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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Donald Trump: Benedict Arnold of this century


The National Republican Senatorial Committee Monday issued a press release questioning the patriotism of Democrats who raise questions about the nomination of CIA Director Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State.

In a headline “Party before country?” the NRSC claimed that anyone who dared vote against Pompeo were saying “national security consequences be damned.”

Sarah Sanders, press spokesman for Donald Trump, often calls Democrats “guilty of treason” and claims those who oppose her boss “certainly don’t seem to love our country very much.”

Trump joins in with claims that anyone who opposes him is “disrespecting our country.”

Such are the illusions of Trump.  In a real world (assuming such a thing exists in Washington, the Capitol or the White House), the best way to respect America is by disrespecting Trump, those who work for him and anyone who voted for this traitor-in-chief.

Questioning the patriotism of those who oppose extremism is an old political ploy but few, if any, have used it as coarsely as Trump and his legions.

Those who question the nomination of Pompeo as Secretary of State voice concerns about his serious disrespect for Muslim and gays — stances that raise serious concerns about his fitness to be secretary of state.

In too many ways, Pompeo is a sadly stereotypical Trump appointee, a lackey who accepts and promotes the bigotry, racism and hate of the real estate shyster who currently occupies the White House.

It is oddly ironic that a president who claims to be “a patriot” used questionable claims about a medical condition that has never been verified to obtain deferment from serving in the military during the Vietnam war.

Even worse, the investigations of special counsel Robert Mueller, and others by the U.S. Attorney in New York, are closing in on Trump’s unpatriotic and treasonous acts of helping Russia launder its mob money through his real estate transactions in America.

Last November, testimony to Congress shows Trump’s company allowed Russian nationals launder organized crime funds though sales of properties in New York, Miami and other locations.

Representative Adam Schiff says transcripts of the testimony “reveal serious allegations” that the Trump Organization “engaged in money laundering with Russian nationals.”

Mueller’s investigations of collusion between Trump and Russians also reveal questionable and illegal financial transactions that allowed the real estate operator to give him financial aid when traditional banking sources turned him down.

Glenn Simpson of FusionGPS, a British intelligence service, says its investigation of Trump’s activities raise “serious allegations” of “money laundering with Russian nationals.”

Trump’s claims that Democrats are being “unpatriotic” is a typical ploy by a ethically challenged businessman who accuses others of what he, himself, is doing.  When caught lying, Trump claims others are lying.

Those who deal in facts, not political supposition, continue to close in on the true traitor to America, the Benedict Arnold of this century: Donald John Trump.

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  1. Oddly enough, Genl. Benedict Arnold was an American hero of the Revolutionary War at its outset. His campaigns in what is now Maine against the British in Canada were seen as magnificent triumphs. J.

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