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Friday, June 21, 2024

Donald Trump: Our porn president

Donald Trump used to gleefully ogle and photograph Playboy models.

In most cases when it comes to presidents and other elected officials, those of us who cover news for a living know that something bad will arise about the one who leads America.

In the case of Donald Trump, the reality-show host who became President, we know that something bad will just keep getting worse and worse.

The rules have changed in what is or is not a good president.

Trump is the chosen one of evangelicals and other right-wing fundamentalists who ignore the fact that he is is thrice married man who went from first wife Ivana to Marla Maples, his mistress, then dumped her for nude-model Melania while bragging about committing adultery time and again in all of his marriages.

He claimed he didn’t bed porn star Stormy Daniels shortly after his youngest son, Barron, was born with third wife Melania but his attorney paid her $130,000 to keep quiet about it.

He is a man charged with raping an underage teen model.  That charge disappeared, sources say, after a lot of money changed hands — far more than the $130,000 paid to Daniels.

In September 2004, radio shock jock has Trump on his show and says this about Trump daughter Ivanka: “Can I say this?  A piece of ass?”

Trump’s response: “Yes.”

Trump, in 2005, bragged to “Access Hollywood” about sexually assaulting women:

“When you’re a star the let you do it.  You can do anything.”

Now daughter Ivanka, now a senior White House aide, is under investigation for using her government position to promote her lifestyle brands.  Her husband, Jared Kushner, also a senior aide, lost his top-secret security clearance amid questions about his illegal activities at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Investigations reveal he was targeted by foreign interests who felt they could blackmail him to do their bidding within the White House.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is closing in on Trump’s various illegal activities in the White House and in the months leading up to his improbable election, one now documented as aided by an elaborate misuse by Russians to help him win.

Writes Charles M. Blow of The New York Times:

The ongoing saga over a president, a porn star and a payoff is so lewd and tawdry that it can’t simply be added to the ever-expanding list of horrible misbehaviors of a womanizing misogynist.

Adds Maureen Dowd:

Donald Trump will not be deterred. He is determined to be our most shameless president, running a White House awash in salacious stories and louche characters.

The president, who often seems short-tempered, nasty and impatient with others and who has certainly been disrespectful to his wife, showed his sweet side to his mistresses in the skin trade.

Trump, in his usual style of trying to create distraction from his troubles, has been rolling out tariffs without proper review and vetting, setting up a “summit” with the leader of Communist North Korea that may or may not happen and claims he is interested in doing something about guns but then backs down to the National Rifle Association.

Others who monitor Trump note the 71-year-old president looks nervous, worn-out and on the verge of “stroking out.”

He slurs his speech more often in recent speeches.  In November of last year, his movements were unsteady as he tried to take a drink from a Fiji bottle during an appearance.  He had to use his other and to steady himself.

“This guy is cracking up,” says billionaire Tom Steyer, who is on a  crusade to impeach Trump before he destroys America and is spending $20 million on his “Need to Impeach” campaign to dump Trump.

He adds:

This guy is cracking up and that’s the truth, and what people don’t understand is it’s not going to get better. I’m not trying to be rude. He is troubled and it is not going to get better, it just isn’t … Everyone who expected him to revert to normalcy, pivot to decency, it’s not going to happen.


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9 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Our porn president”

  1. Lol, ah no, that was Bill Clinton “The Johnson Administration.” Now he’s into very young girls in the Bahama on “Underage Island.”

    • What?

      And there is just a little difference between lying about getting a blowjob that killed off thousands of sperm and lying about the reasons to start a war that killed off thousands of people. When you look into the Bush, the Bush looks also into you. Grab it. J.

    • I’m sure you have concrete evidence regarding your post. But you didn’t cite it. So you might want to let us know where you got your Underage Island accusation. Was it something you got from the great learned sources Hannity, or Jones, or any other Fox “News” story? Not to mention that your post isn’t germane to the article at hand.

      • In a weirdly technical way, it is germane, but we’re talking about a guy who walked into the women’s dressing room at the Miss Teen USA pageant. If anyone’s into girls it isn’t Mr. Clinton, it’s Mr. Trump. J.

        • Regardless, this man was elected POTUS. This says a lot about the Republican voter. And those same deplorables who continue to support him to this day. Cadet Bone Spurs would fuck a gopher hole on one of his golf courses if he felt the need and they would still vote for him.

  2. Y’know, nobody expected him to ‘pivot to decency’ except a very few highly deluded nitwits.

    The rest were thinking “Yeah, I can profit off of this”.

    I can sympathize to a certain point with those who thought that politics was all about money – up to the point where they elected a flippin’ billionaire. Just a little cognitive dissonance, you muttonheads?


    • Knowing what his 30% rabid supporters know, it doesn’t say much about them does it? Or the fact that 70% Republicans still approve of the job he’s doing. And the rw propaganda machine keeps rolling along……..

      • As another aside, it turns out that if you pay teachers in peanuts, you tend to get lousy teachers. Lousy teachers tend to turn out really uneducated adults, and uneducated adults turn out to be easily swayed by dumb propaganda. Who knew?


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