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Friday, March 1, 2024

A cancer named Trump is using the coronavirus to kill Americans

It is time to call this pathetic excuse for a human being who he really is: A murderer of Americans.

More deaths in Washington state. Americans may need to stop attending large gatherings as the coronavirus spreads, a top health official said on Sunday [David Ryder/Reuters]
Incompetent, narcissistic Donald John Trump is doing more than just threatening the American way of life. The president of the United States is putting his ego and lying to work to kill Americans.

One estimate of the threat of the coronavirus says at least 35,000 Americans will die this year because of the incompetence and vanity of Trump.

Trump, writes New York Times columnist Jennifer Senior, is unfit “unfit for this crisis. Period.”

She continues:

President Trump, hellbent on re-election, is focused on massaging numbers and silencing bearers of bad news. That’s what autocrats do. And it’s endangering lives.

Last week, The Associated Press reported Trump overruled his own health officials when they wanted to warn older, fragile Americans to not fly on commercial airlines because of the risk of the fatal virus.

Senior goes on:

Our storied C.D.C., now annexed by politicians, continues to insist that only the most floridly symptomatic patients be tested for the virus. Even that remains a challenge: Last week, it refused to test an ailing nurse in Northern California who’d treated a positive patient, prompting the head of National Nurses United to read her story aloud at a news conference.

At a Friday news conference at the C.D.C., Trump told reporters that tests for the coronavirus were now available to anyone who needed one. Yet just afterward, we heard from governor after governor and doctor after doctor that this is categorically untrue, with states in dire need of more tests. “We have no local testing available,” Dr. Walter Mills, president of the California Academy of Family Physicians, told The San Jose Mercury News.

That news conference was, to me, the most frightening moment of the Trump presidency. His preening narcissism, his compulsive lying, his vindictiveness, his terror of germs and his terrifying inability to grasp basic science — all of it eclipsed his primary responsibilities to us as Americans, which was to provide urgent care, namely in the form of leadership.

We’ve known from the beginning of his 2016 run for president that Trump is a failed leader, a blatant liar. Now we have proof that he is an outright murderer, taking actions that have led to too many deaths of those who could have been saved if they had been warned.

Trump continues to claim “we’re in great shape.” He says that as Wall Street is melting, schools are closing and universities have plans to send students home and study online. Those college students headed out for Spring Break wonder openly is they will be allowed to return to class.

While Trump blatantly lies that “we’re doing good,” Italy has locked down an entire region of its country, Japan has closed schools indefinitely and hospitals around the world are putting beds in the halls of overcrowed intensive care units.

A week ago, America has first death from the virus just outside of Seattle. Now, the death toll in America is 35 times that and increasing with each passing hour. More than 3,000 have died worldwide and the death tolls are predicted to be in the millions before this is over, if it does ever end.

Yale epidemiologist Nicholas Christakis issued the threat of 35,000 deaths from this virus in this country by the end of this year. Others in his field say his prediction is “at the low end” of expectations just for America.

Christakis adds:

I’m in the deeply ironic position at the moment of strongly discouraging social connection, despite the fact that it’s the central focus of my book — and my life’s work. But it’s going to take us working together in this unnatural way — one that goes so against our evolutionary past — to confront this epidemic.

These thousands of deaths will come at the hands of a murderer named Donald Trump.

Concludes Senior:

What’s so frightening — so hideous — is that our president is least equipped to do just that. This crisis has unhelmed and unmasked him. He’s incapable of leading. When it comes to Trump, truth, decency and self-possession have been in quarantine from the start.

In his campaign in 2016, Trump bragged that he could gun somebody down on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and still be elected president.

Let’s hope his murder of thousands of Americans with a virus won’t re-elect him in 2020.


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