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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Was Trump’s treason willful or witless?


Alliteration alert: I admit that I am addicted to alliterations. So many come to mind when I think about Trump, treason, and Russia.

Most pundits who aren’t on the White House payroll or Fox News Trump toadies you are publicly pondering whether the president’s working to further Russian interests was done wittingly or witlessly. This is a critical, sometimes life or death, question when it’s decided in a court of law.  When it comes to the questions being asked about Trump and Russia now the court of public opinion it matters just as much in a different way.

The court of public opinion has the potential to sway the decision of the actual court which may eventually try Trump to see if he’s committed a high crime. No matter what that legal definition of treason is, when it come to removing the president it means whatever the Senators want it to mean.

If number one can be proved he must be impeached  and convicted forthwith. Whether we call it collusion, conspiracy, or simply his work as an agent furthering Russian interests it would be a dastardly deed done to further an enemy agenda. It would be treasonous if not literally treason. This is a crime which even in the 21st century would send a leader to the gallows in many countries. There would be no impeachment dragging on for months, no languishing in jail working with defense lawyers, and no endless appeals of sentencing dragging on for years. There would be a quick trial with the sentence carried out post-haste.

If he’s guilty I find it unfathomable to believe he doesn’t know it. Perhaps all his “no collusion” tweets were his attempt to convince himself as much as they were to persuade the public he was a victim of a witch hunt. Somewhere in his muddled mind he must know that

If number two is true then Trump is merely guilty of being a gullible goof gobsmacked by all these accusations. There are many letter D’s to describe such a brainlessly ignorant person staring with dumb and progressing though dolt, dense, dimwit or dimbulb, and dunderhead.

We know Trump is famously ignorant and unschooled in everything from science to international relations. We know he ignores the sensible and sometime vital-to-the national-interest advice coming from the experts working for him. However, it would take a light year-long leap of faith to believe he was so stupid to believe Putin over all his intelligence agents and that making decisions to Putin’s benefit was a mere coincidence because, well, he’s really been tougher on Russia than President Obama ever was.


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