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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Cornered, paranoid, pissed-off Trump wants to strike back


President Donald Trump — cornered, angry and wanting to strike back — is openly considering ordering assistant attorney general Rod Rosenstein to fire Robert Mueller and says he will fire Rosenstein is he refuses, White House sources confirm.

Trump, t, told advisers in December, The Washington Post revealed Tuesday, that Mueller had to “be shut down” after reports that subpoenas were issued on his dealing with Deutsche Bank. Those reports turned out to be false and Trump backed down.

Trump had previously said Mueller could not look into his personal finances and claimed that was “a line” that could not be crossed.

When FBI agents, acting on a tip from Mueller, raided the office, home and hotel suite of Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen Monday, their actions may have crossed Trump’s “line in the sand.”

An angry, red-faced Trump decried the raids as “a disgraceful situation” and an assault “on America.”  Advisers say is seething and looking for someone to pay for what he claimed is “a total witch hunt.”

Sources close to the investigation tell Capitol Hill Blue the “witch hunt’ is just the latest steps in a building case against the unethical and illegal actions by the president of the United States, both while in office and before winning in November 2016.

“Trump is dirty,” says one lawyer with knowledge of details of the investigation.  “Not just because he dallies with a porn star or because he lies.  He is a threat to the nation because he considers the law a hindrance to his ego and goals.  He has crossed too many ethical and legal lines.”

The lawyer would not detail those crossed lines, adding “that is what the special counsel will do.”

Trump’s advisers say he is acting like “a wounded, cornered animal that will strike back.”

“He’s in trouble and he knows it,” says one.  “The feeling in the West Wing is that judgment day is near.”

Another adviser says he’s never seen Trump “so troubled.”

“The boss is naturally paranoid,” he says.  “But he also looks like a dead man walking.”

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