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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Vote against anyone who supports Trump


My usual rule in deciding how to vote in an election is that I must find a candidate that I can believe in.

Not this time around.  In our home in Southwestern Virginia, we have both a U.S. senate and house race when the only decision I have to make is to vote against the clear white supremacists offered by the bigoted Republican party.

Long time readers know that racism is a deal breaker in both personal relationships.  This is why I have severed ties with several now former “friends” who have both praised and voted for Donald John Trump, the most vile bigot and racist in White House modern history.

Virginia’s incumbent Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary Clnton’s running mate in the 2016 presidential election, is running against known racist and white supremacist Cory Stewart, a county board chairman in Northern Virginia, a vile bigoted thug whose attempt to unseat Kaine must be stopped.

In Virginia’s 9th Congressional District, incumbent Morgan Griffith is a hard-core right-wing Republican zealot who genuflects before Trump and repeats the president’s racist, bigoted rhetoric and endorses most things Trump wants, which makes him someone I can never, ever vote for.

Unseating Griffith would be a solid step towards helping Democrats take the House and bring an end to the GOP leadership’s blind acceptance of Trump’s bigotry, racism and lies. Reason enough to vote for a farmer from Southwestern Virginia.

The district, however, is called “the fighting 9th” and is mostly right-wing, uneducated, ignorant and stupid enough to fall under Trump’s con-man’s spell.  Despite that, the district deserves better.

Polls say Kaine should easily stomp Stewart, but let’s remember that polls said the same thing about Clinton beating Trump and we know how that turned out.  Still, Virginia voted for Clinton in 2016, thanks to more knowledgeable voters in the northern region of the state — part of the Washington, DC, metro area — plus Tidewater and other more reasonable parts of the Old Dominion.

I’ve been covering politics as a journalist for most of the past 55 years, or as a political operative for a dozen of those 12-month terms.  In my experienced judgment, Trump is the most vile, narcissistic, dishonest, fraudulent president I’ve ever covered or worked with in the past five plus decades.

At best, his hard-core “base” is incredibly ignorant or, worse, they are racist, bigoted haters just like the man they claim to adore.

We know from both polls and the actual vote in the 2016 election that those who voted for Trump are a minority.  Trump lost the popular vote nationally by more than three million votes — the largest margin of defeat by any candidate who won election as president in the electoral college.

Trump into office by use of gerrymandered congressional districts designed by the GOP, driven in large part by devious political consultants and fringe groups like the tea party.

Trump is on the stump with even more incredible lies, misrepresentations and misstatements, averaging up to 30 lies a day in speeches and tweets.

Will his lies work?  If those who know better get out and replace racism with reason.

We’ll know when the counting is done after the polls close.  At least this time, vote count and are not overruled by an electoral college controlled by gerrymandered districts.


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  1. I largely agree with you, and voted the same way this election. One thing to note is that gerrymandering and the electoral college are really independent problems. Gerrymandering only works to increase the partisan advantage within a field, and the largest field that can be gerrymandered is a state. The electoral college works state by state, so no amount of gerrymandering will affect the electoral college outcome. Both are problems, but are not related.

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