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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Marine Mueller vs draft dodger Trump? No contest

Robert Mueller (left) and Donald Trump: Send in the Marine!

I am tired of hearing pundits say that Trump is champing at the bit to sit down in a face-to-face with Bob Mueller to clear his name.

Clear his name? My sweet Aunt Tillie’s kishkes!

If it’s true that Cadet Bone Spurs Trump wants to have his mano-a-mano with the former Marine rifle platoon leader who trained at Parris Island, attended Officer Candidate School, Army Ranger School, and Army jump school we have to ask why.

My hunch is based on my assessment of his off-the-charts narcissism. It is because he thinks he can either intimidate him or con him, or both.

He wants to engage in a cage match the Marine who earned the Bronze Star with “V” distinction for combat valor for rescuing a wounded Marine under enemy fire during an ambush during which he saw half of his platoon become casualties.

No problem for the rage-Tweeter-in-Chief.

Trump thinks he’s the best counter-puncher in the world. Mueller, he must think, is quaking in his cheap FBI issue Florsheims.

Trump thinks that he’s quite capable of pulling the wool over the eyes of the special counsel, who happens to be the longest-serving FBI director since J. Edgar Hoover (2001-2013), with a fusillade of lies.

He thinks he can vanquish the special counsel who charged into a barrage of bullets with a bombardment of bombast.

He thinks he can intimidate the man who was shot in the thigh, who recovered, and then returned to lead his platoon in combat.

Trump, with his blustering delusional self-regard, thinks that the medals and awards won by the former Marine captain ( the Bronze Star Medal with Combat “V”, Purple Heart Medal, two Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals with Combat “V”, Combat Action Ribbon, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal with three service stars, Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, and Parachutist Badge ) are nothing more than Cracker Jack box toys. Information from Wikipedia

Trump’ s lawyers are loath to allow Trump to sit with the steely-eyed square-jawed combat veteran.

They know Mueller has the goods on their client who they know is as guilty as a fox with a squawking bloody chicken in its mouth.

They also know that Trump is as outmatched by Mueller as the fox would be outmatched by a farmer with a 12 gauge.

Recommended reading: ”The Untold Story Of Robert Mueller’s Time In Combat” by Garrett M. Graff, con­tributing editor at WIRED and author of “The Threat Matrix: Inside Robert Mueller’s FBI and the War on Global Terror.”  Trump and his lawyers would be advised to read this too.


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2 thoughts on “Marine Mueller vs draft dodger Trump? No contest”

  1. You might ask the American people about draft dodger and AWOL President George W. Bush vs. one decorated veteran John Kerry. J.

  2. “They also know that Trump is as outmatched by Mueller as the fox would be outmatched by a farmer with a 12 gauge.”

    But Trump is a genius, a very stable one at that. What chance does Mueller have against such a stable genius?

    Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is nothing more then a witch hunt.

    We know this to be true because Trump says so.

    Hey, I mean after all, geniuses don’t lie.

    Let’s get this Russia crap over with so genius Trump can continue his greatest presidency this country has ever known.

    Yes, he must be unburdened and free to remind us that he is the most intelligent stable president “of all time”.

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