. He really should not have gone down the road of challenging his opponent’s mental acuity.

What was far worse than the nonstop stream of lies was how foolish Trump sounded. He did not downplay covid-19; he “up-played” it! He said “herd mentality” would eliminate the pandemic. (Herd immunity might, at the cost of millions of lives.) He criticized Biden — who has not been in office for the past four long yearsfor failing to enact a nationwide mask mandate. He tried to interrupt a questioner, only to have her sternly tell him to let her finish. He rambled and came off as entirely uncaring in not directly answering questions from an African American pastor and a woman whose mother died of cancer.

This comes in a week that began with HHS public affairs director Michael Caputo’s rage-filled Facebook tirade of wild and false accusations of an “armed insurrection” coming after the election and claims that the nation’s public health officials, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Infection Disease Center were working “secretly” to undermine Trump’s re-election bid.

“And when Donald Trump refuses to stand down at the inauguration, the shooting will begin,” Caputo said. “The drills that you’ve seen are nothing.”

Caputo also claimed scientists “deep in the bowels of the C.D.C.” walked “around like they are monks” and “holy men” but engaged in “rotten science.”

If they wanted, there’s no need to undermine Trump. He’s doing it to himself over and over again and is helped by friends and appointees like Caputo.

Caputo apologized for his tirade, called it a symptom of too much stress on the job, and is now on 60 days “medical leave,” which will put him out of action until after the election.  His top aide, Paul Alexander, a major player in trying to force the CDC to “tone down” its medical warnings on the COVID-19 pandemic to make them less threatening to Trump’s many missteps on mishandling the virus, is “leaving HHS permanently,” the agency says.

In an emergency staff meeting Tuesday, Caputo admitted his accusations of the CDC’s “resistance unit” were false along with his claims that the left wing of the nation would lead an armed resistance is Trump wins the election on Nov. 3. He also admitted trying to edit the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality weekly reports to try and make them more favorable to Trump.

White House insiders say Trump is fuming over new swing state polls that show Biden leading him by 16 percentage points in Minnesota and six points in Wisconsin. In the 2016 presidential election, Trump won Wisconsin by just 1 percentage point and lost Minnesota by 1.5 points.

Trump has carpet-bombed Wisconsin with his “law and order” rhetoric condemning protests and riots but the polls have now shown him gaining any ground.

Republican strategists complain privately that Trump’s “fixation” on flipping Minnesota, which has not voted for a GOP presidential candidate since 1972, is “shifting focus” away from more key political battleground and pulls limited resources away.

Campaign finance reports show Trump’s campaign has blown through nearly a billion dollars in campaign cash with little to show for its use. Too much, insiders claim, went to serve Trump’s ego and not campaign needs.

“Our campaign has become one of his casinos, which all went bankrupt,” says one.

Trump goes into the final six weeks of the election with less cash than needed and facing an opponent who out raised him almost 2 to 1 last month. The campaign had to pull TV ads to try and save money.

“If you spend $800 million and you’re 10 points behind, I think you’ve got to answer the question ‘What was the game plan?’” says Ed Rollins, veteran GOP strategist and head of a Trump “super PAC.”

Rollins questioned the waste of $11 million on two Super Bowl ads and lavish spending like $500,000 for Trump’s personal bodyguard and $156,000 for planes to pull aerial banners during the Summer.

“I think a lot of money was spent when voters weren’t paying attention,” Rollins says.

Voters may pay attention on Nov. 3, when they vote to dump Trump.


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  1. Good subtitle, Doug. “Every time Trump opens his mouth, toxic verbal diarrhea spills out and threatens everyone and everything around him.”

    Scientists have come up with a Covid detector being used in some colleges and municipality sewage systems because the virus can be detected in feces. Whenever journalists try to alert the public to his lies he says fake news. Too bad there isn’t a foolproof machine that rings an alarm when a Trump lie is detected.

    But then again Trump doesn’t understand the algorithms Twitter uses to designate trending tweets (in the news today: “Twitter makes sure that Trending on Twitter is anything bad, Fake or not, about President Donald Trump,” he tweeted. “So obvious what they are doing. Being studied now!” he tweeted). Polygraphs can be beat, and Trump often believes his lies, so we need something like a foolproof DNA test for him. But he’d still claim that DNA is fake news.

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