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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Aides call Trump ‘Immoral, irrational, ignorant’


Those who attempted to serve Donald Trump’s presidency and either left after giving up or were fired so he could replace them with a “yes man” paint an even grimmer picture of an immoral, irrational and irresponsible leader of the nation.

Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calls Trump “undisciplined, doesn’t like to read” and tried to do illegal things but was often thwarted by those around him.

Former Chief of Staff John Kelly describes Trump as a political novice who ignores fact-based advice and instead makes decisions “with his gut.”  By now surrounding himself with yes-man and yes-women, Trump is setting the stage for a disaster.

Kelly told The Los Angeles Times this weekend that he measures his success with Trump by showing what the president “did not do” while he was chief of staff.  Stopping many of Trump’s disastrous impulses, Kelly believes, is what he accomplished.

Retired Army Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, former commander of American forces in Afghanistan, appeared on ABC News’s “This Week” and called Trump immoral and a liar.

McChrystal called Trump’s claim that American troops defeated ISIS in Syria a lie by an ignorant president.

“I don’t believe ISIS is defeated. I think ISIS is as much an idea as it is a number of ISIS fighters. There’s a lot of intelligence that says there are actually more ISIS fighters around the world now than there were a couple of years ago,” he told Martha Raddatz on ABC.

The retired general also says Trump “traded away U.S. leverage against the Taliban and rocked [the Afghan people] in their belief that we are allies that can be counted on.”

In the New York Times, Linda Qiu notes:

President Trump has a well-documented problem telling the truth.

After nearly two years of assessing the accuracy of Mr. Trump’s statements, we can draw some conclusions not just about the scale of the president’s mendacity, but also about how he uses inaccurate claims to advance his agenda, criticize the news media and celebrate his achievements.

Mr. Trump refuses to correct most of his inaccurate claims, instead asserting them over and over again. They become, by sheer force of repetition, “alternative facts” and staples of his campaign rallies and speeches.

Writes David Rothkopf in USA Today:

A corrupt and fraudulent family foundation. Hush money to mistresses to help swing an election — felony violations of campaign finance laws. Seeking and embracing the help of an enemy to win an election. Repeatedly obstructing justice to cover up those crimes.

Selling out American interests to patrons overseas. Profiting from the presidency. Helping foreign murderers cover up the murder of an American permanent resident. Attacking our allies. Destroying the international architecture that has been the foundation of our strength.

Lying to or misleading the American people on average 10 times a day. Celebrating Nazis as very fine people. Building detention camps for children on our borders. Racist policies that turn away good people from our shores. Serial misogyny. Upwards of 20 allegations of sexual harassment.

At least one accusation of rape from an underage minor. A massive, decades-long record of income tax fraud. Seventeen investigations into his activities. Virtually every major organization he has run for two decades under investigation.

The bottom line?

Trump’s lies and corruption disgrace presidential legacies.

He also disgraces America.


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