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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Trump wallows in his swamp of destructive enablers

Trump is not alone in his quest to destroy America. He has his band of enablers, cultists who embrace his goal of turning this nation into a coven of toxic beasts crawling out of his sewer of corruption.
Donald Trump: Swamp Thing.

“Trump’s defenders are dangerous enablers whose denial — nearly on a par with Trump’s — is leading the country to ruin,” wrote Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post Thursday. Those who defend Trump, she argues, are just as dangerous to the nation as him.

Strong word, but one worth saying. Rubin is a constant and unrelenting critic of Trump’s wannabe dictatorship.

We need others like her.

She lists Trump’s latest actions as proof he is trying to push his defenders beyond the limits of reason, assuming they have such limits.

She writes:

  • Trump announced plans to send federal shock troops to U.S. cities without invitation from state or local authorities for vaguely stated reasons that shift daily (Federal property destruction? Gun crimes?).
  • He sent well wishes to the alleged co-conspirator in a child sex ring, affirming they met many times.
  • Notwithstanding any “tone” change, he reiterated his belief that the novel coronavirus will “disappear” one day.
  • The economy, predictably, took a downturn, with 1.4 million new unemployment claims (the first increase in months) as states that followed Trump’s lead are forced to re-close.
  • Trump’s only contribution in discussions regarding a new stimulus package was a widely derided payroll tax cut proposal, which is now reportedly dead.
  • Trump’s refusal to confirm he will accept the results of the election spurred widespread anxiety about a constitutional crisis and/or civil unrest by his aggrieved cultists.

She also listed Trump’s insistence of a packed GOP convention crowd in Jacksonville to cheer his nomination speech for a second term. Trump surprised many when he backed off that promise late Thursday afternoon by canceling the Jacksonville entirely.

In a more-controlled environment, Republicans will nominate Trump ,as originally planned in Charlotte, without the pomp and circumstance of a crowd.

Senate Republicans spent most of Thursday shaking their heads while wandering the halls of Congress in disbelief and disarray.

“They can’t come together. Even after all this time, it appears the Republican legislative response to [COVID-19] is un-unified, unserious, unsatisfactory.” Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, told reporters at a joint news conference with Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “The Republican disarray and dithering has potentially serious deadly consequences for tens of millions of Americans. 1.4 million Americans applied for unemployment last week, the first time the number rose since March.”

Pelosi added: “They don’t believe in science. They don’t believe in governance. . . . It is another example of their dereliction of duty.”

Columnist Catherine Rampell writes that Trump knows he’s going to lose and so do his GOP lackeys, so they are “salting the earth behind him” with more appointments of unqualified troublemakers with the hope of making the new Democratic administration, which may also have both a Democratic controlled House and Senate, bad because of the chaos they hope will follow.

Case in point: Judy Shelton to the Federal Reserve Board. Shelton, Rampell notes is “a professional crank, has previously suggested that the Fed shouldn’t exist. She has repeatedly likened the Fed to a “Soviet State Planning Committee” because the central bank, rather than the quantity of gold, controls the money supply.”

“Which happens to be exactly what Trump wants: a Fed that serves his narrow political interests, rather than the economy’s,” she adds. “She could cause some chaos, including by making discussion among (understandably paranoid) Fed officials less candid. But perhaps a less functional Fed is desirable, if you’re expecting Joe Biden to be president come January.”

With luck, and American needs all the luck it can find at this point, Trump will be gone from the White House, come Jan. 20, 2021.

But his enablers of chaos, destruction and delusion, will still infest our government.

Better to call them what they really are: Traitors to the American way of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.


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  1. ““Washington has no business dictating what is best to meet your local community’s unique needs,” Ben Carson, Trump’s housing secretary, said in a statement.”*

    But they have no problem with sending in Federal troops ” in US cities to address what he [Trump] said was an “abdication of their duty” by local authorities to maintain law and order”**

    It’s not just that they’re destructive nitwits; they can’t even form a coherent response. But the incoherence is not just chaos – it’s deliberately malicious chaos. Caligula reigned for four years too. Jon

    * httpss://
    ** httpss://

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