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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Trump: Madman, threat, terrorist, traitor

Donald Trump: A traitor and threat to America.

Peevish little spoiled brat Donald Trump is complaining that he’s not getting enough credit for his stage, reality-show styled summit that wasn’t with North Korean Kim Jong Un.

Even his Republican lockstep followers offer — at best — lukewarm thoughts while Democrats, America’s shrinking number of allies around the world and the media at large call it vague and lacking of details and clear objectives.

Wake up Trumpie.  Your bluster and constant lies continue to make and more Americans realize that you are — at best — a blowhard con artist and — most likely — a traitor who threatens the future of this nation far more than the boyish leader of North Korea or any other enemy.

You flew off to Singapore after lambasting and insulting close allies at the G-7 meeting in Canada and praised a terrorist nation where its leader killed his brother to gain power and murdered thousands of his own countrymen.

You hugged Kim Jong Un, saluted his military and praised his “toughness” because you, as a wannabe despot, wants his kind of control over what is supposed to be a Democratic Republic here in America.

In Trump’s world, constant and unearned praise is demanded, even when it is not deserved — which is the case most often.

“He’s his own communications director. Once again his press team is trying to catch up to him,” GOP consultant Alex Conant told the Washington post. “He’s focused more on the optics than the policy, which is a trend we’ve seen throughout this presidency.”

Notes Laura Rosenberger, director of the Alliance for Securing Democracy and senior fellow of the German Marshall Fund of the United States:

Simply agreeing to the summit was a surrender of one of the United States’ greatest sources of leverage. When Trump walked across the stage to grasp Kim’s hand Tuesday against the backdrop of U.S. and North Korean flags, Kim won a recognition and status that he, his father and his grandfather had long sought.

Meanwhile, Kim has been treated as a cross of statesman and rock star — with gawking onlookers snapping photos of him as he toured Singapore and Singaporean officials posing for selfies with him out on the town, whitewashing the brutal dictator’s image.

And what did we get in exchange? A vague agreement that includes less favorable language on denuclearization than previous statements had — and no mention of how to verify that North Korea is complying; the resumption of POW/MIA remains recovery, which is an important humanitarian issue but will require working out additional details; and aspirational pledges, echoing previous agreements, on improving bilateral relations, developing a peace regime and providing security assurances. In remarks after the summit, Trump referred to several commitments the text doesn’t include at all, including the closure of a missile test site in North Korea (experts aren’t clear to what this refers) and the ending of “war games” with South Korea (to the surprise of South Korea and the Pentagon, and with an already evolving definition). It seems quite possible that on this or other issues — such as verification, which Trump danced around in his post-summit comments and interviews — Trump and Kim could come away with different understandings of these vague commitments, or Trump’s definitions could evolve, as has happened on other issues. Such a misunderstanding could blow up the talks and put both countries back on the path toward confrontation.

She adds that Trump’s ego is “not just misguided.  Trump’s one-man show does not equal diplomacy, and it pus the United States at significant disadvantage.”

Trump, of course, came out of the summit convinced that he is a great deal maker.  He always claims that everything he does is “the best” and “record-setting” and “something we have never done before.”

In reality, Donald Trump is a madman, a threat and a traitor to America.  He should be treated as such.


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5 thoughts on “Trump: Madman, threat, terrorist, traitor”

  1. Even more oddly enough, North Korea and South Korea are still technically at war. South Korea is our ally. Donald Trump just provided comfort to the enemy during wartime. Hmm! J.

  2. Technically, it’s supposed to be a “Democratic People’s Republic” in North Korea as well. Calling something by some term does not make it so. J.

  3. the Trumpanzees will just follow in line one by one off a cliff singing MAGA…. like Germany and Hitler

  4. “Wake up Trumpie. Your bluster and constant lies continue to make and more Americans realize that you are — at best — a blowhard ….”

    Really Doug?

    The latest gallup poll, as well as other polls, shows 90% of republicans support this maniac. If his support from republicans continues thru to 2020 he stands a very good chance of winning a second term.

    We are beyond saving I fear!

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