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Saturday, May 18, 2024

The Corporation



Somebody from CHB asked me to watch a DVD called The Corporation. I did watch it and was shocked at the motive for the film was to downgrade profits made by Corporations. I would have to believe that few here have ever been merchants searching for the best products to sell to our customers. We tend to price many products and consider their reputations for supplying the best products at the best price.

The DVD took the viewer from the beginning of the development and incorporation of the investors to produce a corporation that would give them the status and credit to make the products we sell and buy. But what the film did not show were the jobs made by these corporations that employed millions of people. As their products were bought they were able to pay their investors profits which was the purpose of being investors.

The industrial revolution is what built America. Our products won the wars for us and when sold to other nations won their wars as well. This inspired many Americans to learn new skills so they could buy homes feed and clothe their children and send them off to the kind of schools few had for themselves. The whole world looked at America and our Capitalism that allowed the unskilled laborers to work for good pay and even to invest for their futures.

As the film shows; a percentage of the Corporations ran their businesses based on their own greed. If left to the buyers of these products, they would soon cheat themselves out of business. There is nothing particularly evil about this but when the politicians hand out contracts to Corporations that have no proven ethics in their past, then the people get royally screwed. Enron was allowed to destroy the energy systems in California when Mr. Lay was approved by the Governor of that state. The entire State had rolling brownouts that could have caused the destruction of many of the nuclear plants. Finally it was called to a stop and Enron CEOs robbed the till and ran off with the retirement funds of the employees and the investors. Mr Lay was clever and sent millions of dollars to the Democratic and Republican parties and his actions were accepted in our Security Exchange which oversees the stockmarket. That was large scale fraud and it was not discovered soon enough to stop the disaster. Do we blame the investors and employees for being taken? The call went out by many who produced this DVD to put this under the authority of the Federal Government. The producers want a government control on profits which will bring all the Corporations down and cause our unemployment lines to be long enough to start another civil war.

None of the producers or writers of the film have ever had a background in manufacturing or corporate issues of any kind. The people selling their products in all our stores know more about supply and demand and keeping prices down so they can sell the products and make a profit. Harvard Business school is a rotten source for economics.

Capitalism is now an evil word at CHB and a federal government control is the only way they can see a future for themselves. Well there is always China to manufacture what we need and sell. If we throw out the baby with the garbage America will lose our jobs, and nobody will make a profit that only Capitalism allowed them to make.

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