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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Trump, Republicans: Traitors all


Everywhere one turns within the embattled and controversial presidential administration of Donald John Trump, there is trouble in Trumpland and that starts with “T” and that stands for “trouble.”

My apologies to “The Music Man” for that alliteration but that musical is appropriate since it is a story about a con man.

With one of his latest Cabinet nominees withdrawing and running for cover and another scrambling to answer questions in Congress about his multiple ethical and illegal acts, Trump proved that when it comes to picking his aides, his only criteria is absolute loyalty and ignorance of rules and the law.

Writes Ruth Marcus in The Washington Post:

This deficit of decency, of course, is trickle-down, with President Trump as its most masterful practitioner. And so, because presidential indecency no longer surprises, we scarcely pause to note the latest iteration. And, in turn, we become numbed to its presence when practiced by others, who may be in less exalted positions but who ought to know better. We shrug and move on.

Not this column. It is both a lament about the latest manifestation of the decency deficit and a celebration of a recent pinpoint of decency. And it is a reminder to courtiers brought low by Trump: Some reputational damage is beyond repair. Someday he will be gone, but people will remember what you were willing to say and do on his behalf.

Trump is devoid of many things:  Truth, consistency, loyalty to anyone but himself and no decency whatsoever.

He’s an indecent, corrupt charlatan who drags down everyone around him, including those who sought his depths anyway.

While running for president, Trump promised to “make America great again” by running the nation like he ran his company — the one that declared bankruptcy three times, defrauded hundreds of thousands of investors and is in court because more than 3,500 vendors sued it for non-payment of its bills.

Trump promised to recruit “the best” to help him run the country, even though current and former employees of The Trump Organization have gone to jail for various crimes and have defrauded others in their own failed attempts to get rich.

White House doctor Ronny Johnston hid a dark side of alcoholism, illegal dispensing of drugs and more, which finally came out when Trump, on a whim, tired to appoint him to head the vast Veterans Administration.  EPA Director Scott Pruitt raids the U.S. Treasury to serve his personal needs, flies first class at taxpayer expense and racks up high costs for security he doesn’t need.

Trump has gone through more cabinet members at this point in his first term than any other president in history and most of them during their entire time in office.  To date, no fewer than seven current or former cabinet members have skimmed the federal treasury to fund extravagant travel or personal purchases.

The President himself has used taxpayer millions to pay extravagant rates for leases in the Trump Tower, his Mar a-Lago resort, legal costs and even golf-cart rentals.

His ties to Russian money laundering is under investigation by the Justice Department along with his attempts to obstruct justice in the ongoing investigation of collusion between his campaign and Russia.

Of course, the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee Friday claimed its lackluster investigation turned up no collusion but Republicans are proving themselves as corrupt as Trump when it comes to the law and Constitution.

Republican National Committee Chair Rona Romney McDaniel claims Democrats and anyone else who questions the actions of Trump “hate the president more than they love this country.”

It is McDaniel and her clavern of Republican cronies who hate America.  They prove it every day with their fawning acceptance of a corrupt man in the White House.  They look the other way and applaud when he openly steals to support himself, his family and his business interests.

They, like Trump, are the true enemies of America and a constant threat to the sanctity and welfare of this nation.

All of them are outright, criminal traitors of our country.

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  1. One wonders what Ms. McDaniel would make of Rep. Newt Gingrich, who said it was his goal to make sure that President Obama was a one-term President. Did he, too, hate the President more than he loved his country? One wonders… J.

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