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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Trump’s magic and luck are running out


With final counts almost finished in Tuesday’s voting for the special Congressional election in Pennsylvania, the razor-thin county shows Democrat Conor Lamb leading Republican Rick Saccone in what appears to be a major upset in a district where Donald Trump won by 20 percentage points in 2016.

If the results hold, the outcome is another repudiation of Trump by voters.  He campaigned hard for Saccone and, as happened in Alabama and Virginia earlier this year, came up short.

The “Trump magic” fell short with voters who bought into his act less than two years ago.  They turned away from the former reality show host in droves.

Tuesday’s election came on a week when Trump fired his Secretary of State and another trusted aide was escorted out of the White House over “security issues.”  Trump’s personal aide, Johnny McEntee, his security clearance revoked, was led off the premises of the West Wing and told that his personal belongings would “be mailed to him.”

And the scandal of a payoff to a porn actress to keep her quiet about an affair that threatens marriage to First Lady Melania Trump will not, like other revelations of his sordid lifestyle, won’t go away.

Stephanie Clifford, aka “Stormy Daniels,” says she is willing to return the $130,000 that a Trump lawyer gave her in October of 2016 — just before Trump’s upset win for president — and she says that will free her from any future attempts to silence her about her affair with the man who is now an embattled president.

Clifford has taped an interview with 60 Minutes and says she is ready to talk about bedding Trump and has witnesses who listened in on phone calls with him and hints that she may also have photos and video.

Plus the continuing investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller into Trump’s obstruction of justice, witness tampering and money laundering continues to close in on the president and his family.

“Trump is pretty much in the dumps,” says a GOP consultant close to the White House. “He keeps rolling snake eyes.”

Former Trump campaign boss Paul Manafort, indicted by the special counsel investigation, faces more than 130 years in federal prison and those close to the investigation say presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner — his top-secret security clearance gone — is facing indictment and prisoner time.

Earlier in the special counsel investigation, Trump publicly warned Mueller to “leave my family alone” and stay away from his finances. Mueller ignored the warnings and has ensnared Kushner, his wife Ivanka Trump (the president’s daughter) and Donald Trump Jr.  The special counsel’s investigators are combing Trump’s financial records — including the tax returns that he refuses to release to the press or public.

The first rule of investigating presidential scandals is “follow the money.”  Doing so brought down Richard Nixon, who resigned in disgrace as he faced impeachment and threatened Bill Clinton during investigations by special counsel Kenneth Starr in the “Whitewater” probes and his dalliances with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

The money trail tells a compelling story, one that shows Trump’s collusion with Russia’s bankers and Kremlin officials that predates his presidential run.

That money trail is traveled by a tarnished president who plays fast and loose with the truth, considers the law a hindrance to his desire to add wealth to his personal fortune and ethics or morality unneeded obstacles to his rape of America.


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3 thoughts on “Trump’s magic and luck are running out”

  1. What with the firing of Rex Tillerson I can only conclude that Mr. Trump wants a war.

    He really really wants one, because the example of George W. “Dubya” Bush looms before: A President roundly (and with reason) mocked as an idiot, also with a VP so much even stupider that they didn’t dare impeach him, had the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 happen.

    And then suddenly he became hugely popular. And then started a war in Iraq. And got re-elected. Never mind that 19 of the 20 hijackers were Saudi Arabian, and the mastermind (alleged) was living in Afghanistan, he started a war in Iraq. Iraq. Dude.

    But it got him re-elected, and that’s really what Trump wants.

    It also got us ISIS, the war in Yemen and Syria, mass humanitarian crises, et cetera, but what do the Bushes care about that? It doesn’t impact the fishing in Kennebunkport. Trump and his kids won’t care either.


    PS – I do not believe that the WTC and Pentagon attacks were orchestrated with U.S. connivance. They may have been enabled by ignorance and incompetence, but were the work of foreign agents (that Ronald Reagan heralded as ‘freedom fighters’). For one, Bush and his administration were too stupid to be able to plan something like that. But they certainly did take maximum advantage of the results, shoving rot like the USA PATRIOT Act through Congress and violently eviscerating government employee unions throughout DC by making the largest government expansion in history, the Department of Homeland Security. So much for ‘small government’, huh, you nitwits. J.

    PPS – Mr. Trump may well be evil enough to try manufacturing a similar attack. I can only take it on faith that the people he has to order to do so know better. J.

  2. It was a bit tame for Mr. Thompson. But he’s not the only one who has been predicting gloom and doom for Cadet Bone Spurs for months now. With a complicit Republican Congress, CBS will be in the WH for a long, long, time yet. No matter how unhinged CBS becomes, he’s in office to sign the legislation the GOP can pass to fuck over the American people on behalf of the 1% and corporations.

  3. That was unusually reserved for you, Mr. Thompson. In a way it’s good on the journalism front, but a bit disappointing on the opinion front. I also didn’t find any typoes in it* – Have things changed?


    * It’s arguable about whether Mr. Kushner should serve ‘prison’ or ‘prisoner’ time. I don’t have a copy of the CHB style guide and thus am not qualified to comment. Both versions will do. J.

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