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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Time to end Trump’s terror campaign to destroy America


Many things written about the current president who desecrates his office and the honor of what America once was are what they should be:  Denigrating.  Trump is an unfathomable mistake foisted on a country controlled by a corrupt political system.

Roger Cohen of The New York Times says it best:

How small he is! Small in spirit, in valor, in dignity, in statecraft, this American president who knows nothing of history and cares still less and now bestrides Europe with his family in tow like some tin-pot dictator with a terrified entourage.

To have Donald Trump — the bone-spur evader of the Vietnam draft, the coddler of autocrats, the would-be destroyer of the European Union, the pay-up-now denigrator of NATO, the apologist for the white supremacists of Charlottesville — commemorate the boys from Kansas City and St. Paul who gave their lives for freedom is to understand the word impostor. You can’t make a sculpture from rotten wood.

Trump went to Britain and Europe this week not to remember the Americans and allies that fought and died on D-Day but to enrich his businesses, use taxpayer money to give his children a lavish vacation and tout accomplishments that don’t exist and a presidency laid low by lies and dishonor.

Adds Cohen:

Trump understands nothing. Therefore he cannot comprehend the sacrifice at Omaha Beach 75 years ago. He cannot see that the postwar trans-Atlantic achievement — undergirded by the institutions and alliances he tramples upon with such crass truculence — was in fact the vindication of those young men who gave everything.

The American moral collapse personified by Trump is not “beautiful” or “phenomenal” or “incredible” or any of the president’s other clunky two-a-penny superlatives. It’s sickening and dangerous.

Before arriving in London, Trump set the tone. He mocked the city’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, as short. It was a tweet in keeping with the president’s signature stunt as schoolyard bully. Khan, who had criticized “rolling out the red carpet” for Trump, responded by comparing the president to an 11-year-old.

This was generous. Most 8-year-olds know better.

Ted Gap, an American author, and journalist who lives in Altamont, NY, says he now has a long sought-after visa from Great Britain to apply for settlement there.  He has worked for the past three years at Durham University at Britain and feels obtaining approval to settle in Britain permanently gives him a chance to leave an America he no longer knows.

He writes:

It represents an option to exit a United States I now barely recognize — one that almost daily distresses me with its xenophobia, its saber-rattling, its theocratic leanings, its denial of facts and science, its tribalism, and its petty and boorish president. I think of that visa as my “Trump card.” Come 2020, if the nation chooses to continue on this toxic path, it may well be my way out.

I have family members who feel the same way.  My family immigrated to America from Scotland in the late 1700s.

A Gallup Poll from January says 16 percent of Americans say they would leave America if they could — a 50 percent increase from those who felt the same during the administrations of either George W. Bush or Barack Obama.

Adds Gap:

I have not made up my mind what my own course will be — nor can I until the United States again has the opportunity to voice its priorities and chart its future. As long as I am here, I pledge to promote American values. But at 68, I feel the need to live where I am at peace with the government and the people. I will vote at the ballot box, and then I may vote with my feet.

The presidential and congressional elections of 2020 are pivotal for the future of America.  They can reverse a mistake from four years ago and allow the people to take back control of this nation.

But most Americans did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016.  He lost by three million votes — the largest margin of defeat by any president later elected by the electoral college.

His defeat must come in states and districts that determine electoral college votes.  He must lose by a margin in those states and — we hope — nationwide.

Then, and only then, can we start the necessary task of rebuilding America into what it can, and should, become.

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  1. Carry on, Mr. Thompson. I’m sure you and I disagree on many things, but there are fundamentals we can concur upon as axioms. I would like to encourage you to continue (although I think you might anyhow… ;-). J.

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