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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Trump: America’s racist president & thug


For unknown reasons that defy logic and common sense, too many Americans ignore the rampant racism of Donald Trump and his bigotry-driven administration.

Does this ignorance come from the inherent racism of so many Americans?  Let’s hope not but the stubbornness of those who cling to the unending lies and transgression of wannabe king Trump raises serious questions about their own personal lack of tolerance.

Trump’s rampant racism was displayed by his embrace and promotion of the discredited “birther conspiracy” where he claimed former President Obama was foreign-born, his guttural insults to NFL players who knelt in protests of police mistreatment of blacks and his unrelenting attacks on black congresswomen and reporters.

Let’s not forget Trump’s buying of full-page ads demanding use of the death penalty to punish five black and Hispanic teenagers later proven innocent or his out-of-court settlement with federal authorities for frequent housing discrimination by him and his equally-racist father.

Writes columnist Colbert King:

What remains unchanged through the years is Trump and his long history of racism. For which, again, he makes no apology.

Adds Dana Milbank:

The Trump administration has devised fundamentally racist policy: adding a question to the 2020 Census that will suppress participation by nonwhite people and, therefore, artificially increase white (and Republican) power in a new round of gerrymandering.

Milbank says new documents from the architect of the plan prove Trump and his officials lied about their motives for pushing a new Voting Rights Act.

The documents, from the files of the late architect of the plan, show that this gerrymandering expert (Thomas Hofeller, whose role the Trump administration did not disclose to the courts) wrote a 2015 study saying his scheme (to use voting-age citizens for redistricting rather than total population) would require a “radical redrawing” of legislative districts that would “be advantageous to Republicans and Non-Hispanic Whites.” This “would clearly be a disadvantage for the Democrats,” he wrote, packing Democratic voters into fewer districts and “strengthening the adjoining GOP districts.”

The Trump administration’s top lawyer, Solicitor General Noel Francisco, told the Supreme Court in April that voting-rights enforcement was “the principal benefit” of the proposed change. That was false. The “principal benefit,” we now see, is to increase white power. In my column about the Supreme Court argument in April, I wrote that “it is difficult not to be cynical” about the administration’s true motive. Now, the racist policy is spelled out in black and white.

Trump’s appeal to his so-called “base” is all about race and he strokes fears about whites losing their domination.

“Racial tension has fueled our tribal partisanship, as party becomes a proxy for race and racial views,” Milbank adds.

Adds Paul Waldman:

The purpose of the citizenship question is not to enforce the Voting Rights Act but just the opposite: to take power away from minorities and give it to white voters.

Donald Trump is a racist thug and his administration are bigots who belong in the white sheets of the Ku Klux Klan and not the White House.

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