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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

A new Twitter hashtag for Trump, #Individual1


Update 4PM EST: Frank Figliuzzi, a former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the FBI just said on MSNBC that Trump may soon go from being “Individual1” to being “Defendant1.”

By now anyone who hasn’t been living in a Fox News bubble knows that being named “Individual #1” isn’t an honor.

Trump has a new Twitter hashtag (see #Indiviudal1). 

Trump had a hat, remember that? How could you forget? Now perhaps we’ll see hats that just say #1.

Nobody knows how many hats were sold. By August 2015, according to the NY Post, it was upwards of a half million. Since knockoffs ended up being sold everywhere from Times Square to his rallies my hunch the number of MAGA hats out there in Trumpworld is in the millions.

The slogan “Make America Great Again” prompted snarky critics to ask “when again was?” Perhaps he was thinking about the time before the Civil War when in both the north and the south white indeed made right. If you got rich off the labor of immigrants, white or black, you could be like the northern factory owners in the 19th century or the plantation owners in the old south.

Trump’s favorite Twitter hashtag has been #MAGA. (This enables Twitter user to search for any Tweet with that hashtag.) For example this is what just came up searching #MAGA:

With the new hashtag on Twitter hashtag: #Individual1, very time Twitter users Tweet about Trump that can add this hashtag.


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