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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Trump heads into convention that will prove him unfit to serve

His focus on his needs and nothing else increases the odds of a chaotic convention that showcases his inability to serve a second term.
Failing the leadership test.

Wannabe dictator Donald Trump, as expected, is packing the Republican “virtual” convention this week with family and fawners as the party releases a “platform” that says, simply, that it’s only position of any issue is to get the Liar in Chief and corrupt, failed president re-elected, and nothing else.

Notes New York magazine in its “Intelligencer” section:

Modern presidential conventions are inherently propagandistic affairs, usually devoted to a mix of glitzy patches for the presidential nominee, the vice-president, and the party as a whole. The 2020 Republican National Convention has altered the traditional emphasis, which is now devoted almost entirely to glorifying its presidential nominee. President Trump will speak on all four nights of the convention, rather than just one. Half the featured speakers are members of his family.

And perhaps most remarkably of all, the party has announced it will forego a platform altogether. In lieu of a document attempting to define the party’s beliefs and priorities, the RNC simply states that it agrees with everything Trump has done and will do:

Restricting the platform to just the simple “all Trump, all the time” goal also helps the party of the wayward elephant avoid a brewing threat from the Log Cabin Republicans to ram through some pro-gay items that deal with sexual orientation and gender equality.

The Republican National Committee said Sunday that Trump may now only speak one night at his acceptance of the nomination Thursday on the South Lawn of The White House, a mixing of politics with official business that has raised eyebrows of both Republicans and Democrats.

Trump, however, says he has cleared speaking from the White House with legal counsel. If that legal counsel was Attorney General William Barr, it might be suspect because Barr lets Trump whatever he wants and ignores the law, the Constitution and just about everything else he wants.

The Trump show, produced by the same people who handled his “Apprentice” reality TV show, will not let anyone near the stage unless they are willing to praise and fawn over him. Former President George W. Bush, who hasn’t endorsed Trump, will not be there. Neither will former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the Utah Republican Senator who voted to convict Trump in his impeachment trial earlier this year.

Missing will be former White House loyalists like former security official Michael Flynn and campaign stratetist Steven Bannon, who is charged with fraud and money laudering in a scheme to convert money donated to the long-promised but still far from completed “boarder wall” to his own wallet and to fund his lifestyle.

Former campaign chief Paul Manafort remains under house arrest after gettng a release because of potential exposure to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The announcement of details of the convention took a back seat to news that senior strategist Kellyanne Conway is leaving the White House abruptly by the end of August to attend to “serious family matters” that include her children and husband George, who took a harder look at Trump and became a Twitter-tweeting attack dog who want Trump out of the White House, out of Washington and out of everyone’s sight and minds.

To keep Trump more unbalanced than normal, his “evangelical soul brother,” Jerry Falwell Jr. is missing in action after the board of Liberty University put him on an upaid leave of absence from his position of president of the massive operation in Lynchburg, Virginia, after he sent out an Instagram photo of he and his wife’s “assistant’ with their jeans unzipped and their bellies exposed.

Falwell added more fuel to his hellfire by admitting Sunday that his wife, Becki Falwell, had an affair with a young pool boy they befriended and helped finance his hostel business. Falwell said the young man, Giancarlo Granda, then blackmailed them for “huge amounts of monies to stay quiet.”

After a generally praised Democratic convention last week that focused inclusive speeches by several Republicans and focused on hot button issues like climate change and Trump’s lack of action on the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, the Republican approach appears to invite chaos while doing whatever Trump wants.

Which would please the Democrats and voters. Polls show the widespread dissatisfaction with Trump’s corruption and focus on “me, me, me” gives them all the reasons they need to dump Trump and move on.

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