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Friday, February 23, 2024

The Trump monster must be removed to save America

What’s historic about this moment is the near-complete dysfunction of, and loss of confidence in, American democracy

President Donald Trump, ineffective and corrupt, makes history next week by becoming just the third president in American history to be impeached.

A better word for what happened in the House Judiciary Committee this past week was “histrionics.” The Republican minority on the committee delayed the hearings not with arguments to try and dispute the facts of what Trump has done but with petty amendments that had no chance of passage, long-winded attacks on their colleagues and motion after motion to delay while accomplishing nothing.

Why? Because they cannot dispute the facts that prove Trump obstructed justice and used taxpayers funds for a bribe to try and convince the leader of Ukraine to launch a phony investigation against the leading Democrat set to become that party’s nominee to send the childish blowhard packing in November 2020.

Writes Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank:

This impeachment is historic, in the sense that it is rare, only the third in the nation’s history. But it seems more like an extension of politics as usual. Republicans aimed for this: If they could turn the proceedings into a circus, they could discredit President Trump’s impeachment. Maybe they succeeded because the Fox News-viewing public remains steadfastly opposed. But in the process, they have bludgeoned not just this impeachment but impeachment itself, the powers of Congress, the legitimacy of government, the law and any sense of objective truth. What’s historic about this moment is the near-complete dysfunction of, and loss of confidence in, American democracy.

And who were they defending? A bullying monster who, pissed because Time Magazine bypassed him, as they should, as “Person of the Year, attacked the winner, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, the girl who put climate change back in the world’s mindset.

In an angry, hateful tweet, Trump posted:

So ridiculous. Greta must work on her Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend! Chill Greta, Chill!

His stunt lit up social media with posts calling Trump “an international embarrassment” and assessments like “She accomplished more in 16 years than you have in 71.”

Young Greta, who shows far more class than America’s Tweeter in Chief, changed her Twitter description to:

Looks like Thunberg would be better in the White House than the blustering, belching and boisterous Trump.

Trump will be impeached by the full House of Representatives. That’s a given.

He will be acquitted in the Senate because the Republicans who control that body are just as morally corrupt as he and should, like him, be considered enemies of the state.

Trump is a disgrace to the presidency. He is a corrupt con artist who cares nothing for the country but serves only to enrich himself and his family. Like all good con men, he mesmerizes those who follow him and turns them into additional enemies of the state.

He is a racist, a bigot, a sexual predator and a being totally devoid of any humanity or morality.

Some say American voters have too often got the leaders they deserve. Let’s hope and pray that the people who turn out in November of 2020 prove that wrong and purge this cancer from the body politic of this nation.

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2 thoughts on “The Trump monster must be removed to save America”

  1. Putin has just what he needs in Donald a shallow whining narcissistic buffoon that actually believes he can be President. Donald, unlike the actual Prof. actor became President (Ronald Reagan) and actually pulled the part off, Donald cannot act and has failed miserably at faking the part. Once again, fortunately for Putin and for half the Country he doesn’t have to. Putin just has to flatter poor dimwit Donald to get what he wants and to remind him of the piss video he has tucked away if flattery doesn’t work. Donald’s rabid base just needs him to keep acting like a boorish nasty two bit bully and racist and their happy. Sadly, it looks like the Dems. are ready to recapitulate the circular firing squad of 2016 with Bernie and whatever Corporatist stooge that Corp. owned so called party puts up against him., Donald, might once again luck out and win this with a little help from the Putin’s Russian hackers and trolls and a pile of Saudi $$.That will mean the final ruination of the Republic ,which is not likely to survive four more years of TrumPutinism and the fake populism, anarchy, GROSS Incompetence and Royalist Authoritarianism it represents. Americans have always wanted to believe GOD was in our corner but were about to find out if that’s true. My guess is after four yrs. of DJ TrumPutin et. al. even GOD is running low on patience for us. I hope I’m wrong but its not looking too good at the moment a week or so before Xmas. Happy New Year folks.

  2. What’s historic about this moment is the near-complete dysfunction of, and loss of confidence in, American democracy

    Which was exactly the goal the Russians had from the beginning.

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