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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Time for voters to take back control of America

Computer mouse pads with Secure the Vote logo on them are seen on a vendor’s table at a convention of state secretaries of state in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Mel Evans, Fil)

In less than three weeks, American voters around the nation have a chance to show that they, not an egomaniacal con-artist in Washington, can and should control the land that we love.

A sad irony put Donald John Trump into the White House in 2016.  He capitalized on American unhappiness with the way Washington worked and used that anger to upend a nation that needed leadership, not self-aggrandizement, an absolute love of money and outright thievery.

I’ve spent a half-century either covering politicians and elected officials or helping short-change the needs of America as a political operative and that time proves to me that Trump is and worst president in American history and the most corrupt.

Trump used a con-artist’s charm to feed America’s inbred racism and misogyny to send flawed Democratic presidential candidate to self-deserved political oblivion.  Trump was hardly the better choice but he was the one desired by the neo-conservative extremes that now control the Republican party.

Every time I criticize Trump in print or on TV, his shrinking legions declare that I’m a “Hillary lover,” or a “left-wing fanatic” or simply someone who voted for Clinton.

Wrong on all-three points.  I didn’t vote for Clinton. I never voted for her husband during his two terms as President.  I lambasted president Barack Obama when he chose her as Secretary of State, calling her “unqualified” and “the worst of his many failed choices for the cabinet.”

Democrats and Republicans sorted through several candidates for president during the primaries and both selected the worst possible choice.  Hillary Clinton deservedly lost the Democratic presidential primary to Obama eight years earlier.  As for Trump, his choice only proved how low the GOP could go for nominee selection.

Current polls show Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives along with an outside chance of winning the Senate.

Let’s remember that many of those same pollsters showed Trump losing the presidency for a large margin at this same point in 2016.

On election days, the only poll that matters is the final one when the votes are counted.  Unlike the presidential election four years ago, where Trump lost the popular vote by more than three million votes but won the electoral college, the decision rests squarely with the voters.

Here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern Virginia, where the wife and I moved to in 2004 after 23 years in Washington, we have two clear choices for both the House and Senate.  Anthony Flaccavento is running against GOP incumbent Morgan Griffith, who genuflects before Trump and professing undying loyalty and Corey Stewart, a White supremacist and racist who brags he was “Trump before the Donald was Trump” while also pledging 100 percent support of Trump and his “agenda” in his race against Senator Tim Kaine, former popular Democratic governor of the Old Dominion.

So how will we vote?  It should not take an IQ above that of an average plant to figure out that question.

What’s more important is that we will vote and that is how we hope to bring America back to the people who really should run this nation — each and every one of us who vote.


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2 thoughts on “Time for voters to take back control of America”

  1. Agree with the sentiment, Doug. But reality is a sizeable % of the AMerican public sincerely believes the current President is how they want government kept under control It may take years (when the policies actually affect them negatively) before they come to a different conclusion.

  2. I just mailed my all blue ballot, but I have no strength of will left to tilt at windmills.. Our America has been sorely wounded by neglect, amorality, and vanity. She has been raped and left with her bloody linen exposed for all the world to see and jeer at, some openly with a harsh cacophony of joy, others under their breath.. Too many ride the Orange Bus of bigotry, own the courts, and espouse Ayn’s utopia for our old girl to ever walk in the light again.. They shoot Horses, don’t they ?

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