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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Trump: America’s favorite traitor?


The illusion that is the presidency of Donald John Trump took another well-deserved hit with revelations that his former lawyer and fixer Micheal Cohen taped a conversation with his most controversial client discussing the payoff to a former Playboy model over an affair that Trump, of course, says never happened.

Of course, Trump also claimed he didn’t know about the $150,000 payoff from National Enquirer holding company American Media yet the recording by Cohen shows they were discussing it before the election.

Caught in another lie, Trump turned to Twitter Saturday morning to claim the recording could be illegal and added that “The good news is that your favorite President did nothing wrong!“‘

Another lie, Donnie.  in the 2016 presidential election, more than 3,000 more voters nationwide voted for Hillary Clinton.  Polls show that no more than 40 percent of Americans out there support you so you are less than their “favorite president.”

In addition, you claim that the recording by Cohen might be illegal is another lie.  In New York, only one party of a recording has to be aware of it and approve.  Cohen didn’t have to tell you or get your approval.

In addition, the recording clearly shows the issue you claimed you didn’t know about was on your mind when you and Cohen discussed repaying American Media for spending their $150,000 to keep yet another story about you screwing around quiet.

This latest bit on news comes at the end of a long, bitter week for Humpty Trumpty, who fell once again with lies on top of lies in claims of what he did or did not say in a questionable meeting with enemy of America Vladimir Putin of Russia, an act that even a former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, among others, calls “treasonous” and a clear “high crime” that qualifies for impeachment.

When an American president, on foreign soil, doubts the word of this nation’s intelligence professionals and casts his lot with an avowed enemy and brutal leader who assassinates his those in his country and abroad, it is easily views as the act of a traitor.

Maybe, as you claimed earlier in the week in your “left out a word” in the press conference praising Putin, you screwed up again.

Perhaps you mean to say that “your favorite traitor did everything wrong.”

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  1. That’s 3,000,000 (million) voters Doug. A little proof reading perhaps? I know how pissed you can be when you write these pieces of yours.

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