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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Some parting words…

...And maybe a shot or two. I stumbled upon Capitol Hill Blue some five years ago, having caught a link to one of Doug's Rants from another website. Since then, I have been a frequent visitor and avid reader.

…And maybe a shot or two.

I stumbled upon Capitol Hill Blue some five years ago, having caught a link to one of Doug’s Rants from another website. Since then, I have been a frequent visitor and avid reader.

This election year, I decided to step off of the sidelines and into the game, mainly because for the first time in my life, there was a candidate not only worthy of my support but one that actually energized this heretofore political atheist (sorry Obamamaniacs, it isn’t him).

I visit many political sites, ranging from Huffington Post to Politico to the Heritage Foundation (not who they pretend to be), but have only become a member of this one. OK, I actually signed up at the Heritage Foundation, but that was just to get their free pocket Constitution and Declaration of Independence. I also will endulge in brief forays to some mainstream sites, for nothing more than to get a pulse on the propaganda.

Although I am a non-religious constitutional conservative (I hate that I should have to preface conservative with non-religious) if I must be labeled, I believe that all positions should be weighed and my thirst for understanding and insight outweighs the paradigm of partisan politics.

Lately there has been some posts regarding deleted content concerning racism and bigotry. At first I questioned the wisdom of this policy to some extent, although not the authority of the site owner’s right to do so.

Of course I didn’t see what the posts contained, but I wondered if maybe confronting and condemning this thinking in an open forum wouldn’t be better than simply ignoring it. Recently I have concluded that indeed this isn’t the case. These people are beyond any form of rationality or morality.

Yet there remains one member that appears to be immune from the rules set forth that the majority of us are bound to obey. Perhaps the viscious and unwarranted attacks on Christians is somehow more acceptable than if those same attacks were made toward Jews or some other religion. To myself, it is not. I feel obliged to defend those as I will defend any others that are unjustly persecuted for the sins of a few bad apples.

And for that, I was personally attacked repeatedly and without even the least amount of evidence of an understanding or acknowledgement of the purpose or meaning behind my comments. Just a blind and thoroughly offensive personal attack. I’m more than capable of defending my positions, but there is no defense against the insane ramblings of the deeply disturbed.

Why this is allowed to continue on a daily basis here is beyond my comprehension, but I have personally had enough of it. So please Doug, if you haven’t received my e-mail request to cancel my membership, please do so at your earliest convenience. Strike me from your rolls so i’ll not be tempted to log back in. I’ll still stop by to read, but I won’t participate in these forums after this post.

I would like to take this opportunity for some final thoughts.

To all the Ron Paul supporters here, don’t give up or give in. We look forward to the convention and the very real possibility of revolt within the party. Already Missouri Republicans are breaking their own rules and trying to ban more than 300 Paul delegates to the national convention, so keep fighting, we are making a huge difference.

To all the Clinton supporters, if any remain, good luck with that.

To all the Obamamaniacs, it was rather fun getting under your skin. I would say good luck, but who needs luck when you’ve got hope.

If there are any McCain people here, we’ll see you at the convention.

Of course, to my special friend here, a link and some advice. After thirty-four years defending the rights of others, perhaps it’s time to change tactics or give it up, it’s not working. Here’s that link…

Oliver Willis on McCain

Does he sleep with snakes as well?

To the rest of the CHB community, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, and wish all of you farewell and good fortune.

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