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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

A lackluster concession at best

A reluctant Hillary Rodham Clinton kept a hall full of supporters and the nation waiting for 45 minutes to finally bring her futile campaign for President to a long overdue end. She climbed onto the stage at the National Building Museum in Washington more than 45 minutes late for the speech scheduled at noon.

A reluctant Hillary Rodham Clinton kept a hall full of supporters and the nation waiting for 45 minutes to finally bring her futile campaign for President to a long overdue end.

She climbed onto the stage at the National Building Museum in Washington more than 45 minutes late for the speech scheduled at noon.

Some said the tardiness was typical for Clinton, a prima donna who is used to having people wait for her. Sources within the Clinton campaign said she wavered right up until the last minute, delaying her departure from her Northwest Washington home until 30 minutes past the scheduled time.

When she finally begin to speak, the words sounded hauntingly familiar, the same rhetoric about the 18 million to voted for her. Of course, she failed to mentioned that many did so simply because she was a woman or because they couldn’t bring themselves to support a black man.

Finally, at 12:54 p.m., she urged the crowd to “do all that we can to help elect Barack Obama as President of the United States.”

“I congratulate him, I endorse him and throw the full weight of my support behind him,” she told the crowd, which responded with a smattering of boos among the cheers.

Her concession speech came nearly four days too late, long after her non-concession Tuesday night where she was introduced as “the next President of the United States” after Obama had, in fact, secured the nomination.

Although she repeated “we must work to elect Barack Obama President,” she still kept herself as the main focus of her speech and trotted out her overused and tired charges that sexism contributed to her defeat. She said again that she felt she would be a better President and did not concede the point, returning again to the sexism theme.

Her speech, while polished, lacked the passion it needed. It was something she had to do.

And it showed.

24 thoughts on “A lackluster concession at best”

  1. I’m a strong Obama supporter, not a Hillary supporter, but I have to say it was a good speech and almost made up for her lack of graciousness on Tuesday night. She had to start the way she did to take her supporters from here (or her) to there (or him). That’s exactly what she did, and in expressing her support, she mentioned his name 14 times in 32 minutes.

    Even though she didn’t lose because of sexism, she lost because of a thousand other things, including that she’s Hillary, made bad decisions and ran a bad campaign, sexism does exist and just as Obama spoke on race, she took this opportunity to “make her speech” on gender. As a woman, I feel it needed to be said.

    Now, I hope that all those fervent Hillary supporters who, in the heat of the moment, have threatened to vote for McCain, will regain their sanity and realize that it is most important that we elect a Democrat this year, whether Hillary is on the ticket or not. A vote for McCain is a vote for the continuation of the Bush disaster. A vote for McCain is to overturn Roe vs. Wade and take a way a woman’s right to choose. A vote for McCain is to sentence thousands more of our best and brightest military to death and maiming in Iraq for a never ending war that should have never been started. A vote for McCain is a vote to continue a downward economic spiral while oil traders get rich and people lose their homes.

    Please, Hillary supporters – come to your senses. And do you really think you can listen to McCain say “my friends” every 5 minutes for the next 4 years?

  2. Thank you Ted and StaunchDem.

    Calling Hillary Clinton’s speech on Saturday “lackluster” makes me wonder what planet the writer is from. It was clearly a good solid speech, talking to her supporters and thanking them and giving whole-hearted support to Obama. There was nothing half-hearted or lackluster about it.

    I’m tired of hearing all these nasty comments about Hillary. Focus on the issues, not the personalities. She’s blamed for daring to run. She’s blamed when it rains. She was expected to drop out when they wanted her to drop out.

    Since when do candidates drop out of the race before they have to? Do baseball teams stop playing when they’re behind? Do they drop out before the end of the ninth inning?

    And now with all those nasty people out there — she wouldn’t be criticized if “she” were male — she’s going to be blamed if Obama doesn’t win. She’s going to work her heart out, but if he fails, she’ll be considered the reason.

