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Sunday, July 14, 2024

NUMBER 3 PRIORITY-Universal Health Insurance

NUMBER THREE PRIORITY: Universal Health Insurance

NUMBER THREE PRIORITY: Universal Health Insurance

During the primaries, we learned that the American people expect universal health insurance. Okay, how do we do this rationally if we expect the government to pay for it? Do we turn Insurance corporations over to the Congress and let them allocate coverage as they see fit? Do we turn over all Scientific Laboratories to work on certain cures and ignore others? Do we tell parents which drugs to use on their kids? Are we issued Operating Manuals for our bodies to be followed or we break down, like computers? Will we end up with other prohibitions against alcohol, fats and sugars? Apparently this is what the American public wants.

We are missing the human element here of individual choices that used to be a big part of the American values. We must recognize that this is no longer possible. We spent the last 8 years worrying about sexual behavior, homosexuality and drugs instead of this missing link in the human brain. That link is intelligent choices for survival.

Where do we go from here?