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Friday, February 23, 2024

Private Trump / McConnell emergency talk leaked


This Washington Post headline says it all:

“McConnell privately cautions Trump about emergency declaration on border wall”

This is how the HUFFPOST titled their story about the Washington Post revelation: “McConnell Reportedly Warns Trump Off Emergency Tactic Amid Possible GOP Revolt.”

The details about McConnell privately warning Trump that there are likely enough votes in the Senate to oppose his declaration of a national emergency to build the wall which will force him to issue his first ever VETO are important though this is already public knowledge. Briefly:

In order to overturn a presidential national security declaration the law allows it to be terminated if both houses of Congress pass a resolution to do so.  Because the Democrats control the House they would easily pass their resolution. There are enough GOP senators who have expressed opposition to Trump declaring a national emergency to achieve the simple majority required to pass it .

Trump could and most likely would veto the resolution. It would be a tough road for both the House and Senate to put together the super-majority vote needed to override the president.

Just as important and most curiously is that this private meeting went public. We have no idea why this occurred.

It seems doubtful that Trump would have leaked what transpired in a one on one conversation with Senator McConnell. The Republicans who told The Washington Post about the meeting requested anonymity.

The Post reports that “McConnell’s top deputy, Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), told GOP senators at a private lunch that same day that if they had issues with the president’s declaring a national emergency, they should raise them with the White House, according to one of the Republicans and another person with knowledge of Thune’s comments, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe them.”

The mystery then is who and why this has been made public.

Did Mitch McConnell direct someone to contact the paper to send a message to President Trump?

Or did other Republicans do this on their own without clearing it with the Senate Majority Leader?

One thing is certain. There are at least some Republican senators who are trying to send a message to Donald Trump well in advance of his State of the Union Address when he could use his national prime time audience to declare a national emergency.


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  1. Maybe letting Trump declare a National Emergency is the way to go, since such a declaration would be tied up in court for years. And then lose, since it violates the basic separation of powers listed explicitly in the constitution.

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