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Sunday, March 3, 2024

The idiocy that is Trump and his failed presidency


I don’t doubt that Trump planned to fire Jess Sessions some time after the election. Afer all the letter of resignation was not dated.

I watched the entire excruciating press conference today where emboldened reporters no longer showed respect and deference to the president and peppered Trump with questions. He either attacked the reporters for asking  questions he wanted to avoid answering or just simply ignored the question in his response.

You could see Trump getting more and more angry as his face contorted and he lashed back by insulting reporters.

Leading up to his press conference today Trump had to figure out a way to rationalize the loss of GOP control of the House of Representatives. In his speech before taking questions from reporters he presented his lame reasons why the Republicans really won the day in large part to Trump’s popularity. Without a modicum of shame for saying it he claimed it was because the winning Republicans embraced him.

When the time came for questions from reporters who had prepared provocative questions and treated him not as the emperor who could order them to the guillotine if they dared not bow down to him, but as a mere mortal who happens to be president and hardly deserved the respect that usually is given to the holder of that office.

My hunch is that he was so angry after the press conference that in a fit of narcissistic rage he decided to announce the so-called resignation in a Tweet not long after the press conference ended.

Narcissistic rage is a phenomenon which occurs when an extreme narcissist, one so extreme he meets the criteria for being called a malignant narcissist. In other words, when Donald Trump finds his grandiose sense of self, his megalomania, is being questioned or undercut, or worse that he may be in danger of losing his ability to control the narrative it triggers his rage.

I try to observe Trump’s behavior as objectively as possible through the lens of the psychotherapist I was for 40 years. I realize that I have a bias against him. Watching him perform in his press conference today only cements my opinion that he meets the criteria for a malignant narcissistic personality disorder who is prone to narcissistic rages.

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Psychologist Alexander Burgenmeester has a good article about malignant narcissism, but a simple Google search will find lots more information if you aren’t familiar with this disorder.

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  1. Hmm… President Barack Obama failed to start any new wars, failed to privatize Social Security, failed to deny people with pre-existing conditions health insurance, and he failed to massively cut taxes for the already filthy rich. I can live with failures like that. J.

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