    I’m not a woman, but I wanted Hillary to be President because she would have brought a woman’s perspective to the job. It’s about time we had that. Other countries have had women leading them — Israel, England, India, Pakistan. I never fully realized how backward this country is, how conservative, how anti-female.

    Why, black people got the vote before women did. The treatment that Hillary’s been given — even by Democrats who voted for Obama — the snickering name-calling right out of junior high school — makes me worry about what will happen when and if Obama takes office. Hillary’s got a lot to offer: she could be a great attorney general or secretary of state.

    Can you imagine the snickering name-calling that will take place if and when she gets appointed to a significant position then? It makes me worry about America.

    Remember what H.L.Mencken said? “Democracy is the theory that the people know what they want — and should get it good and hard.”

  3. Old and Slow. I absolutely agree with your words. I am not a democrat but my endgame is to rid America of this neoconservative bunch of empire builders. The GOP has broken the spirit and budget of all Americans. We must pull out of this terrible government agenda of the Bush Administration. It has tainted the White House and all the upper leaders in Washington D.C. We no longer trust anyone from the CIA, FBI all the way to our Supreme Court.

    I’m very troubled that our only hope will be an African America. Until this subject hit the MSM I had no concept of the racism in America. We can thank the GOP for exposing their racism, homophobia and a desire for a Christian nation. Obama even had his own church work against him and he sits in the campaign as a lone unencumbered brave man. He is the only one who has stood up to the Clinton war machine and won. Now he has to face the Rove war machine and that might be the machine that takes him down, one way or another. It is time we retire the Rove/McCain machine!

    This awful racism can be finally put to rest if we vote for Obama and give him a chance to prove his worth. I hope he does it without Clinton or he will never be able to continue his agenda of hope. Our nation was built on change and hope and was finally damaged by a two party system that tried to rule the world.

  4. Legally, she has to "suspend" rather than "end" her campaign if she wants to have any chance of retiring her $30 million campaign debt, which includes $11 million of her own money.

  5. You are entitled to your opinion. "Editor" is a logon that those of us who edit this site on a day to day basis use. We are all volunteers and rotate the role as time permits. Doug, as most people here seem to know and understand, is taking a long and well-deserved rest.

    The article in question is an editorial comment and editorials represent the consensus of an editorial board. In our case, the editors here watched her "concession" speech and came to the conclusion that it was — like so much of her campaign — a fraud. That is our opinion and we stand by it. As a woman, I was offended by her claims that sexism cost her the campaign.

    If you want to discuss issues with Doug, we suggest you contact him via Blue Ridge Muse.

    If you want to discuss journalism standards or ethics, why not start a blog entry to do so. I might jump in. So might others who work here.

    I’m always happy to discuss the profession of journalism. My journalism degree is from the Universtiy of Missouri and I worked for several newspapers before retiring to raise a family in 1989. One of the best editors I ever worked for was a man named Doug Thompson.

    Sally Marshall
    Editorial staff
    Capitol Hill Blue

  6. Ed:

    I don’t hate Doug. But I hate bad journalism. And that article was yet another example of anonymous bad journalism. You may note I talk about the issues, not about the personalities. The style is Doug’s as is the headline.

    To Doug:

    I apologize.

    One thing I am dissatisfied with here is that many of these articles are not signed; in fact, I wonder if you really are the editor here or someone who just made up that screen name.


  7. Mr. Remington:

    Doug Thompson did not write the article. Perhaps your hatred of him is clouding your judgment.

  8. Hillary ain’t gone, folks. She’ll be speaking at the podium in Denver for sure and Barack needs the support of those who voted for Hillary. I sure hope he wins in November. Only then will the Clinton machine will be put to rest.

    Andrew in Austin, TX

  9. Let’s give credit where credit is due.
    Hillary ran a campaign that generated almost enough votes to win so it’s OK with me that she spent the first part of her speech patting herself on the back.
    She finally got around to pledging to “Work her heart out” to elect Barack this fall.
    Let’s take her at her word, welcome her many supporters and spend any pent up energy and aggression on creaming John McKKKain from now until November.
    He’s really a poor candidate in so many ways and has had a pass until now.
    Time to show the country what he really is.
    It’s our election to lose, so let’s not.

