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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Yes, we have a madman on the loose


Lots of emails and texts over the past couple of days about the latest travesties in Washington, punctuated with an increasingly dismal outlook for America as we know it.

Like it or not, Donald Trump is hardening his control of the nation, amid serious investigations into his corruption, dishonesty and fraud.  By and large, America seems to no longer care.

Any attempts to discuss the current happenings in our government too often devolve into anger, shouts and threats of violence.  It has not brought me to keeping a gun at my side but I do admit thinking about whether I need a sidearm when I venture out for a motorcycle ride or even a trip to buy groceries.

America has become a more violent, more volatile and more contentious society in recent years and while the roots of what drive that anger predates ascension of someone like Trump to the presidency, he has become the most recent example of one who makes it pay for himself and his family.

Doomsday proponents say whomever he nominates to replace retiring Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy will bring an end to legal abortion in America, take away the right of gays to marry someone of their own sex and strip what little if left of freedom and choice in America.

He will do so without a single ideological bone in his body.  Trump views the presidency as a game, his latest “reality show” that serves his ego and little else.  He doesn’t care about abortion one way or the other unless one of his many mistresses misses a period or two and needs to get rid of “that mistake.”

Most of his properties were built or renovated by the very crews of immigrants he now decries and the products he hawks as icons of his wealth and power came from overseas sweatshops he uses line his pockets.

Unanswered questions by his Slovenian born third wife suggest that she is an illegal immigrant who lied to obtain citizenship.  The daughter he dotes on uses conflict of interest actions and outright fraud to lane million-dollar deals with China and other nations he decries in public while profiting from in the business interests that he places above the Constitution he swore to uphold just last year.

The Republican party that falls prostrate to the ground to worship his every whim nominated a known white supremacist and racist to try to replace Tim Kaine as a U.S. Senator from Virginia, my adopted home and, thankfully, one that rejected Trump on the ballot in 2016 and sent his endorsed candidate for governor packing last year.

Odds strongly suggest Stewart will fall victim to rising common sense among the majority of voters who reject such rejects.

But the odds in 2016 said a thrice-married, skirt-chasing con man who bragged about cheating on his taxes, sending small business vendors who worked on his projects to the poor house and grabbing unwilling women by their you know where could never win enough votes to become president.

Trump did not win enough votes nationwide.  He lost the vote by three million who cast their ballots for someone else but he won the electoral college devised more than two centuries ago by our forefathers.

Those who do not want our states and our nation more overrun by racists, homophobes and hardcore fundamentalists cannot sit back and expect a rational outcome for our short-term or longer period to prevail.

Many of those who said Donald John Trump could never become president misjudged the anger and ignorance of the huddled masses who voted in 2016.  They then said Trump could not survive in office but he is in the middle of his second year with a “yes sir, anything you want” Congress and is on the verge of having a complaint Supreme Court to back him up.

Welcome to America, a place where many now say is no longer a home of the free or land of the brave.

Lets hope those skeptics are wrong.

3 thoughts on “Yes, we have a madman on the loose”

  1. I fear even if we manage to take the House away from him in four months it won’t really amount to very much in the way of stopping him from wrecking what’s left of the Republic. I also fear that if Mueller somehow manages to prove that Trump is the TRAITOR many of us believe he is it will be too late to do anything about it till fall 2020 when I doubt we will be having anything remotely like a free and fair election.

    • And the Republican party is complicit in all of this. Maybe, just maybe the American voter will see the danger in having all of the branches of government in the hands of one political party. But judging the intelligence of the American voter, I seriously doubt it.

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