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Saturday, July 13, 2024

An Obama supporter who wants to defend Hillary as a decent sober human being

Hillary is not perfect but she is no monster. I am sad that Hillary is spending her personal wealth in an uphill battle toward the White House.

Hillary is not perfect but she is no monster.

I am sad that Hillary is spending her personal wealth in an uphill battle toward the White House.

Yes she tries to appeal to white voters but she tries to do so without appearing to be a racist. She is failing to do this partly because Obama supporters are helping her put her foot in her mouth. Obama supporters keep needling her which encourages her to spend her money.

If she does become President, I hope she lets Bill run things as much as Nancy Reagan told her husband to behave himself. I fear that the bin Laden wing of al Qaeda might actually succeed in getting moderate Muslims to view the US as a mortal enemy. But it is quite possible that she will let Bill run things overseas.

Many people are making money off of this war. Haliburton for one, the oil magnets are getting rich due to unstable oil markets, the shriller parts of the Israel lobby are afraid of Jimmy Carter type compromises, Obama might force on Israel, in pursuit of peace.

The peace movement or more accurately the peace lobby imagines it won the 2006 election sweep, but big business didn’t support anti-immigrant politicians, like Rick Santorum here in Pennsylvania. In addition many new Democrats were wishy washy on such progressive issues as abortion and gun control.

If McCain becomes President a lot of rich people will make a quick buck. And we live in a country, or a world, where money talks.

His temper and ago problems are actually an advantage to lobbyists. When an incompetent is in the White House, like George Bush, people blame the President instead of filling their heads with such subversive ideas as solidarity of the working class. If McCain becomes President likewise every one will be mad at him if the dollar collapses, leaving Haliburton off the hook.

But if Hillary is President many will be mad at Jews if wars with Muslims don’t end and/or start talking about solidarity of the working class. So sadly for Hillary, she may yet stop Obama, or perhaps a bullet will, but Hillary would not go on the become President. Because rich people don’t want poor people talking about solidarity of the working class, resurrecting what Karl Marx started more than a century ago. It’s only when our leaders are a little retarded like Bush or a little senile like McCain can the rich be sure that such subversive ideas as solidarity of the working class won’t take root.

Anyway Hillary is a sober sensible woman, and just as fine and responsible as the other millionaires who want to control this planet. She also tries to balance her own interests with those less well off more than most. She is a far better accountant than the current George Bush. She is no demon witch or a person obsessed for power.

When appointing Supreme Court justices her first issue will be Choice, while Obama’s first issue will be putting Consumer Advocates and Constitutional Thinkers on the bench.

Her cause is hopeless only because the rich don’t want to be blamed if the economy collapses. So Hillary please realize that spending your own money, is not a wise investment after all.

If us Obama supporters would stop hating her she might realize she can only be a stocking horse for McCain.

I wish the Green Party and Nader would join the Libertarians in spending all their time criticizing McCain instead of Obama. Of course Obama’s .07 percent tax for poor people of the world won’t feed very many poor people of the world. And neither will his light tax increases on millionaires, but his appointments to the Supreme Court will make a difference in the long run, if there is a long run. As matters now stands if Obama is shot only the libertarians will be able to claim his mantle. But if Nader stops condemning Obama’s small social change programs, Nader could claim the Obama mantle instead of just the libertarians, if Obama is stopped by an unfair scandal or worse. Please Hillary drop out so Obama can campaign by way of the TV set instead of shaking hands.

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