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Monday, June 17, 2024

The Mumia Controversy enters presidential politics. Is a black professor claiming to be a radical really a conservative?

If the Mumia drama was a TV soap opera instead of real life certain detail would be obvious, but for 27 years I've been at times stating what should be obvious details without anyone noticing.

If the Mumia drama was a TV soap opera instead of real life certain detail would be obvious, but for 27 years I’ve been at times stating what should be obvious details without anyone noticing.

The Mumia abu Jamal controversy has entered the political debate. Is a Black Radical professor who supports Hilary and made a critical comment on Mumia really a Conservative. Perhaps this will create an opportunity for Mumia supporters to finally acknowledge that it’s strange that Mumia’s comments as to exactly what happened, just before and after he was shot are amazingly brief, and for Mumia opponents to finally wonder why no routine powder test was preformed on Mumia to see if he fired a gun, and for both sides to wonder why if Mumia’s brother is telling the truth and Billy’s friend Poppi ie Ken Freeman shot Officer Faulkner once and ran away why Faulkner was shot a second time up close, and if Billy actually shot Faulkner once which would explain Mumia’s hedgey comments why the police were not angry with Billy. If this was a soap opera instead of real life it would be obvious that Mumia was acting innocently self-righteous at all the wrong moments than if he was a con artist trying to con his way out of being punished. And at the same time, that something had to happened that day that he doesn’t want to talk about.

Mumia abu Jamal, a then a freelance commentator and reporter, got engrossed in reporting Move, a then stubborn back-to-nature group, being beat up and mistreated by the court system. He became the story, but is now off of death row. People support him by posting his stories written in prison on their blog.

Adolph Reed is a University of Pennsylvania Professor, and an alleged Black Militant, who is really a Black Conservative masquerading as a Radical, according to some Obama supporters, has come out for Hillary for President. What makes Adolph Reed, a possible Black Conservative rather than a Radical is comments such as “Mumia is guilty but framed”, and earlier his claim that Mumia mayor may not be innocent, but according to Reed, Mumia is no hero.

Somehow no one seems to see the irony in the same people trying to distance Obama from his pastor, are miffed that Adolph Reed distanced himself from the Mumia movement.

Another Black Professor, Temple Professor Marc Lamont Hill, put both a Mumia column from prison and one from Professor Reed condemning Obama on his blog. Marc Lamont Hill writes progressive columns for the Philadelphia Metro. And since most people agree with President Bush that they don’t read much, reading an occasional progressive column in the Philadelphia Metro is for many Philadelphians’ there only opportunity to read progressive thought.

Mumia was a desperately poor slum kid who after meals at the Black Panther soup kitchen, ran up to the Panther Library rather than out to play. In school after being voted most likely to succeed was kicked out for protest. Twenty seven years ago he supposedly committed premeditated-murder after being shot and seriously wounded. A badly wounded Mumia supposedly ran up to Officer Faulkner executed him with a second shot than ran or stumbled back to the curb where he was first shot to slump into unconsciousness.

Billy Mumia’s brother said he was looking for the papers the officer wanted in the back seat of his car, scattering his vending goods while bleeding all over them, heard a shot, looked up and saw his friend Poppi (Ken Freeman) running away, Poppi later dying of a drug overdose under suspicions circumstances. No second shot reported by Billy. Police witnesses have someone up close emptying a gun into an officer, no shot from a distance reported by them.

The logical explanation for Mumia’s reluctance for detail and Billy’s three awkward affidavits, is that Billy shot an officer who was terrorizing both him and Ken Freeman, because of Billy being Mumia’s relative, then his friend ran away. Officer Faulkner, who was squealing on the most blatant corruption, while trying to get along with the less corrupt officers suddenly became, as a wounded hero, a potentially much more dangerous witness against corruption, and was executed. Does Mumia, whether or not he witnessed the second shot, thinks he is protecting his brother from being framed for the second fatal shot? Earlier police stormed Mumia’s mother’s high rise public housing apartment and told her in front of her neighbors to make her son stop reporting anti-police stories. Later Billy’s newsstand was burned down where according to Billy his police officer friends had liked to smoke weed. I doubt if at this date, Mumia’s brother would be punished for shooting a torturer. For reasons I will state below, the court will be especially reluctant to reopen the case if Billy dies before Mumia, and Mumia suddenly remembers minute new details.

We constantly hear that most Philadelphians think Mumia is guilty and want him punished. But I only hear people stating that they don’t want to discuss racially charged issues. Maybe now, thanks to Professor Reed, we can discuss Mumia without bringing racial tension into the picture.

Our system of law is supposed to be due process and fair trial, but just under the surface is vigilante justice, and herd and gang mentality. Just beneath us all being citizens of this county, is a Redneck gang, a Black gang, an Feminist gang, and a Marxist gang, a Money is Everything Gang etc. Adolph Reed violated Black herd ethic just by understanding what the other side was saying “Guilty but innocent” in no way suggests Mumia should stay in jail. If you support Mumia you are violating all our gang codes if you criticize his brother Billy.

