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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Cesar Sayoc: Another vile member of Trump’s ‘base’

Cesar Sayoc at a rally supporting Trump. (Posted on Twitter)

In far too many ways,  56-year-old Cesar Sayoc, Jr., of Aventra, Fla., was a all-to-typical supporter of president Donald Trump.

He would dress in garish campaign outfits supporting Trump, cheer loudly in rallies in Florida and Trump’s inauguration, shout “lock her up” about opponent Hillary Clinton and threaten anyone who disagreed with him.

Sayoc proudly wore a red “Make America Great Again” hat while waving a sign calling CNN “fake news & dishonest media.”

Clinton and CNN are just one of the targets of pipe bombs that the Federal Bureau of Investigation says Sayoc sent out over the past week.

Sayoc obviously bought into Trump’s threats, insults and slurs to any of his opponents.

Stickers on Sayoc’s van (From his Twitter feed)

So, say the charges, did James Alex Fields, Jr., the Neo-Nazi charged with driving into a crowd of protestors against the confederate memorials in Charlottesville, Va., in December 2017, kissing one woman and injuring many others.

Fields is a proud supporter of Trump and also idolizes Adolph Hitler.

Trump was slow to condemn Fields or the actions of other White supremacists in the melee and then classified the racists as some of “the very fine people” who came to Charlottesville that day.

Montana congressman Greg Gianforte, body-slammed a reporter, which brought high praise from Trump.

“Any guy who can do a body-slam — he’s my kind of guy,” said Trump.

“When our president warns of marauding hordes pouring across the border and refers to brown people seeking asylum as an infestation, it’s no surprise,” writes Ellis Cose in USA Today.

Too many of Trump’s base are angry, violent haters who promote attacks on opponents, minorities and immigrants.  They often use Trump’s own words to support their bias.

Concludes Cose in his column:

A year after the tragic events in Charlottesville, white supremacists seem emboldened. Although part of a street has been named for Heather Heyer, and her accused murderer is in jail charged with murder and federal hate crime violations, we remain a conflicted nation. Indeed, that seems to be part of Trump’s vision for our country, but there is no reason why it should be ours. There is no nobility in falling into Trump’s trap or in normalizing his ethnic animus. Although wallowing in bigotry might help Trump politically, it only diminishes us as individuals and as a people.

Cesar Sayoc says he’s a “proud supporter of president Trump.”  James Fields praises Trump and Hitler.  They, he says, are his “brothers.”

So, sadly, are those who make up the angry, racist, bigoted mob that Donald John Trump proudly proclaims are his “base.” That base put him in White House and shoved the rest of America into the outhouse.


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  1. Meanwhile, Trump’s current wife, the Duchess of Useless, tweets out a call to #choosekind, disregarding that her dull-witted stepson called John Tester “a piece of garbage” at a Montana rally last night. Tester, mind you, is in their white trash crosshairs for opposing the appointment of a totally unqualified individual to run the VA. Now some have, accused the Duchess of hypocrisy. I, on the other hand, am convinced that Duchess thinks that social graces only apply to “mere commoners,” when said “commoners” are not in accordance with the Trump agenda. She does, after all, consider herself the most bullied person on the planet.

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