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Monday, July 15, 2024

Time to end the soap opera and focus on getting rid of Bush, McCain and the GOP criminal cabal

Damn. I'm so tired of the Clinton-Obama soap opera that I'd welcome some news about the antics of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or even Lindsey Lohan. The Democratic primary season has turned into the Energizer Bunny of politics -- it just keeps going and going and going.

Damn. I’m so tired of the Clinton-Obama soap opera that I’d welcome some news about the antics of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or even Lindsey Lohan.

The Democratic primary season has turned into the Energizer Bunny of politics — it just keeps going and going and going.

Everyone except the delusional Hillary Clinton and her yap-yap-yap campaign chief Terry McAuliffe seems to know her quest for the nomination is over. Shrill Hill has blamed everyone except herself for the unraveling of her so-called “inevitable” march to the Presidency. Her latest culprit is the media. It’s all our fault, she says.

We’ve been so busy watching the self-destruction of Clinton that the continuing saga of the madman of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — George W. Bush — has slipped by pretty much unnoticed. Bush managed to propel himself back into the spot light last week with his incredibly stupid remarks about appeasement.

Let’s remember that the number one priority of this campaign is to rid the American political system of Bush and anyone stupid, venal or corrupt enough to support him and his criminal Presidency.

Bush is not just a fanatic: He is a criminally-insane fanatic — a delusional, megalomaniac nutcase who claims to talk to God and acts only on what he sees as divine guidance from the Supreme Being.

We’ve seen a lot of evidence that Bush is out of his gourd, his brain fried from too many years of tossing booze down his throat and cocaine up his nose. He’s either drinking again and exhibiting all the symptoms of a dry drunk and still has more than enough time to drag America further and further into the cesspool of corruption.

He has the Pentagon planning an invasion of Iran, refuses to acknowledge defeat in Iraq and fails to admit that he is responsible for letting Osama bin Laden get away by deciding to divert resources from the war in Afghanistan to the illegal and immoral invasion of a nation that posed no threat to this country.

But if the Democrats don’t get their act together and focus on ridding America of the cancer of the Bush presidency, we may get another four years of Bush with his aging clone: John McCain. McCain is as corrupt as Bush — an Arizona Senator for sale to the highest bidder, the “war hero” with his surgically-reconstructed wife whose fortune is based on her father’s criminal enterprises.

McCain managed to escape prosecution during the Keating Five scandal but his campaign is still run by special interest groups and fatcat lobbyists. He still supports the failed policies of George W. Bush and he still wants to send Americans to die in Iraq and probably Iran.

That’s the future we face if Hillary Clinton doesn’t bring her ego under control, get out of the Democratic Presidential race, and let Barack Obama concentrate on ridding this country of the scum known as George W. Bush, John McCain and the Republican Party.

41 thoughts on “Time to end the soap opera and focus on getting rid of Bush, McCain and the GOP criminal cabal”

  1. Pursue the Bush administration beyond January 20 until they are brought to justice.

    Direct Democracy

  2. As to what judges will go to the Bench if McNuggets gets in that would be worse then if Pillary or Sir Obama appointed judges then I can’t say it will make much difference. The Democrappers helped Roberts get in. The Democrappers helped Michael Mukasey be attorney general, a guy who ‘doesn’t know’ if waterboarding is torture.

    I can find no compelling reason to vote for a Democrapper when they just enable the Neo-Wingers anyway.

  3. Chew them up Wex. Really. But, this end-game unfortunately is involving the Republican ole stand by play…….voter suppression. As the Supreme Court, care of Antonin Scalia, has gifted the GOP with election armamentarium, each state can now request i.d. from voters, as soon as they can get it on their state’s agenda, and a bill passed. All the red states are scurrying around as we speak. It looks like another Florida. I hope Antonin does not think that the People will be settling for a “Just get over it,” this time. Not very likely, I imagine. In fact, I think the U.S. will be looking like some third world country after a Junta-type election, if things do not go right. Of course, one would think that the most that any state could ask for is a birth certificate or a state i.d. But, if the turn around time suddenly becomes that unto the U.S. passport fiasco, look for another Watts riot situation…….only this one will be a little different…..more heterogeneous with 60% white, 30% Hispanic, 12% black….WAIT…that sounds like the general U.S. population…..thats right GOP…..DONT TREAD ON US>>>>

  4. I dunno, Doug. A couple of weeks ago when Hillary and Barack were tearing each other limb from limb, I’d agree with your position. Maybe you noticed, lately the two Dems have put on the kid gloves. The McCain-Obama contest has taken center stage while the Clinton-Obama contest has become a sideshow. At this point it keeps Obama in the spotlight on two stages. One can argue that’s a good thing.

  5. This is too much even for an old Christian like me! In fact this is over the top and down right insulting. Now we have John McCain as Jesus Christ. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is WORSE than GW speaking for God.

    State GOP chair: McCain ‘kind of like Jesus’

    “John McCain is kind of like Jesus Christ on the cross,” Everhart said as she began the second day of the state GOP convention. “He never denounced God, either.”

