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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Donald Trump: A cornered and dangerous rat

The cornered rat named Donald Trump.

The worried look that appears on Donald Trump’s worn face lately comes naturally to a rat what is cornered.

Trump is having fits over the tightening noose of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigations that is delving into his cesspool of financial, presidential and ethical lapses that leave him fully exposed to a veteran prosecutor.

Mueller is not Trump’s only problems.  His subjects — oops, we mean aides — are jumping from his sinking ship of a presidency and number of them are huddling with Mueller and other law enforcement agencies with stories to tell.

The poorly drafted tariff announcement had led to a falling stock market and rising anger from the Republican leadership of Congress as well as business and industry leaders who never really trusted him and now see their worst fears confirmed.

Finally, as one should expect with a president whose mind is focused most of the time between the legs of young, attractive women, Trump finds himself caught in the middle of a sexual romp with a porn star who is playing his game better than he ever could.

An off-the-cuff remark by press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who grasp of words has never been stellar, now points to an arbitration case that appears to prove Trump did crawl between the legs of porn actress Stormy Daniels and sank a hole in one.

Should we be talking about these things when it comes to a president of the United States? Not really, but Trump campaigned as a “different kinds of president” and he is certainly that.

To make matters even worse, Trump ignored his lawyers and contacted key witnesses who have testified before the special counsel and asked them to do things that might “tone down” what they said under oath.

When asked about the contacts reported by The New York Times, the White House did not respond and Trump is suddenly silent.  Even the lawyers for Trump and others have refused comment

“It makes it look like you’re cooking a story, and prosecutors are always looking out for it,” Julie R. O’Sullivan, law professor at Georgetown University and an expert on white-collar criminal investigations told The Times.  She adds: “If you didn’t do anything wrong, why are you doing that?”

Trump’s lawyers warned him that if he spoke to the witnesses, it could lead to accusations of witness tampering.

Trump, of course, doesn’t appear to care.

Writes Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times

The Russian interference itself is beyond doubt. The Mueller investigation has led to two guilty pleas and two indictments so far, and it must continue. Frankly, it’s suspicious that Trump is throwing up so much dust and trying so hard to delegitimize the investigation.

He is not acting innocent.

Trump is acting guilty.  Investigators know that a person who screams the loudest to proclaim he’s innocent is most often the guilty one.

Trump is a cornered animal and such animals are also often the most crazed.

Approach with caution.


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