  10. Ted wrote:

    The words she spoke were supposed, among other things, to be balm for the tens of thousands, nay hundreds of thousands, who worked tirelessly on behalf of Senator Clinton. To belittle her and her staff and hr supporters is beneath all of us.

    All true.

    But, many of us also believe that “balm” might have been expressed a whole heck of a lot sooner than today once it became painfully clear that Mrs. Clinton didn’t have even an outside chance of winning the nomination.

    Clearly, that delay provided yet more proof (as if any was needed) that, from the very beginning, it’s been all about the Clintons, and more specifically, all about Hillary.

    Throughout the campaign, her negatives have been running close to 50 percent. With those kinds of negative numbers, it’s amazing to me that she got as far as she did.

    And, honestly now, where would Hillary have been without Bill?

    Sadly, an over-inflated ego is something that many people will not admit to having but others can see and feel in the blatant arrogance in their words and deeds. Such people also fail to understand that true merit is very much like a river…the deeper it is, the less noise it makes. Or, to put it another way, those who are the most secure of their own merits are usually the most humble.

    I remain convinced it was the Clinton’s elitist sense of entitlement that turned millions of once sympathetic voters (not to mention other Democratic leaders) against them to the point that their own ignorant arrogance looked more and more like that being displayed by President George W. Bush.

    Clearly, that same arrogant sense of entitlement has now proven to be a major contributing factor in the Clinton’s political undoing as well.

  11. Klaus:

    Yes, this is politics but what you and others of your ilk are doing is nothing more than snide, vicious personal attacks, calling people nasty names such as Pillary and Dizzy Dame and referring to her supporters as foaming at the mouth Soccer Moms.

    There are still those here who believe that we should be debating issues, not personalities. I pride myself at being among those people and I again ask everyone to maintain some modicum of civility and common courtesy.


  12. Oh Ted! Give it up and get off of Doug who is merely reflecting the reality of the Dizzy Dame’s bellicose attitude and indiference to the Democratic party’s best interest in getting her step aside so the campaign against McNuggets can begin in earnest.

    It is obvious to me as well as many of the posters that until Pillary was taken to the Woodshed by Charlie Rangel to make it clear she would have no future in the Democratic party if she didn’t concede to Obama immediately, Pillary would have continued her Scorched Earth campaign with her legions of foaming at the mouth Soccer Mom’s who continually threaten to vote for McNugget’s if the Democratic Heirarchy did’t let Pillary contine to fight her vain fight all the way to the Democratic convention.

    Come on, this is politics, if Hillary’s corpse is being ‘kicked’, well, it’s not like she didn’t have it coming with her arrogant demeanor and indifference to what’s best for her party.

    I won’t be voting Democratic but even I can see that Hillary
    had to be put on a leash.

    Oh, and Hillary doesn’t engage in petty quips against Obama! Take the Blinders off -Please.

    Mr. Carter is right that if Obama gives into Pillary’s demands to be his VP, that would be the worst mistake Obama could ever make.

    My message to Mr. Obama is to get a Clintonectomy, get Pillary out of your intestinal track, she is baggage you can’t afford to have on your ticket as VP.

  13. The AP reports that Hillary said she is “suspending” her campaign. Does it bother anyone that she didn’t say she is “ending” her campaign, but said that she is “suspending” it? Suspension implies a resumption at some point. When? Denver in a couple of months?

    Why did she choose this word?

  14. Doug:

    Your hatred comes through loud and clear. The only thing that would have satisfied those who have a deep visceral reaction to Hillary Clinton would have been for her to commit ritual seppuku on the front steps of the Capitol Building.

    You who have repeatedly called for a return to civility would be well served by refraining from kicking the corpse.

    The words she spoke were supposed, among other things, to be balm for the tens of thousands, nay hundreds of thousands, who worked tirelessly on behalf of Senator Clinton. To belittle her and her staff and hr supporters is beneath all of us.


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