  6. Someone wrote above that they want to see “rescinding all signing statements”

    Even McCain has said he wont use signing statements.

    That leaves the Clintons. Bill used them, famously.

    Where is Sen Hillary Clinton on the use of unconstitutionally ignoring the laws of the Congress?

    same as she is on restoring Habeas corpus. silent.

  7. There is one thing that is important to remember…do you really want John McCain appointting 3 more Supreme Court Justices similar to the ones GW appointed? Do you think that would be an asset to the Constitution.

    He won’t get rid of the Patriot Act,in fact he will only extend it. Is that good for the Bill of Rights?

    Even if Senator Obama does absolutely nothing in 1 term of office there are a couple of givens.

    First, he won’t be appointing radical conservative neo-con Federalist judges to the Supreme Court which is the single most important issue on the platter….

    and secondly….he won’t escalate the military action in Iraq and Iran unless there is a DAMN GOOD reason with substantial corroborative evidence. John McCAin will continue the FAILED POLICIES OF BUSH/MCCAIN in Iraq and in fact EXTEND THEM to other areas of the Middle East.

    No, if you are selfish or ignorant, that is the ONLY REASON to vote for John McCain.

    But if you can’t vote for Senator Obama, then do as another poster suggested…vote 3rd party. Just Vote!

  8. Yes, McCain is a dupe of the CIA in that he, a former prisoner, has approved their water-boarding of prisoners and yes, he probably has short term memory loss, but…. I would love to hear Clinton admit/proclaim her position on habeas corpus. I just called her campaign HQ in KY and they have no idea of her position on habeas corpus. And there is no drop down gadget on her website for her position on Constitutional matters.
    That’s because she is just fine with things as they are, all set up for the next dictator. Her center-right approach plays well in Appalachia, but I prefer someone who actually will uphold their oath to defend the Constitution.
    Ron Paul and Barack Obama both intend to restore the Constitution.
    McCain doesnt and neither does Clinton.
    So the blogger’s point of view that it is about Republican vs Democrat is not all true. There are Dems whom I do not trust on the basis of their campaign, and the lies about Michigan top my list of undemocratic behaviors. HRC told NPR in NH that she supported the taking of Michigan’s delegation, on the basis of their having moved ahead of NH. That was said in NH.
    Now she has forgot this basic: Thou shalt not bear false witness. Exodus.
    It is one of the Ten Commandments. I dont know about her church’s preacher, but I can see that she is not following the Ten Commandments, HERSELF. Enough twisting of the truth in the game. It is not a game. It is an honorable calling and she has proved unworthy by her manner of playing it.
    What is appealing to feminists about this lie about MICH, demanding that the vote from an election with only her name on the ballot be counted as real?
    That is what Stalinists do. Does anyone in KY get it that any person, all of us, can campaign in a tiny state like NH and be heard, but only the very rich and the famous could run a campaign that would begin with Florida and MICH the first two weeks because those states have 35 million people and include multiple areas of cultural diversity, from the island Keys to the upper Peninsula (in January (now that would have been fun, to see the TV people in the 10 below) and tens of millions of people in cities in between?
    Sure, let’s do our best to defeat those Republicans who are already using the fundamentalists to make war on the civil rights of persons unlike themselves, on the basis of making the US into the Taliban, rule by a religion, their interpretation of the Bible.
    But let’s nominate someone who will restore the Constitution.

  9. Pillary Dillary Crock is in top form ignoring the inevitable fact she won’t beat Sir Obama of Camelot.

    Sir Obama, if he wins, will continue to enable the Project for the New American Century Neo-Con Agenda to make Iraq an Oil Colony of America.

    Obama’s idea of health care reform is market based solutions which were being reamed with and will get a double helping of when Sir Obama gets in and we’ll continue to see premiums rise.

    The Democrat party will continue its Republikan Lite enabling of various Neo-Con agendas.

    I will not vote for any Democrapic Candidate that the Lexus Liberal’s field.

    Fancy Pants Pelosi’s Idea of being Liberal is running around her Pacific Heights Neighborhood in San Francisco in a Stevie Nicks nightgown with a Cappochino in her hand singing Rhiannon.

    Hairy Reed will continue to aid & abett the Telecoms seeking
    retro-active immunity for AT&T.

    All the Democrappers Due is Lay One Stinking Stool Sample after another on our Constitution. The Democrapic Party Never Ceases to disgust me.

    Vote Third Party -No More Lexus Liberals

  10. Wow, these replies are dynamite! I thought Buffett was on Hillary’s side. You all may hate him but he would be a great help in restoring the value of our American dollar.

    You are right, pollchecker, the Republicans I meet are terrible racists, homophobes and some are even anti-Semitics. We’ve had enough of this crap!

  11. A sign of things to come.

    US billionaire Warren Buffett backs Obama for president

    Warren Buffett, the world’s richest man, is backing Barak Obama for US president and thinks current US economic policy will push the dollar lower against other global currencies.

