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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Trump suffering dementia? Probably. Should we be worried? Absolutely.


Fact checking services — probably the biggest growth area business in Washington nowadays — report truth-challenged president Donald Trump is now up to more than five lies a day as is tweets, bombastic off-the-cuff statements and constantly shifting positions show a dementia-driven old man stalking the living quarters as a lonely figure.

He meets with both Democrats and Republicans publicly and promotes increased gun control and tells members to stop hiding from the National Rifle Association and then huddles with the NRA, calls them great, and heads off in the other direction.

Trump ignored due process and the law by saying federal agents should seize guns from those suspected of mental problems deal with their rights later.

“I like taking guns away early,” he said. “Take the guns first, go through due process second.”

That public statement left even the most determined Trump supports shaking their heads.

“The president is off his rocker,” says one White House aide who, for obvious reasons, asks not to be identified.  “He’s gone around the bend.”

Some say what is left with Trump’s vanishing grip on reality is wiped out by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s latest moves that appear to be closing in on Trump and his family.

Son-in-law Jared Kushner — his top-secret security clearance gone and his stock inside the White House diminishing — may be the next indictment by Mueller, who is investigating the many questionable, unethical and probably illegal activities of Trump and family.

Kushner, we now know, is so saddled with more than a billion dollars of debt, is an open target for manipulation by Arabs, the Chinese and the Israelis and suddenly managed to get three-quarters of a billion in new money from two banks right after he met with them personally in the White House.

Daughter Ivanka Trump openly mixed personal business and politics into foreign meetings and is now under investigation by Mueller and others.

And Trump, watching his reality-show presidency sinking into oblivion, acts like a cornered animal and lashes out at anyone and everyone he sees as “the enemy.”  Polls show a vast majority of the American public now see him as a threat.

“We congratulate ourselves that the republic and its system of checks and balances withstood the likes of Nixon,” says David Rothkopf, senior fellow at the School for Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University. “Will it survive Trump?”

“Donald Trump in an unprecedented president being accused both of illegality and incompetence,” says Carl Bernstein, who helped bring down Nixon.

Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough, now host of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, says Trump is clearly showing “early signs of dementia.”

“I’ve written twice in my column a quote about one of the people closed to Donald Trump during the campaign saying he’s got early stage dementia,” Scarborough says.  “It’s getting worse.”

“Trump’s grandiosity and impulsivity has made him a constant subject of speculation among those concerned with his mental health,” writes James Hamblin in The Atlantic.

“I think he’s crazy,” says Democratic Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island. “I mean, I don’t say that lightly and as a kind of goofy guy.”

“I’m worried,” says Sen. Susan Collins, Republican of Maine.

She should be. So should America.


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5 thoughts on “Trump suffering dementia? Probably. Should we be worried? Absolutely.”

    • Unfortunately, he’s fulfilling the GOP’s agenda. And if takes a demented potus, then so be it.

      • Arguably, that’s exactly what they want. Look at Republican Presidents since R. Milhous Nixon. Only GHWB was really compos mentis, and he only lasted one term.

        If you’re going to enact Mr. Pruitt’s “Dirty Everything” plan, massive “Let the rich eat cake” tax cuts, and “bail out all the banks!” rules, then a loose cannon in the WH is exactly what you want as long as he’ll sign what you shove under his nose. This one might be a little too loose, but that’s hardly the GOP’s fault. They wanted a useful idiot, they got an idiot. They’re welcome.


  1. Susan Collins should be worried more than Cadet Bone Spurs. She has McConnell to contend with along with his lies and (in)actions. The whole Republican party is complicit in CBS’s unbalanced actions.

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