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Friday, December 8, 2023

Time to reopen the government & shut down Trump


The first actions needed to start turning around the gridlocked that has 800,000 workers without pay and no new budget action is not aloud is simple:

Reopen the closed parts of the federal government and shut down what caused it: The corrupt presidency of Donald Trump.

Remove this cancer on our government by any legal means policy.

Impeach him, indict him, force him to resign — or, if necessary, lock him in chains (or a straight jacket) and remove him from the White House under armed guard.

“Trump’s best shutdown move is to fold now,” writes Bill Scher in Politico Magazine.  “It’s time for the president to quit while he’s behind.”

Good advice, but Trump’s entire presidency is built on his ego-driven belief that he never needs advice because he’s always thinks he is the smartest man in the room.

Sher believes the one thing that could drive Trump to abandoning his “build my wall or else” position are the falling ratings of his latest TV reality performance.

“Trump is losing this shutdown—which is why his best strategy is to fold without demanding any concessions from Democrats,” Sher writes. “He needs to move his presidency onto another subject before it gets canceled in 2020.”

Ratings at Fox News — which covers Trump’s every utterance, every tweet and even his every belch — has suffered rating downturns since devoting the bulk of its coverage on the government shutdown.

He adds:

If the shutdown was successfully galvanizing his supporters, you would expect fiery exhortations from Fox News anchors to attract the eyeballs of Trump’s base. But on the first Wednesday and Thursday of the new year, all of Fox News’ prime-time shows scored viewership below their daily averages for 2018. Fox News’ tentpole show, Hannity, which averaged 3.3 million daily viewers in 2018, hasn’t reached 3 million since December 12th, a week before the shutdown began.

Trump needs high ratings to feed his monumental ego.  He claimed, without proof, that illegals voted to give Hillary Clinton the actual majority vote.  His loss of the popular vote by more than three million votes denies him a factual claim that he has the support of a majority of voters — although he still tries to often claim that but is shot down by the fact checkers.

He claimed to have the highest inauguration crowd in the nation’s history.  His crowd wasn’t even close.

How desperate is Trump and his made-for-TV propaganda service at Fox News?

Sher demonstrates that:

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson tried to turn the problem of overflowing trash in unstaffed national parks into ratings gold by—and I’m not making this up—accusing the biggest environmentalist organizations of hypocrisy because they weren’t volunteering to pick up the trash. After the environmentalists refused to return the show’s calls, all the producers could do to dress up the segment was to broadcast b-roll of roadside litter.

Trump’s current idea of claiming that his self-conceived “border crisis” needs him to call it a “national emergency” that he thinks allows him to divert Pentagon and disaster funds to build the wall that most Americans do not want or support.

If Trump tries, he faces court challenges or local property owners who will fight against eminent domain.  Legal experts say the national emergency stunt will fail in the courts.

At this point in his broken, disreputable presidency, Trump has only option to make people happy:  Quit, face impeachment or indictment.

In the Senate, where Republicans still control, at least three GOP Senators have walked away from building his border wall.  Over in the House, the number of Republicans who say the same stands at eight and is expected to keep growing.

Polls show Trump losing support across the country.  It is time to reopen the government, complete restoration of power in the midterm elections last year and shut down the national nightmare called the Trump presidency.


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2 thoughts on “Time to reopen the government & shut down Trump”

  1. Perhaps it was a metaphor, Al, but the ‘come to Jesus’ moment has been and gone, and they did indeed come to the Jesus as espoused by wildly evangelical alleged Christians. A huge fraction of Trump’s support is those who ‘came to Jesus’.

    Whether they actually paid any attention to the teachings of a man two thousand years ago is another matter.

    See also Vice President Mike Pence.


  2. Doug: As a former Congressional operative, do you see enough particular Republican Senators having a come to Jesus moment and committing to convicting and removing an impeached Donald Trump from office? That includes offsetting any Democrats that may waver against conviction.

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