    So now the world’s richest man is supporting Senator Obama. So even all the Republican tax breaks in the world can’t get the rich to support them. They are in trouble. All that is left is the ignorant, the bigots, and the crazy Bushies. Too bad we can’t pass a new law that says if you voted for Bush in 2004, you can’t vote in 2008 due to sheer ignorance.

  12. We shouldn’t be at all surprised when Mr. McCain keeps trotting out the “foreign policy” issue. That’s probably because it’s the only issue the Republicans have even the slightest bit of credibility left to discuss in this election.

    To say that they are the party of “family values”, “smaller government” and/or “sound economic principles” would be absolutely laughable at this point.

    In fact, all the Democrats really need to do to squelch such Republican hypocricy is to trot out a single picture of President George W. Bush (himself an unrepentant deserter still at large from the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War) strutting across that aircraft carrier deck in his flight suit with the “Mission Accomplished” banner waving proudly over his head and the election would be all but over.

    I invite you all to re-read my blog post on this subject here on Capitol Hill Blue. Click on the title shown below:

    What’s Left For John McCain To Sell?

  13. A great “give’em hell” rant Doug Thomspon! I also like your new bold type hot links that expand or corroborate your thoughts throughout the text body.

    I’m an information junkie and feel there’s never enough to be had when researching or simply reading an article.

    Carl Nemo **==

  14. RichardKanePA

    Recently Hillary’s comments have been directed against McCain not Obama. If McCain continues to be criticized from two directions not one, more people might question McCain’s fitness for office.

    If long as the primary campaigning is civil, competition can only help.

    But the way super-delegates are not only interested in who will be President but who will be elected to Congress. And Obama is overwhelmingly better when it comes to a more Democratic Congress.

    So as far as I am concern he has the nomination, unless something far bigger than Hillary changes the situation.

    I’m hoping that some Republican Reps in the end will have to condemn McCain so as not to be defeated in the general election.

    But I’m dreaming instead of a 3/4 Democratic Congress a third party will get in the act and elect a few Reps as well. To bad only the Libertarians have decided to exclusively direct their comments against McCain.

  15. Roy Murtishaw says:

    The Clintons have been stealth Repugs since 1982 when they sold their souls to Sam Walton, Don Tyson, Witt and Jack Stephens and every other globalist based in Arkansas. Interestingly Hillary and John McCain are now being choreographed by the same British Billionaire named Sir Martin Sorrell. Sorrell’s parent company, WPP Group, Inc employs both Mark Penn and Charles Black. Mark Penn is the power behind Hillary’s campaign, while Charles Black holds the same position in John McCain’s campaign. When Sorrell and his fellow globalists realized Hillary could not be elected, the Clintons were assigned the task of destroying Obama so that McCain could win the presidency by default.


    The Puppet Master’s Candidates

    Back in February acclaimed Washington Post journalist, Jeffrey Birnbaum, penned an article entitled,’A Few Degrees of Separation’ which was buried on page A 11. The article has been completely buried by every media outlet, both MSM and alternative outlets. Birnbaum demonstrated the chief strategist for both McCain and Hillary Clinton are paid ultimately by the same British Billionaire whose name is Sir Martin Sorrell. Sorrell heads PR/Lobbying/Entertainment 60,000-employee-strong WPP Group, an International Conglomerate. Two of his primary employees are Mark Penn ( Hillary’s chief advisor) and Charles Black (McCain’s chief advisor); Penn directs WPP owned Burson- Marsteller which controls Black’s BKSH Lobbying Firm. Sorrell also employs many other major players in K Street Power Brokering circles including ex-chairman of the Republican National Committee (Edward W. Gillespie), a former House GOP leader (Robert S. Walker), a top GOP fundraiser (Wayne L. Berman), and the former media adviser to President Bush (Mark McKinnon). The Clintons’ most trusted advisor, Howard Paster, is Penn’s immediate boss as Penn is Black’s direct
    The fact the Clintons have been directed by Sorrell connections since their arrival in DC probably explains Bill Clinton’s GOP Presidency, Hillary’s strange emergence as presumed 08 POTUS and having been derailed on Super Tuesday; Captain of the John McCain Cheering Squad.
    The real Coach of Team America is Sir Martin Sorrell.
    Martin Sorrell was deemed in 2005 as one of the most influential men on the planet and has been deemed in the European Press as ” the mad dwarf of London ” referencing his diminuitive size and periodically strange behavior.
    Sorrell’s WPP Group Board and various companies are dominated by people who are members of Corporate Globalist groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergers. The Clintons, McCains, Bushes, Penn’s, Black’s, Gillespies, McKinnons, Pasters, are a scary crowd indeed.
    BTW, Where’s Jeffrey Birnbaum?

  16. As I post this, Bush, the most ignorant U.S. President in history, has exactly 246 days, 40 minutes, and 32 seconds before he exits the White House…yes, I am counting!

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