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Friday, June 21, 2024

Who in hell named Trump ‘anointed one?’

They claim Trump is "the anointed one" who must be followed and obeyed, no matter what. Who anointed him? Why God, of course...or not.

Donald John Trump, the liar who would be king, now says the evangelicals who have backed him and ignored his immoral hedonistic behavior, says they broke “the deal” he had with them when a prominent magazine of the religious right called for removal of the president from office.

Notes columnist Greg Sargent:

President Trump just erupted in a rage at the magazine Christianity Today over its scathing, moralistic call for his removal over the Ukraine scandal. In so doing, Trump shed light on his understanding of the oft-debated oddity that millions of evangelical Christians remain loyal to the most hateful, depraved, self-dealing and self-aggrandizing individual to occupy the Oval Office in modern history,

In an unwittingly self-revealing moment, Trump responded to the magazine’s indictment of his profound moral failings with an argument that is thoroughly transactional and megalomaniacal: How dare you criticize me, after all the power I’ve granted to your movement? You’re breaking our deal, and now you’re dead to me.

Christianity Today, founded by the late Rev. Billy Graham,  indicted Trump for immorality, nonstop lying and serial degradation of others while concluding America’s leader is “morally lost and confused.”

Not so, claims televangelist Jim Bakker, a convicted fraudster, who broadcasts to his flock form a studio in a studio of the tiny village of Blue Eye, Missouri, a small town in the Ozarks. Bakker says “God anointed your president (Trump_ and anyone who crossed “the divinely chosen leaders is risking God ‘s wrath.”

Writes Sarah Posner:

According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll conducted in late October, about a month after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the official launch of the impeachment probe, 80% of white evangelicals opposed impeaching Trump and removing him from office (compared to just 47% of the public at large). Two-thirds of white evangelicals believed Trump did nothing wrong in his dealings with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Among white evangelicals who identify as Republican, 99% of them opposed impeachment, according to an October analysis by the Public Religion Research Institute.

This unwavering support is consistent with white evangelical voters’ attitude toward Trump in general. In 2016, 81% of them voted for him, and over the course of his tumultuous presidency, polling has consistently shown white evangelicals to be unfazed by Trump’s scandals and corruption — from pussy-grabbing to Stormy Daniels to family separations to Russian election interference. Moreover, white evangelicals approve of Trump’s job performance more than any other demographic does ― a rate 20 and 30 points higher than those of white mainline Protestants and white Catholics, respectively. These numbers have remained static even in the face of House Democrats’ probe into Trump’s efforts to shake down Zelensky for the public announcement of a corruption probe against Joe Biden and his son.

As usual, facts mean nothing to white evangelicals.

Posner adds:

Whether Trump’s evangelical boosters actually believe he is anointed by God or that the evidence really does exonerate him, they have one powerful motive for their unflagging support: Trump has given evangelicals unprecedented power. With him in the White House, Christian right ideologues have virtual carte blanche to run his administration, as he has handed them control over personnel and policy at a level they could have only dreamed of, even under admired presidents like George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan.

To understand what these people claim to believe, listen to the words of Florida televangelist Paula White, Trump’s adviser for his Faith and Opportunities Initiative:

Any persons, entities, that are aligned against the president will be exposed and dealt with and overturned by the superior blood of Jesus.

Lord help us all.


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