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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Thanks to House GOP for making Comey relevant again (Updated)


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Have the Republicans been drinking their own cyanide laced Kool Aid? One might be inclined to think they have considering that they thought they could extract some damaging testimony from former FBI director James Comey about Hillary Clinton’s emails once again.

All they did was enable him to excoriate them to waiting reporters when he emerged from the closed session today. Now he’s in the news again. The headlines pretty much say it all, for example:




Comey slams Trump, ‘shameful’ House Republicans after 2nd Capitol Hill meeting, CNN

Comey Blasts GOP, ‘Lying’ Trump: ‘At Some Point Someone Has to Stand Up, Daily Beast’

Former FBI Director James Comey says Republicans need to ‘stand up’ for rule of law after grilling on Capitol Hill, ABC News

James Comey unloads on House Republicans and Fox News, VOX

Defiant Comey lashes out at House GOP over ‘frustrating’ hearing, from Fox News whose headline uses the word ‘frustrating’ because he Comey called it “frustrating to be here.” (includes video)

Even in the U.K. James Comey attacks Republicans for failing to defend FBI from Trump: ‘Someone has to stand up in the face of fear of Fox News,’ The Independent (includes video)

What on the face of the planet that the Republicans are enabling Trump to despoil can these Republicans think will accrue to their advantage aside from one last chance to vent their toxic spleens behind closed doors with the power of the gavel in their hands?

They didn’t even have the guts to make the two hearings public because they had to know he would prove that they had nothing and were only posturing, and that they would give the Democrats who will soon control the House an opportunity to ask questions which would demonstrate what a gaggle of squawking geese they are.

All I can think of as a rationale for their deciding to hold these hearings is that they were resentful of losing power and thought they could take their anger out on Comey.

This was merely an inconvenience for Comey and it gave him a chance to step onto the national stage again with a scathing message about the Republicans and Trump. There was no gain and only embarrassment for the Republicans.

UPDATE: 12/19/18 from HUFFPOST: A summary of what Comey told the House panel:

House Republicans Keep Giving James Comey Chances To Call Donald Trump A Liar


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