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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Calling Trump what he is: A traitor to America


New York Times columnist Charles Blow pulls no punches when he analyzes the disjointed and dysfunctional presidency of Donald Trump.

He writes:

Donald Trump can feel the breath on the back of his neck. Aggressive federal investigators — in the Russia case and a separate inquiry of his lawyer’s behavior related to women who have alleged consensual sexual relationships with Trump — are taking ever more bold actions.

They are getting closer to knowing things that I am sure Trump thought no one but the parties involved would ever know.

This has frightened and enraged the president.

Trump goes back and forth on whether or not to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, a move that even Republicans say would “his presidency.”

This could be good move or a dangerous one, since removing Trump from the Oval Office turned it over to Vice President Mike Pence, an even-more dangerous right-wing fanatic who, unfortunately, knows more about how to be president than Trump ever will.

Trump acts like a condemned man who have done most of the wrong things that many suspect.  Whenever an investigation gets close to him, he moves to squash it. That’s not the action of an innocent man.

Unlike presidential candidates of the last four decades, Trump continues to hide his tax returns.  He has proven that he will bring the government down if he can to prevent his tax papers from becoming public record.

Writes Blow:

Trump’s options for keeping his secrets concealed are shrinking by the day. Therefore, Jeff Sessions is not safe. Rosenstein is not safe. Mueller is not safe. The rule of law is not safe. Our democracy is not safe.

What happens from here will truly test this country. It will test the Constitution, our protocols and our conventions.

Can Trump destroy America’s democracy?  Easily, because the brain-dead Republicans who control Congress just sit back and let it happen.

In our opinion, Trump is the most dangerous traitor to ever threaten the security of the county.  He is aided by traitors who call themselves Republicans but have abandoned any principles, ethics or concern for the nation the claim to serve.

In the White House, he is advised by aides who can’t obtain security clearances and pose serious threats to America.

As president, Trump has a top-secret security clearance because of his job gives him the ability to be privy to the nation’s vital secrets without a proper invetigation.  A Department of Defense security investigator for the Pentagon told me this week that Trump could not get a clearance if he applied for one.  He has too many conflicts of interest, too many allegiances with shady characters — including both American and Russian mobsters — and too many questionable deals with enemies of the state like Russia.

“He should not have access to any level of security information,” the investigator says.  “He’s a cesspool of security leaks.”

Yet Trump is president of the United States.

Why?  Because of failed political system that has been falling apart for years and needs serious revamping.

That, however, is something we can’t do with a criminal traitor named Trump in the White House.

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