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Sunday, June 16, 2024

In the end, a porno actress could bring Tump down

Donald Trump and porn star Stephanie Clifford.

Even with all the resources and investigative power of a special counsel like Robert Mueller, the end of the Turmoil of Trump may come from his fling with a porn actress that he thought he had disposed of with $130,000 in hush-money.

An interview with Stephanie Clifford, who enjoys sex on film as Stormy Daniels along with sack time with others just for the hell of it, is scheduled for airing March 25 on 60 Minutes.

Trump’s growing team of legal vultures, are piling up millions in billable hours to derail the broadcast and is threatening legal lynchings of anyone who talks about what Trump did or did not do between Clifford’s legs.

The president, of course, denies any such activities with Clifford just as he claims no such activity with any of the other multitudes of women who have come forward and provide saucy detains of sex, harassment and assault.  Such details lack credibility from a self-promoter who also brags about grabbing women in that place between their legs and enjoying sex with women who flock to “stars like me.”

White House insiders say first lady Melania Trump is about to walk and take son Barron with her.  She may follow the route of Vanessa Trump, the wife of Donald Trump Jr., who filed for divorce this week.

The Trumps have separate bedrooms in the White House and insiders say the president is not allowed near hers.  She has secret service agents stationed outside and they listen to her wishes, not his.

In public together, she seems distant and unhappy and some close to her said she is “miserable and wants out.”

Trump’s pre-nuptial agreements require his wives to struggle, if necessary, to “get back in shape” after pregnancy in a short time.  Second wife Marla Maples disclosed that little detail and also says Trump ordered her to pose nude for Playboy magazine.

“Trump himself negotiated with Playboy for a spread on Marla. The price was up to $1 million, but she refused to pose nude; Playboy is still trying to get her,” Vanity Fair reported.  The magazine also reported on the “get back into shape” details of their prenuptial agreement.

Trump also orchestrated a nude layout of Melania on is private Boeing jetliner.

“He’s a controlling son-of-a-bitch,” says one former close aide to the Trumps, who cannot discuss things publicly by name because of the binding non disclosure agreement she had to sign.

Trump tried to force White House aides and Cabinet members to sign such agreements when he became president but quickly learned that federal law, not his whims, outlawed such practices.

“I am the president,” he stormed at aides over his inability to demand such agreements. “If I want them, they must happen.”

They didn’t happen and some Trump aides now wonder what Rex Tillerson, the secretary of state that he fired through Twitter, might say publicly.  Tillerson is certainly headed for a sit-down with special counsel Mueller.

“Trump promised to drain the swamp of Washington but all he did added to the toxin,” says one former department of justice investigator.  “He started with an existing hole and made it deeper and when he is finally added to it, we can cover it over and start again.”

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5 thoughts on “In the end, a porno actress could bring Tump down”

  1. Okay, okay, fine, did either of you other commenters, Mr. Madison, Pondering_It_All, ever notice the headline said “bring Tump down”? It took me a dozen times before I caught it… I have sent a letter to the editor. Let’s see what happens. J.

  2. And now he’s had his AG screw McCabe out of his pension after serving 21 years. I bet his base can relate to that! His popularity is now going in the toilet. Every working person knows somebody who got screwed on his pension.

  3. The point really is “What does his base of support relate to?”.

    See, they don’t care about nebulous meetings with some Russian or other. They don’t care about aides using public money to gallivant around. They don’t care about millions in corruption because they have no experience of that. Few even own shares in anything. None give a darn about insider trading on Wall Street Few of them have ever heard of naked short selling, and many know nobody else who does either.

    And none of the above gets ratings on Fox, so they never hear about it, either.

    But they do care about cheating on their wives. That’s one thing that strikes home, because they all know someone who may or may not have done it – it’s relatable to his base.

    Fox News runs segments on this because “Hot blonde who’s DTF*” is great for ratings. It’s irrelevant to the economy, or wealth distribution, or Russian influence, or the appointing of a radical amount of really stupid judges, &c., because those stories (to Fox viewers) are boring. and they’ll go watch sports or something else.

    Fox wants the ratings, and showing a beautiful woman with an impressive (if artificial) figure is great for ratings. The idea that cheating on their significant other is (and to some, offensive (and to others, more offensive in what they say than in what they practice)) relatable with a woman like that strikes home.

    The combination of being a possibly personal thing and high ratings on (specifically Fox, although they’re all in pursuit of ratings) TV is what has made this a story.

    There’s many things worse going on than Mr. Trump having stuck himself into someone other than his wife. But they aren’t relatable because they only apply to gazillionaires and they don’t make good TV. This is entirely the opposite – so it should not be surprising that it resonates, and that’s why it may well bring him down.


    * Acronym that means “Willing to have sex (with implications of ‘on short notice with otherwise unaffiliated people’)” in somewhat cruder language. J.

    • I have to agree Jon. I live in Illinois, and I’m absolutely shocked at the vast number of yard signs out for Republican candidates on the state and federal levels. I can’t help but wonder if these supporters are ignorant of the facts, or they just don’t care?

  4. It would be sad, but still a hoot if Melania took Barron and walked out on him while he’s president. He’s fucked over his cabinet and administration minions, and he’s fucked over his wives. This one in particular. And she’s as beautiful (if not more so) than all of the others he’s bedded. But, his problem isn’t his women………

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