I don’t know what Mumia could have done differently after he discovered that someone who was torturing his family, was wounded likely by Mumia’s brother, than suddenly ending up dead in a way that would indicate that Mumia did it, but as the years go by, protecting his brother, from possible arrest and being framed for the second shot, makes less and less sense, and it makes less and less sense for Mumia supporters to keep quiet about his brother just because one feels comradeship and solidarity toward Mumia. Meanwhile a whistle blower who whistle blows about both sides of hot button issues, like myself, gets isolated. It is also possible that Mumia’s brother Billy shot the first time and Billy’s friend Poppi ie Ken Freeman shot the second shot, if he was a police informer with confidential evidence of the police, they might have killed him rather than arresting him. But whatever actually happened the facts are such that Mumia would want to loudly proclaim his innocence while not stating some of the facts at the same time. Some people can act self righteous to con themselves out tough situations, but Mumia acted self righteous at the wrong moments. When people look at TV drama they try to be sharp and figure out what really happened, but in real life they put on their binders, to see only what their ideology tells them to see.

As far as Mumia’s case being unique. Every case where the wrong brother or wrong gang member was convicted, the court refused to review the evidence. In Texas after one brother died his lawyer brought out evidence that his client commented the murder and the brother on death row was in no way involved, but the Supreme Court refused to stay the execution. In our system of justice a lawyer is supposed to represent their clients interests. This becomes a problem if a client wants to be dead, but it is also a problem what a lawyer should do if the client wants to protect someone else who is involved. It seems all Mumia’s lawyers are honor bound not to mention Billy if Mumia doesn’t want them to. Our system of justice is actually the plea-bargain not trial by jury and since the innocent have less to plea bargain with, they are punished more. Probably every case where an ornery uncooperative defendant insisting on his innocents, fights with his lawyer, and gets convicted, an innocent person is being punished. Maybe off the subject and maybe not. There are other walls that the court never touches is when an elderly person is systematically deigned medical care. My landlord Kahn Khan was a much loved lawyer in the court system. They threw Move cases at him after he got along well with a Move client. In the end I was systematically prevented from taking him to the hospital including a frantic 9/11 tape at the pay phone at the corner, it turns out preceded by a call from my phone by someone else a few moments earlier. I had left my phone extended outside my apartment for the handyman to call Kalvin’s girlfriend, but he wouldn’t get off the phone. Later I again made a frantic call to 911 asking why the rescue workers didn’t come yet. In response to my second frantic phone call, the dispatcher answered, “Another call claiming it probably wasn’t a problem came right before yours, so that call took precedence.” If I was quick thinking I would have asked if that call came from 215-387-7907 which was my phone. There are walls the prosecution and court system don’t want to cross.

Due to DNA many prisoners are getting released. New things are in the horizon. In brain research if a scene is described that a person was involved in, one part of the brain lights up and if they weren’t, another part lights up. So someone could discuss the second bullet striking Faulkner and if Mumia wasn’t involved his brain would note that. In the end I suspect everyone who had their testimony recorded or video taped will get reviewed and many including Mumia will go free. And perhaps those who had made false recorded statements, even on 9/11 tape, might be punished for their crime.

Adolph Reed may suddenly have clot in the Hillary campaign and the Rendell administration, and could suggest ways Hillary could appear more sensitive to Blacks. Maybe Rendell could pardon Janet Holloway Africa and Debbie Sims Africa, in such as way that Hillary and Reed get some of the credit. Janet and Debbie were convicted of 3rd degree murder and just turned down for parole. They, and the rest of the Move 9, were convected of 3rd degree murder 30-years-ago, the charges usually leveled against an arsonist when a fire indirectly leads to someone’s death. The majority of the parole board technically has to ask, but if Rendell wants to pardon someone the parole board would at least look into it. Janet and Debbie never held a gun, or threatened to defend themselves in an organization that was at the beginning run by the men folk not the squaws. Adolph Reed may disdain for their life stye, but that doesn’t mean that two totally innocent women belong in jail. John Africa was once a handyman who listened to classical music and wore fine sharp clothing which was difficult due to his on-call job. When he rejected it all, he opposed all isms that were dividing people, communism, capitalism, racism etc., Somehow the world managed to turn his rejection of the rat race and the keeping up with the Joan’s race, into a fight against racism.

Rizzo is long gone. Police abuse is treated differently from the past, hopefully the past can be corrected to fit into the present. Every officer who is opposed to corruption, every whistle blower who was every punished, and every citizen interested in good clean government should urge that the real executioner of Officer Faulkner to found, and if still alive, punished.

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