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Friday, February 23, 2024

Trump Tower resident tried to sell condo; Nobody would buy

Todd Brassner wanted to sell his condo in Trump Tower but said no one would buy once he mentioned Trump’s name.

Art collector Todd Brassner, who died in a fire in Trump Tower in Manhattan Saturday, wanted to sell his condo, valued at $2.5 million, but could not find any interested buyers.

He’s not alone.  Several residents of the Tower owned by the president of the United States want out of the building, saying living there is “like being in jail.”

“It was like living in an armed camp,” said Stephen Dwire, musician and friend of Brassner.  “It was liked living in an armed camp, but when people heard it was a Trump building, he couldn’t it away.”

Patrick Goldsmith, a fellow art dealer and friend of Brassner said Trump his friend a “dirty jew” in 1996 at Trump Tower.

Other residents contacted by Capitol Hill Blue agreed that selling their condos in the Tower is all but impossible.  Some saying they wanted to get as far away as they could from anything with Trump’s name.

“He’s racist, a bigot and a pig. Nobody wants to buy into this building, given all that we now know about ‘The Donald,’ ” said one women who asked that we not use her name because of fears of retribution if she or her husband speaks out about Trump.

Brassner had a prized collection of some 100 vintage electric guitars and 40 amplifiers dating back to 1930.  He also had about 150 ukuleles and artwork by Jack Kerouac, Mati Klarwein and others.

“It haunts me,” Dwire, 67, told The New York Times.  “This is getting untenable.”

Collector Stuart Pivar, who was close to Andy Warhol, said Brassner was “very knowledgeable about pop art.

Pivar told The Times that Brassner’s father, an art dealer and lighting manufacturer, introduced his son to Warhol and often went shopping with the artist.

Brassner told acquaintances he wanted out of Trump Tower because living there became a nightmare.

Other residents say the same, adding that dealing with Trump is always a problem.

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2 thoughts on “Trump Tower resident tried to sell condo; Nobody would buy”

  1. Geeesh. Sounds like a slumlord doesn’t it? Only his apartments cost millions. I hate to quote PT Barnum, but a sucker is born every minute.

    • For further nastiness, I liked the “asked that we not use her name for fears of retribution” quote. “Nice family you got there. Be a shame if something happened. A real shame.”

      To be really tinfoil hatty, would Trump torch his own building to get rid of a critic? “Try to sell NOW, why don’t you? Should have paid the insurance. ‘S a real shame when a guy stops his insurance payments. Ain’t that right, Guido?”


      PS – Should have listed it with realtors in Russia. *snark* J.
      PPS – Have emailed editor in. re. missing verbs. J.

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