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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

As his presidency melts down, Trump freaks out

'He's even more out of control than usual," says one worried White House aide.  "We worry he may stroke out. Or he might order troops to take over our government. I wish that was a joke, but some in the West Wing say it could happen."
Donald Trump: Lies, rants and melt-downs

Embattled and corrupt president Donald Trump is a control freak, and he freaks out when he can’t even always control the political party he thinks he owns.

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly condemned Trump’s abrupt and inconceivable withdrawal of American troops, leaving our Kurdish allies facing death.

The 354-60 votes including the 255 Democratic majority member and 129 Republicans.

Trump freaked out.

“He couldn’t handle it, so he kind of engaged in a meltdown,” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said after she and other Democratic leaders tried to meet with Trump at the White House, and he issued an “insulting and nasty diatribe.”

Trump screamed that Pelosi is “third-grade politician.” The Democrats walked out.

“I think now we have to pray for his health,” Pelosi told reporters, “because this was a very serious meltdown on the part of our president.”

Trump also blasted Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis.

‘He’s even more out of control than usual,” says one White House aide, who obviously does not want to be identified.  We worry he may stroke out. Or he might order troops to take over our government I wish that was a joke, but some in the West Wing say it could happen.”

Notes columnist Jennifer Rubin:

As on impeachment, Trump cannot spin his way out of a self-made disaster on Syria, cannot distract the media and cannot control Congress’s reaction. When deprived of scapegoats and the ability to distract the media, Trump melts down. He cannot acknowledge fault nor ignorance nor gullibility. Hence, like a toddler, he pitches a fit. One wonders what he will do when the House actually votes on impeachment.

Trump faces eroding support among American voters:

The latest Gallup poll says:

Currently, 52% say Trump should be impeached and removed from office, while 46% say he should not be. This is roughly the opposite of what Gallup found in June when asked in the context of special [counsel] Robert Mueller’s investigation.

As Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives work through an impeachment inquiry regarding alleged abuses of office by President Donald Trump, approval of Congress is now at 25%. That is up from 18% in September, prior to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing the impeachment inquiry following news of possible wrongdoing by the president in communications with Ukraine.

More Democrats now favor Trump being removed from office than did for Nixon in July 1974 (71%). As many independents now favor Trump being impeached as did Nixon at the same time.

Rubin adds:

He finally appears to grasp that he is about to suffer a permanent stain on his presidency. As a smart political observer suggested to me, his full-blown panic also might reflect a genuine worry that Republicans will abandon him in the Senate, thus putting him in real jeopardy of removal.

For once, Trump cannot thwart Congress by blocking witnesses (they show up despite orders not to), cannot come up with a satisfactory and coherent excuse for soliciting foreign intervention in our election and cannot distract the media nor normalize his conduct. His tricks don’t work when the questioners won’t be bullied and the enormity of his misdeeds drives the news cycle. Now politically impotent, he faces a special kind of public embarrassment that comes with impeachment. The injury to his ego becomes exponentially more severe with each Republican senator who votes for removal.

Trump’s massive ego requires constant approval and acclaim, even when not earned, which is often the case.

Greg Sargent writes:

President Trump is in a rage, because nobody in Washington will take his claims about pulling U.S. troops out of Syria seriously. He insists he’s operating in the national interest, but everyone aside from his base and his most slavish loyalists knows that’s utter nonsense. Trump either has no idea what he’s doing, or has uglier motives — either way, he isn’t acting in accord with any meaningful conception of what’s good for the country.

But Trump has only himself to blame for this. At precisely the moment he’s defending his Syria moves, the unfolding Ukraine scandal is showcasing in vivid detail that Trump is perfectly willing to sell out our foreign policy for profoundly corrupt, self-interested reasons.

The big lie at the core of all of this — that Trump is operating out of any devotion to the national interest — is getting harder to sustain, precisely because of what’s about to unfold in the Ukraine scandal that’s consuming Trump’s presidency.

The big lie. Trump’s only consistency are his lies. As he more and more of his corrupt and illegal transactions emerge, his lies grow even bigger.

He’s a liar, a crook and a disgrace to America.

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  1. President Trump suffers from clinical narcissism to pathological levels. He needs intervention before he strokes out. I’m not writing this in a light fashion. The man’s very persona is his worst enemy. He’s an example of “the Rich boy” from a F. Scott Fitzgerald work of 1926. His father passed on 200 million to him in real estate, mostly rental properties when he passed away. Granted “The Donald” went on to build casinos et. al. ventures, but went bankrupt six times in the process. One observer close to him noticed that when his casino ’empire’ started to melt down with his financial people advising him of such, he became less interested and more distant from the impending failure, spending hours flipping through fabric swatches for the purpose picking out interior decorating schemes for one his hotels rather than the brute facts of the financial meltdown facing his over expanded ’empire’. People close to him notice that he doesn’t like to read reports to any degree and has the attention span of a chicken or less on important matters particularly those that aren’t going well for him. He has a short, brat like temperament. His tweeting is out of control, almost to a OCD (obsessive~compulsive) level and he has to have the last word on everything engaging his mouth prior to thinking out as to what impact his comments might have. He’s not fit to be Commander in Chief of our armed forces. A Bulgarian psychic, Baba Vanga (deceased) predicted that our 45th president would not finish his term due a mental breakdown. The woman was incredibly accurate to almost Nostradamus levels, so based on how Trump is conducting himself, it seems there’s a possibility of him being taken out on a gurney to Walter Reed for observation, never to be seen again as V.P. Pence is sworn into office. Hopefully so for our collective sake. …Carl Nemo **==

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