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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Sean Hannity: The one who really has Trump’s ear


“If you think things are bad now, just wait,” says an old cliché.  “It will get worse.”

Case in point:  A carnival show crudity of Donald John Trump, the reality-show host turned president of the United States, the proof — many thought — that things could not get any worse in American politics.

Wrong. It keeps getting worse…and worse…a even more worse.

We’ve learned that the man who now thinks he is king bent over a bed at a golf resort, dropped his trousers and let a porn star spank him with a magazine with him on the cover.

A report from a former British intelligence officer says Russia has video of Trump entertaining prostitutes who like to pee on each other in his presence.  As president, he sits alone in the executive suite of the White House, watching the partisan tabloid Fox News Service (better known as Faux News), then phones old cronies to discuss matters of national security — including Faux News Trump cheerleader Sean Hannity — to help fashion his latest swarm of Twitter “tweet storms” that normally use lies as purported facts.

Reports Robert Costa, Sarah Ellison and John Dawsey of The Washington Post:

The phone calls between President Trump and Sean Hannity come early in the morning or late at night, after the Fox News host goes off the air. They discuss ideas for Hannity’s show, Trump’s frustration with the ongoing special counsel probe and even, at times, what the president should tweet, according to people familiar with the conversations. When he’s off the phone, Trump is known to cite Hannity when he talks with White House advisers.

The revelation this week that the two men share an attorney is just the latest sign of how Hannity is intertwined with Trump’s world — an increasingly powerful confidant who offers the ­media-driven president a sympathetic ear and shared grievances. The conservative commentator is so close to Trump that some White House aides have dubbed him the unofficial chief of staff.

The world this week learned that Trump and Hannity event share an attorney — “fixer” Michael Cohen of New York — who is up to his legalistic butt with investigation of his questionable antics.

Those close to Trump say and Hannity speak several times a week via phone and the entertainer is a frequent visit to the White House.

“He basically has a desk in the place,” says one presidential adviser.

Trump’s barrage of tweets often include specifics suggested by Hannity.  They review news stories together and Hannity often has a strong role in responding.  Hannity launches attacks on special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating Trump and his campaign’s involvement with Russia and obstruction of justice and delivers hard-line partisan attacks to his television and radio audiences.

Hannity urges Trump to ignore advice from seasoned advisers and, instead, trust his gut instincts.  He considers Trump’s primary role as president is to keep conservatives happy on immigration and health-care issues.

“Sean is the real chief of staff in the president’s mind,” one adviser claims.  John Kelly (the current chief of staff)  may have the title but it his job to keep the furniture arranged and make sure no one steals the silverware.”

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3 thoughts on “Sean Hannity: The one who really has Trump’s ear”

  1. And speaking of Hannity….

    When is he going to develop a pair and go through that waterboarding for charity he said he would do?

  2. It is my personal opinion that making up nicknames for public individuals and for public media outlets is lowering oneself to their level, and should be avoided.

    It is also truly shocking that Mr. Hannity, who by no reasonable measure counts as a journalist or a reporter, has such unelected influence.

    In the general interest of afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted, I shall no longer send letters to the editor. I would like this website and its publisher to continue doing what they have done since before the turn of the century, and I am beginning to feel like I am an obstacle.

    Thank you for the work you have done and I hope will continue to do.


  3. Yet more proof that Trump is an incompetent who is easily played.

    Also proof he is the biggest leaker in the Oval.

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