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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Lies, damn lies & anything Donald Trump says


Donald John Trump promised to be “different” as candidate for President.  He promised to “drain the swamp” of lobbyists and corruption in Washington, to cut taxes on the wealthy and restore jobs and dignity to our government and nation.

“I keep my promises,” he claimed over and over.

Like so much of what he says, he lied even about not lying.

He promised to use the economic clout of Medicare to force lower drug prices and claimed his predecessor, Barack Obama, kowtowed to the drug companies and curried favor.

Last week, Trump finally unveiled is plan to control drug costs.  How?  With incremental steps that are so minuscule that even drug industry stocks rallied at the news.  The changes might mean lower prices a little for a few seniors.

Mark up another abandoned populist promise by Trump.  The swamp is even bigger and making more money for him and his rich cronies.

Trump promised to “get tough on Wall Street” and tax hedge fund manager.  Didn’t happen.

He promised to push for a $1 trillion infrastructure package that he claimed would create millions of jobs.

Instead, he decided to deregulate Wall Street, cut taxes for the hedge fund rich and forgot about the infrastructure promise.

Trump’s many lies resurrected an old political joke of “how do we know when our President is lying?  When his lips move.

He also promised to release his tax returns after the election in 2016.  Has anyone seen them?  Maybe Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is still investigating Trump, his obstructions of justice and collusion with Russia.

He promised a “detailed and full press conference” to answer questions about First Lady’s failure to use a work visa while being paid as an immigrant in this country.  Melania Trump lied at the Republican Convention about a college degree she never had and report suggest she also lied in her application for citizenship, which would make her an illegal alien.  The press conference?  Still waiting.

To paraphrase Mark Twain, there are three kinds of lies in America:  Lies, damn lies and anything Trump says.

Bottom line?  Donald Trump is a lying SOB that does not deserve our support or our allegiance.

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8 thoughts on “Lies, damn lies & anything Donald Trump says”

  1. ” to cut taxes on the wealthy”

    I don’t think he made that promise, but he certainly has fulfilled it.

    Seriously, guys, you voted to ‘get the money out of politics’ and voted in a self-proclaimed billionaire? And then you wonder why people say you’re not real bright? Yeah.


    • Jon-Just a reminder that some of our wealthiest presidents have done much for our country and the people. TR for our parks and natural resources, FDR for SS, LBJ for Medicare, and JFK for at least getting the Russians out of this hemisphere (via the Monroe Doctrine?). I could be wrong on a couple of points, but I believe I’m correct on most.

      • You did cherry-pick them a little, Mr. Madison. Andrew Jackson (trail of tears guy?) and James Madison (your namesake!) were wealthier than LBJ, and Herbert Hoover came in over FDR. JFK was worth less than Richard Nixon and James K. Polk. I’ll grant you Theodore Roosevelt; He’s only the 4th in line, with only Washington, Jefferson, and Trump worth more.

        Source (yeah, it’s Wikipedia, get over it):


        • Jon-I should have been more specific. I was referring to presidents that made the greatest impact in the 20th century. Sorry about that. And why is Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill?

          • Very well. In that limited case I give you Herbert Hoover (The Great Depression) and Richard Milhous Nixon (War in Vietnam, criminal activity in pursuit of re-election). Point being that wealthy presidents are not always good presidents, and wealthier does not always mean better.

            Poor people don’t get elected President of the USA.

            And why is President Jackson on the sawbuck? I have no idea. There was awhile back a movement to replace him with Harriet Tubman, but that seems to have gone nowhere.

            Have fun, Jon

            • It was Democratic presidents (except TR) that have done the most for the people. Even Nixon started the EPA, but he was still a crook. Reagan, with Tip O’Neal, strengthened SS, but he still had the most people in up in jail. The only decent Republican president in the 20th century (in my opinion) was DDE-the interstate highway system-the idea from the autobahns in Germany during WWII, And he would have been labeled a Democrat today with the (de)evolution of the GOP. I noticed that you included Trump as one of the wealthiest. I think the jury is still out on that.

              • And NOW you mention party affiliation. 😉 I thought it was wealth you were on about.

                Some folks would call Ronald Reagan’s positions Democratic. Recall he was president of a union and achieved state-wide office in California (Of course, so did Arnold Schwarzenegger). Under his administration the USA also racked up colossal debt that even the interest payments on it now is a major chunk of the budget.

                Even if Trump isn’t worth half what he claims he is, he’s so far above the closest competitor (Washington) that it would require a major reassessment to make any difference.

                I dunno about Eisenhower. He did complain about the military-industrial complex, but did so when leaving office, not when in office when he could have done something about it. I posted a similar complaint about Rex Tillerson – Where was that little speech six months ago?

                ‘ta, J.

  2. Doug-Don’t beat around the bush (pun intended). Tell us like it is. I can only hope that you’re posting on rw websites just to create migraines.

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